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No talks in day two of nurses strike

Cynthia Kaneshiro, The Garden Island, June 26, 2006

Striking Wilcox Memorial Hospital nurses were on the picket lines again yesterday after contract negotiations broke down Thursday.

Day two of the strike saw more than 80 nurses resume picketing at the hospital’s main and emergency room entrances.

“Despite the strike, we are still open,” said hospital spokeswoman Lani Yukimura.

On Saturday, Yukimura said there were three emergency surgeries.

“We will provide all the services people receive at the hospital,” she said. “We are well staffed, and we have nurses covering the floors.” ... No

Negotiators Wait To Resume Negotiations In Kauai Nurse Strike

TheHawaiiChannel.com, June 26, 2006

Honolulu - Striking nurses and management at Wilcox Hospital on Kauai said they are waiting for a call from a federal mediator to resume negotiations.

Over the weekend, 110 nurses walked off the job and began picketing. They said they are dissatisfied with the nurse-to-patient ratio at the hospital. A spokeswoman for the hospital said the facility is operating normally with substitute nurses. ... Negotiators

Kauai nurses strike over staffing dispute

Associated Press, June 26, 2006

Lihue - Dozens of nurses at Kauai's only hospital held a strike for the second day today after management refused to concede to union demands for more nurses.

Wilcox Memorial Hospital is operating with 40 replacement nurses, many flown in from the mainland. Another 20 outside nurses are due to arrive this week.

The nurses are demanding that the hospital allow each nurse care for fewer patients, alleging their current burden could be dangerous.

Management argues setting patient-to-nurse ratios as the nurse union demands won't work. ... Kauai

Nurses walk; Wilcox hospital stays open

Howard Dicus, Pacific Business News (Honolulu), June 25, 2006

Wilcox Memorial Hospital maintained operations - including three emergency surgeries - after being struck by its nurses over this past weekend.

Wilcox spokeswoman Lani Yukimura said Sunday evening that temporary nursing staff had been brought it to maintain service. The hospital doesn't usually schedule surgery on weekends, she said, but on Saturday, the first day of the strike, they did three emergency surgeries.

"The hospital and clinic remain open with usual business hours and they continue to provide all usual services," Yukimura said. ... Nurses

Day Two On Picket Line For Kauai Nurses

KHNL, June 25, 2006

No new talks scheduled as Nurses at Kauai's only hospital spend their second day on strike.

DQ Jackson is on the nurse's negotiating team. "As you can see the nurses at Wilcox hospital, Kauai's nurses are on strike."

Dozens of Kauai nurses walked off the job today.The nurses say they aren't in it for the money.

Jackson explains "They are on strike over safety issues. Money, benefits, has nothing to do with it. Our concern is for the safety of our patients." ... Day Two

Kaua'i nurses begin strike; no talks planned

Jan TenBruggencate, Honolulu Advertiser, June 25, 2006

Lihu'e, Kaua'i - Striking nurses began picketing Wilcox Memorial Hospital at 7 AM yesterday, as supervisory staff and contract nurses from the Mainland took over patient services in the hospital.

Hawai'i Nurses Association spokesman DQ Jackson said that picketing activities appeared to be going well and that many drivers on Kuhio Highway fronting the hospital appeared supportive.

Nurses walked in yesterday's hot sun, many of them carrying umbrellas. Representatives of other unions stopped by to lend moral support, bringing donations like cases of cold water. ... Kaua'i

Kauai Nurses Strike Over Staffing Dispute

TheHawaiiChannel.com, June 25, 2006

Lihue - About 140 nurses at Kauai's only hospital went on strike Sunday morning after failing to win concessions from management to put more nurses on staff.

The nurses picketed the entrances to Wilcox Memorial Hospital bearing signs saying "Support your nurses" and "Kauai nurses care for you."

At issue is how many nurses are on staff to care for patients.

Management said the hospital can't afford to have each nurse care for just five patients but that's the ratio nurses want the hospital to maintain 24 hours a day. ... Kauai

In Hawaii Nurses Strike for Patient Safety

Oread Daily, June 25 2006

Nurses at Kauai's only hospital are on strike.

