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Jamaica nurses back on job

Nation, July 31, 2006 Kingston – Nurses across Jamaica have ended a two-day strike that crippled the island's hospital system following a meeting with government leaders, officials said last Saturday. Labour leaders with the Nurses Association of Jamaica and the government ended the strike late Friday with a pledge to return to the bargaining table. Nurses resumed their regular work schedules early Saturday, said Edith Allwood-Anderson, president of the union. But she said the Caribbean nation's nurses may stage another protest if government officials did not negotiate an "acceptable" wage increase. ... Jamaica

Davies going around in circles, says NAJ

Jamaica Observer, July 17, 2006

The president of the nurses union yesterday accused Finance Minister Omar Davies of circumnavigating the issues in their wage dispute at a meeting on Friday called to settle the row that has already crippled health services at state-run hospitals.

"The minister kept us in that meeting and he kept going around in circles," complained Edith Allwood-Anderson. Davies, she added, was "not serious and committed" to agreeing to better pay for nurses. ... Davies

Nurses, Gov't for wage talks

Jamaica Gleaner, July 15, 2006

Representatives of the Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) are to again meet Minister of Finance and Planning Dr. Omar Davies to discuss alternatives to the current wage proposal.

This is following their failure to persuade Dr. Davies at a meeting yesterday morning to improve the level of increase that is being offered to the nurses.

According to NAJ President Edith Allwood-Anderson, the association's executives were to meet late yesterday to examine areas such as location incentives, special responsibilities for professional nurses, among other things to make specific recommendations to the Government. ... Nurses

Nurses call off protest for now

Meet with finance and health ministers today.
Alicia Dunkley, Jamaica Observer, July 14, 2006

Government-paid nurses yesterday called off their protest, pending meetings today with two Cabinet ministers to discuss their claims for higher wages. ... The decision to call off the protest, which had crippled the health sector with several major public hospitals operating with less than optimum staff and patients being sent home prematurely in instances, came in the wake of indications from Finance and Planning Minister Dr Omar Davies that he would meet with the NAJ ... Nurses

Nurses to halt protest

RJR, July 13, 2006

The Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) has called on its members to stop their industrial action, at least for now.

The NAJ says this decision was made after it received word that Finance Minister Dr. Omar Davies and Health Minister Horace Dalley will meet with the nurses Friday morning.

But despite the instruction from the NAJ, several public hospitals are still struggling, and from all indications, it appears that the situation has worsened in at least one region.

In a release Thursday morning, the Southern Regional Health Authority advised that service at several hospitals has been scaled down. ... Nurses

State of emergency in Jamaica's Health Ministry

Petrina Francis & Yahneake Sterling, Jamaica Gleaner, July 13, 2006

The health sector is now in crisis following continued protest action yesterday by the island's nurses, which has forced many hospitals to accept only emergency cases.

Further threats are emerging as medical doctors in the public sector are to meet tomorrow to decide whether to accept the Government's offer on wages and fringe benefits. Dr. Myerton Smith, president of the Jamaica Medical Doctors Association (JMDA), said the offer could be rejected, but that the decision would be made by the 700-member association. ... State

Finance Minister talks with nurses after protest at his office

Radio Jamaica, July 12, 2006

Wednesday afternoon Finance Minister Dr. Omar Davies promised disgruntled nurses that he would be meeting with the head of their association soon.
However Dr. Davies said that meeting would have to wait until he had further talks with Health Minister Horace Dalley.

That promise from Dr. Davies calmed the nurses, who had moved their ongoing street protests to the gates of the Finance Ministry.

The angry nurses led by their fiery President Edith Allwood-Anderson had gathered in front of the Heroes Circle offices of the Finance Ministry, singing, chanting and displaying their signs. ... Finance

Jamaica's Nurses up ante on Government

Petrina Francis, Jamaica Gleaner, July 12, 2006

Nurses across the island yesterday intensified their protest action, demanding that the Government address the long-delayed salary negotiations.

Following yesterday's protest, members of the NAJ convened at the association's Trevennion Park headquarters in St. Andrew to decide on the next step in pressing the Government for better wages and fringe benefits.

"We will continue to intensify our action tomorrow (today)," NAJ President Edith Allwood-Anderson told The Gleaner yesterday. ... Jamaica

Nurses blast Government of Jamaica in salary stand-off

Yahneake Sterling, Jamaica Gleaner, July 11, 2006

Several disgruntled nurses across the Corporate Area took to the streets yesterday in a two-hour protest to press for better wages after what they claimed is Government's ambivalence to long-delayed salary negotiations.

Simultaneous protests also took place in Manchester and St. Ann.

In Kingston and St. Andrew, almost 30 nurses protested against what they called the "slave wages" that they are now collecting. ... Nurses

Protesting nurses not ruling out shutdown of hospitals

Jamaica Observer, July 11, 2006

Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) president Edith Allwood-Anderson yesterday refused to rule a lock-down of public hospitals, as nurses began islandwide demonstrations to protest against stalled wage negotiations.

At one of the demonstrations outside the nurse's hostel on Half-Way-Tree Road in Kingston 10, Allwood-Anderson said the nurses would intensify their actions as was necessary. ... Protesting

Nurses to go public with wage demands

Byron McDaniel, Jamaica Gleaner, July 10, 2006

Walderston, Manchester - At a quarterly meeting of the Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) on Saturday, angry members voted to go public with their wages and fringe benefit claims.

The meeting was held at the Sacred Heart Academy in Christiana, Manchester.

The meeting, which was attended by 30 of the NAJ's 38 groups islandwide, voted unanimously to bring their wage and fringe benefits proposal to the public to make the nation aware of what it described as the plight of the nursing sector. ... Nurses

NAJ await Government response to wage claims

Radio Jamaica, June 29, 3006

The island's registered nurses remain restive as they are yet to hear word from the Ministry of Finance concerning their wage and fringe benefits claims.

The Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) said it will seek the intervention of Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller in its wage dispute with the Ministry if there is no response to its ultimatum which expires Friday. ... NAJ

Nurses give Government 'til end of month to settle wage negotiations

Radio Jamaica, June 15, 2006

The islands nurses have given the Ministry of Finance until the end of this month to settle their wages and fringe benefits negotiations.

This is one of three demands put on the table by nurses at an emergency meeting Thursday morning.

The nurses rejected the Finance Ministry's offer of a loan scheme to tidy them over until their new salaries kick in and instead demanded that all outstanding matters be settled immediately. ... Nurses

Nurses want wage claim finalized, or else

Radio Jamaica, June 10, 2006

The Ministry of Finance is attempting to appease the island's registered nurses, who are threatening strong action to protest against delays in finalizing their wage claim.
A Ministry source told RJR News on Saturday morning that a letter will be sent to the executive of the Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) on Monday outlining how the Government intends to proceed with wage negotiations.

Friday night the NAJ issued a deadline for the Finance Ministry to respond to its wage claim by Monday afternoon. ... Nurses

Nurses and Government stand-off

RJR, June 10, 2006

Trouble is again brewing between the Government and island's registered nurses.

The Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) has given the Ministry of Finance until Monday to respond to its wage claim.

In addition, it wants feedback to a proposal to address the worsening shortage of nursing personnel in the public health sector.

President of the NAJ, Edith Allwood-Anderson, said if there no response by Monday afternoon she will be calling members to an emergency meeting to discuss plans to take strong action. ... Nurses

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