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Gov't backing away from KPH?

Dalley says health ministry considering making hospital an independent body. Kerry McCatty, Sunday Observer, July 15, 2007 The health ministry is contemplating cutting the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) loose, while announcing yesterday that it would be adding another $9m to the hospital's $16-million budget, which it shares with Victoria Jubilee Hospital. "I am seriously thinking about putting KPH on its own, like the University Hospital, meaning it runs itself," Health Minister Horace Dalley said, adding that the hospital would also have its own management board. The minister said the amount of money the hospital spends on single, emergency purchases would also be increased, with immediate effect. That amount moves from $40,000 to $100,000. ... Gov't

Nurses' Week to motivate members of the profession

Jamaica Gleaner, July 15, 2007 The Nurses' Association of Jamaica (NAJ) is expressing optimism and confidence that its celebration of Nurses' Week will be informative, and further that it will help to motivate members of the profession. Nurses' Week, which will be observed from Sunday, July 15 to Saturday, July 21, will be held under the theme 'Positive Practice Environments: Quality Work-places = Quality Patient Care'. President of the NAJ, Edith Allwood-Anderson, says that the week will equip nurses with additional skills to promote health and alleviate suffering in Jamaica. Events slated for the week include a nurses summer school, a prayer breakfast and will culminate in the Nurse of the Year awards ceremony on July 21 at the Knutsford Court Hotel, New Kingston. Cop

KPH, Victoria Jubilee get more supplies

Jamaica Observer, July 14, 2007 The Kingston Public and Victoria Jubilee hospitals yesterday continued to receive much needed medical supplies from government supplier, Health Corporation Limited, a day after nurses walked off the job to protest against the shortages. But Donald Farquharson, CEO of the hospitals, told the Observer yesterday that checks Thursday revealed that some of the reported shortages of certain medical supplies were unfounded. Last night, Health Minister Horace Dalley refused to comment on the issue. But Farquharson said: "The staff had a very passionate meeting yesterday (Thursday) and in that meeting they would have indicated some of the issues they have been having over time. A number of items, which were listed as not being available, were very much available when we visited the stores. ..." KPH

Supply shortage hits hospitals

Ministry acts after Nurses protest. Taneisha Lewis, Jamaica Observer, July 13, 2007 Health ministry officials yesterday scurried to avert a crisis in the health sector after nurses at the Kingston Public and Victoria Jubilee hospitals walked off the job in protest over what they said was a severe shortage of medical supplies. By late afternoon both hospitals were provided with basic supplies, following a four-hour meeting with representatives of the Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) and health ministry officials, led by permanent secretary Grace Allen-Young. The supplies included soap, hand towels, tissue, bleach and syringes of all sizes, NAJ president Edith Allwood-Anderson told the Observer. Other key supplies like oxygen masks from Health Corporation Limited were expected last night. ... Supply

Strike action puts Health Minister on the defensive

Radio Jamaica, July 13, 2007 Health Minister Horace Dalley was forced on the defensive Thursday when he was summoned to field questions about the lack of critical medical items at the Kingston Public and Victoria Jubilee Hospitals. The situation had sent nurses into a protesting fury and the health sector limping. Speaking on Beyond the Headlines, the beleaguered Minister sought to lay the blame at the feet of the Donald Farquarson-led management of the Kingston Public and the Victoria Jubilee Hospitals. The Health Minister was called on to explain why the sector had come to such a sorry pass evident in the absence of primary drug supplies and syringes among other critical items. But Mr. Dalley dodged, danced and evaded the queries at will. ... Strike

Nurses sick of supply shortage

Jamaica Gleaner, July 13, 2007 A lack of basic health supplies, such as syringes, needles and panadol, is putting patients' lives at risk, Edith Allwood-Anderson, president of the Nurses' Association of Jamaica, said yesterday. At a meeting held yesterday at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH), with more than 50 nurses and representatives of the Ministry of Health and the hospital's administration, Mrs. Allwood-Anderson said that for more than two months nurses have been requesting supplies such as antibiotics, intravenous sets, suction machines and bed linen. ... Nurses

Doctors threaten to join nurses’ strike at KPH

Radio Jamaica, July 13, 2007 The Kingston Public and Victoria Jubilee Hospitals seem headed for a total shutdown as doctors at the facilities are threatening to join nurses in the protest against the severe shortage of medical equipment at the hospitals. It is understood that the doctors have been quietly protesting for some time now, but Thursday things took a turn for the worse when the nurses went on strike. The doctors, who claim they have been reduced to begging, say it was the nurses who are usually able to improvise with the little supplies they have. But they say their absence Thursday worsened the situation. ... Doctors