Striking nurses began picketing Wilcox Memorial Hospital at 7 AM yesterday, as supervisory staff and contract nurses from the Mainland took over patient services in the hospital

The nurses have developed a long term plan of action to maintain solidarity among the Nurses. Their plan community-at-large. The nurses, "union vowed to show Wilcox Hospital/Hawaii Pacific Health that the Nurses, other unions in Hawai‘i and concerned citizens ‘are united in demanding quality and safe health care for Kaua‘i’s people.’” ... In Hawaii

Kauai nurses go on strike

Both sides expect the walkout to last for months.
Tom Finnegan, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, June 25, 2006

Lihue - Just before 7 AM yesterday, Kauai nurses reluctantly started a walk - the short distance from their strike headquarters to the picket line fronting Wilcox Memorial Hospital.

While the first day was peaceful and orderly, both sides say they hope the strike will get the other side back to the bargaining table.

Even so, the hospital's administration and the Hawaii Nurses' Association are preparing for perhaps months of nurses picketing in front of the hospital instead of caring for patients. ... Kauai

Wilcox nurses strike

Lester Chang, Garden Island, June 24, 2006

More than 50 Wilcox Memorial Hospital nurses set up picket lines in front of the hospital Saturday morning to rally public support following the collapse of contract talks.

Some nurses said the strike gained strength with Kaua‘i Sen. Gary Hooser and representatives for the Hawaii Government Employee’s Association and the Hawaii State Teachers Association - two of the largest unions in the state - joining the picket line.

The strike started at 7 AM and more nurses were expected to join throughout the day until 8 PM Saturday. The strike resumes at 6 AM Sunday, a striker said. ... Wilcox

Kauai Braces For Nurses Strike

TheHawaiiChannel.com, June 23, 2006

Honolulu - Kauai County officials are preparing for a nurses walkout at Wilcox Hospital on Saturday.

Both the union and hospital management don't expect any more talks before the nurses' expected walkout of 7 AM.

Meanwhile, Kauai County officials said its buses will not stop at the Wilcox Hospital foyer for the duration of the strike. The closest drop-off will be at the nearby Wal-Mart store.

Para-transit buses that service the elderly and passengers with disabilities will still drop off at Wilcox, but patrons are being warned to expect delays because of the picket lines. ... Kauai

Strike nears - Wilcox and nurses far apart

Howard Dicus, Pacific Business News (Honolulu), June 19, 2006

 Wilcox Memorial Hospital and the Hawaii Nurses Association are far apart on staffing issues, and it is unclear if they can avoid a strike next weekend.

 The issue is not money. The two sides agreed on wages and benefits, bringing the Kauai nurses to parity with Hawaii Pacific Health properties in Oahu. This works out to a 21 percent wage increase over three years, according to a hospital spokeswoman.

 Instead, the dispute concerns the number of patients per nurse. The nurses say Wilcox hospital has chronic understaffing. Management disputes that. ... Strike

Wilcox to bring in replacements if nurses strike

Lester Chang, Garden Island, June 17, 2006

Wilcox Memorial Hospital leaders are preparing to provide full nursing services at the hospital even as 140 nurses plan to go on strike on June 24 following a breakdown in contract talks.

“We have plans to bring in nurses from the Mainland and Hawai‘i,” said Ken Pierce, the hospital’s chief medical officer.

Dee Knudsen, vice president of operations and human resources, said the hospital has contracted 50 to 60 nurses to take the place of any nurses on strike, if one occurs. ... Wilcox

Wilcox Hospital prepares for strike

Talks with nurses end; action could be taken next week.
Tom Finnegan, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, June 17, 2006

Lihue - After just a half-hour of discussions yesterday, talks between the Hawaii Nurses Association and management at Wilcox Hospital broke off, and both sides began preparing for a strike next Saturday at 7 AM.

While the nurses are preparing for a halt in their pay, management at Kauai's lone full-service hospital prepared to hire a company to provide replacement nurses to keep Wilcox open. ... Wilcox

Kaua'i nurses prepare to strike after talks fail

Honolulu Advertiser, June 17, 2006

Lihu'e, Kaua'i - Wilcox Hospital and its nurses' union held a final, unsuccessful negotiating session yesterday, and no further sessions are planned before a Hawai'i Nurses Association strike scheduled to start at 7 AM June 24.

Wilcox Health System chief medical officer Ken Pierce said the facility will remain fully open if a strike occurs. The hospital's 140 full-time, part-time and on-call nurses would be replaced by 50 to 60 nurses brought in from the Mainland, who would work 12-hour shifts. ... Kaua'i

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