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Nurses pull out of JCTU

Taneisha Davidson, Jamaica Observer, April 25, 2006

The Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) yesterday ended its more than 15-year relationship with the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions (JCTU), accusing the JCTU of failing to include the association in the bargaining process with respect to the current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) under review by the labour unions.

"Over the years they have not really looked after our concerns. It (JCTU) has served as a social forum for us," Edith Allwood-Anderson, president of the NAJ, told the Observer. ... Nurses

Nurses want probe into hospital practices

Petrina Francis, Jamaica Gleaner, March 21, 2006

The Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) is urging the Government to set up a board of enquiry to investigate the management and practices at the Black River Hospital in St. Elizabeth, following an altercation between members of the NAJ and a doctor last Friday.

Edith Allwood-Anderson, president of the NAJ, told The Gleaner yesterday that she and other members of her organisation had gone to the hospital to investigate nursing practices. ... Nurses

Nurses' claim of assault being challenged

Radio Jamaica, March 21, 2006

The South East Regional Health Authority is challenging claims that officers of the Nurses Association of Jamaica were assaulted at the Black River Hospital on Friday.

Spokesman for the Authority Dr. Michael Coombs says a meeting was held with hospital personnel on duty and there is no evidence that the NAJ officials were attacked.

Dr. Coombs says a report is to be submitted to the Ministry of Health.

In the interim, he says the Authority stands behind the account given by hospital personnel. ... Nurses

Nurses Association wants offending doctor moved

Radio Jamaica, March 20, 2006

The Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) is demanding changes in the operations at the Black River Hospital following an incident last Friday in which some of its officers were reportedly assaulted.

The NAJ called an emergency meeting Monday morning where it was decided that pressure would be brought to bear on the Health Ministry for action to be taken against the doctor allegedly involved in the incident and a nurse who reportedly assisted him.

NAJ President Edith Allwood-Anderson says her members are calling on the Health Ministry to transfer the doctor and nurse while it conducts its enquiry. ... Nurses

Nurses call emergency meeting after abuse from doctor

Radio Jamaica, March 20, 2006

An emergency meeting of the Nurses Association of Jamaica is scheduled to begin at 10 o'clock Monday morning on the heels of an altercation between a doctor at the Black River Hospital and members of the NAJ Executive.

The incident which occurred Friday morning, allegedly resulted in an attack on NAJ President Edith Allwood-Anderson and other officers of the Association by the doctor.

Reports are that the nurses, including the President, General Secretary and other officers of the Association, were verbally abused by an expatriate casualty doctor at the Black River Hospital. ... Nurses

The Nurses' Negotiator: NAJ President Edith Allwood-Anderson

Olivia Leigh Campbell, Jamaica Observer, February 6, 2006

The first thing that strikes you about Edith Allwood-Anderson, president of the Nurses' Association of Jamaica, is her voice, because looking at her, a busy, petite brown woman with bright eyes, you don't quite expect the firm booming tone that instantly commands your attention. Wherever she is, however, whether on the ward or before a meeting of hundreds, when she begins speaking, everything else stops. ... The Nurses' Negotiator

Nurses accept govt’s explanation

Radio Jamaica, January 23, 2006

The controversial issue of transferring nurses to regional authorities has been settled - at least for the time being.

Monday afternoon the Ministry of Health informed the Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) that the period of secondment for nurses and midwives has been extended to December 31, 2006.

The nurses had given the government a deadline until 2:30 Monday afternoon to clear the air on the controversial issue. ... Nurses

Health Ministry plans response to nurses’ threat

Radio Jamaica, January 23, 2006

It is a race against time for the Ministry of Health to settle outstanding issues concerning the proposed secondment of the island's nurses and midwives.

The Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) has warned of strong action if an official response is not received from the Health Ministry by 2:30 Monday afternoon.

The NAJ says it wants word on whether the date for the secondment will be extended.

In the wake of the nurse's threat, Health Minister John Junor gave the assurance Sunday night that a response will be sent to the NAJ on Monday. ... Health

Nurses more restive

Radio Jamaica, January 18, 2006

The island's registered nurses and midwives are becoming more restive with only a few hours left before the expiration of a seven day ultimatum served on the Ministries of Finance and Health.

The Nurses Association of Jamaica, NAJ, has give the Ministries until Wednesday afternoon to address concerns about a controversial reclassification exercise.

The NAJ, which represents 2,000 nurses and midwives, is upset that the ministries re-classified some nurses without consultation. ... Nurses

Jamaican nurses give Government seven days!

Ashford W. Meikle, Jamaica Gleaner, January 8, 2006

The Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) has given the Government seven working days, beginning on January 9 (until January 18) to respond to charges that it has betrayed them in its reclassification exercise and the decision to transfer nurses from the Services Commission to the Regional Health Authorities. ... Jamaican

Nurses issue ultimatum

Radio Jamaica, January 7, 2006

The Nurses Association of Jamaica, NAJ has issued an ultimatum on the government to resolve issues relating to the reclassification of nurses and secondment to the regional health authority.
The Association says that it is giving the government until January 18 to get its act together.

Speaking at a press conference Saturday afternoon NAJ President Edith Allwood Anderson said the government needs to clarify its plans to re-classify nurses. ... Nurses

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