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What nurses are fighting for

Sharon Penrod, RN, President, United Health Care Workers of St. Louis, De Soto, Saint Louis Post-Dispatch, December 8, 2004

A Dec. 5 article quoted officials at St. John's Mercy Medical Center as saying that "a strike by its professional registered nurses would not adversely affect patient care." Who do they think they're kidding?

St. John's currently has an experienced, caring RN work force. Bringing in strikebreakers from the nefarious US Nursing Corp., as mentioned by a hospital official, would reduce drastically the quality of care for patients.

St. John's nurses have been seeking a fair contract since midsummer, and their actual contract with St. John's expired in October. Most nurses at that facility see management as intentionally provoking a confrontation to force concessions on them in the area of wages and health care coverage and to strip away negotiated patient-care protections.

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