NHF grants $13mn to buy buses to transport nurses after work

RJR, July 13, 2007 The transportation woes of nurses working on late shifts at the four Regional Health Authorities is expected to be eased soon. The National Health Fund (NHF) approved a grant of $13 million to purchase four 30-seater buses for transporting nursing staff employed to the four regions. Health Ministry officials said the safety of nursing staff on late night shifts had been problematic and that it had sought the support of the NHF to acquire the buses. ... NHF

Nurses Week is July 15 to 21

Jamaica Information Service, July 13, 2007 Kingston - Nurses Week will be observed from July 15 to 21 under the theme, 'Positive Practice Environments: Quality Workplaces Equal Quality Patient Care'. This focus originated with the International Council of Nurses, of which, the Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) has been a member since 1953. This international body mandates a different focus annually for the special week. General Secretary of the NAJ, Zetta Bruff told JIS News that the theme encompasses several areas of need such as staffing, safety in respect to equipment, support for further education, patient care, and remuneration, among others. ... Nurses

Health Ministry officials try to deal with nurses’ strike

Radio Jamaica, July 12, 2007 Health Ministry officials are seeking solutions to what is said to be a major health crisis facing the Kingston Public and Victoria Jubilee Hospitals. Nurses at both institutions went on strike on Thursday protesting against what they described as the prolonged absence of all-important pharmaceutical and patient care items. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Grace Allen-Young, and senior managers are huddled behind close doors discussing measures to prevent further unrest at both institutions. Nurses walked off the job Thursday morning demanding that the Health Ministry swiftly address the problem of the absence of much needed items for patient care. ... Health

Nurses protest lack of basic tools for the job

Radio Jamaica, July 12, 2007 A major crisis is looming in the country's health sector as nurses at the Caribbean's largest health facility are on strike. The nurses at the Kingston Public and Victoria Jubilee Hospitals in Kingston say they are tired of working without the necessary supplies to do their jobs. Scores of nurses assigned to both health institutions walked off the job Thursday morning to protest the absence of a wide range of much needed pharmaceuticals and other patient care items. Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) President, Edith Allwood-Anderson, says the situation has reached crisis proportions. ... Nurses

Jamaican nurses protest

Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation, July 12, 2007 Nurses at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) walked off the job on Thursday protesting a lack of medical supplies at the institution. The action by the KPH nurses and those attached to the neighbouring maternity hospital, the Victoria Jubilee, has thrown the institutions into chaos. There has been no response as yet from the authorities. President of the Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ), Edith Allwood-Anderson said the nurses have been protesting the lack of medical supplies and have been lobbying health authorities without success. "Basic supplies like needles, syringes, hand towels, (have) not even being ordered," she said, noting that the situation had reached crisis proportions. ... Jamaican

School nurses not qualified - NAJ

Damion Mitchell, Jamaica Gleaner, July 12, 2007 The Nurses' Association of Jamaica (NAJ) is concerned that the majority of school nurses are not qualified for the job. NAJ president Edith Allwood Anderson says, by medical standards, only registered nurses should be employed in schools. Speaking at a Gleaner Editors' Forum, held yesterday at the newspaper's head office in central Kingston, Mrs. Allwood Anderson said the majority of school nurses are, in fact, practical nurses. "It's a safety and a quality care issue," she said. ... School

Nurses meet Government on pay today

Jamaica Gleaner, May 14, 2007 A top-level meeting will take place today at the Ministry of Finance to discuss the latest impasse between the island's nurses and the Government. The Nurses' Association of Jamaica (NAJ) is accusing various health authorities of ignoring an agreement signed by the ministries of Health and Finance last year to pay outstanding sessional allowances to some nurses. "We notice that the Ministry of Health, and the directors of finance and parish managers have been reluctant in supporting the claim; some of them have outrightly refused to give the claim that the ministry settled," says president of the NAJ, Edith Allwood-Anderson. ... Nurses

Nurses postpone industrial action for 2 days

Radio Jamaica, May 13, 2007 Public sector nurses have delayed planned industrial action as they await the outcome of a top level meeting involving officials of the Ministries of Finance and Health as well as the leadership of the Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) on Monday. At the same time a series of meetings of all Registered Nurses will be held at the NAJ secretariats. President of the NAJ, Edith Allwood Anderson, told the RJR News Centre that her organisation received the response from the Finance Ministry two hours later than the promised 10:00 deadline. She warned that the nurses will be awaiting the outcome of the top level meeting to immediately determine a way forward. ... Nurses

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