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HHC nurses protest at Bloomberg's hospital appearances

New contract needed to ensure stable RN workforce, quality patient care.
New York State Nurses Association, October 11, 2005

New York - Registered nurses employed by the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation today conducted protests at three hospitals where Mayor Michael Bloomberg cut ribbons and broke ground for new building projects.

The nurses appeared at events held this morning at Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, and Harlem Hospital in Manhattan. The RNs are represented by the New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA). ... HHC

Honor the nurses that keep us well

The Record Editorial, October 7, 2005

Who runs a hospital?

The doctors are the glamorous superheroes who get most of the acclaim, but they don't really keep the wheels turning.

Administrators and executive directors and vice presidents keeps the gears oiled by keeping the cash flow going, but, no, they aren't really the ones who make sure hospitals serve their life-saving function.

For that, credit must go to the nurses who staff each unit. ... Honor

Nurses At Peninsula Hospital Ratify New 4-Year Contract

WNBC.com, September 20, 2005

New York - Nurses at Peninsula Hospital in Far Rockaway have ratified a new four-year contract.

The contract covers the 150 nurses at the hospital, the New York State Nurses Association said.

The union says the package is retroactive to May 1, 2004, and expires April 30, 2008.

Under the agreement, registered nurses will get a total of 15.2 percent in raises over the term of the contract. Additionally, five extra step salary increases will be added to the top scale. ... Nurses

Nurses, Management At Queens Hospital Reach Tentative Contract Agreement

NY1, September 13, 2005

After a dozen hours, nurses and management at a Queens hospital have reached an agreement and dodged a strike.

One hundred and fifty nurses at Peninsula Hospital in Far Rockaway had been working without a contract for a year and a half. ... Nurses

Governor turns down bill to allow Rochester schools nurses from BOCES

10NBC, August 10, 2005

On Wednesday, Governor George Pataki vetoed a measure, which would have allowed Rochester city schools to provide nurses through BOCES. Since Monroe County pulled its funding for nurses last summer, BOCES has been doing the job.  Now the district has to find a way to keep those school nurses.

In just a few weeks, city schools will be filled with students who will need school nurses. ... Governor

Holdout nurses union ratifies contract with Kaleida

Fred O. Williams, Buffalo News, August 4, 2005

Registered nurses at Women and Children's Hospital have given thumbs-up to a contract with Kaleida Health, ending a touchy standoff and inaugurating three years of labor peace at the area's biggest hospital system.

After rejecting the agreement with Kaleida on July 12, the union members voted on Tuesday to accept it by a vote of 270 to 35, a union official said.

Time for reflection, plus a thorough look at the deal, seemed to convince the nurses to change their minds. ... Holdout

Children's Hospital RNs ratify contract

Annemarie Franczyk, Business First of Buffalo, August 3, 2005

The bargaining unit of registered nurses at Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo has voted to ratify a contract with Kaleida Health, becoming the final group of employees to approve the settlement.

Twenty bargaining units ratified the collective bargaining agreement on July 12. The RNs at Children's voted against ratification at that time, returning to the table with Kaleida and holding several general meetings to get clarification on several key issues. ... Children

Report finds many NY nurses seeking other professions

Business Review (Albany), August 2, 2005

Registered nurses are among the health occupations in shortest supply, the state University at Albany's Center for Health Workforce Studies said Tuesday.

The center's report, "The Health Workforce in New York State, 2004," is based on its annual study of workforce issues within the health industry in New York state.

Center Director Jean Moore said the latest statistics suggest that while registered nursing programs in the state may be graduating enough candidates to fill vacancies, a lot of those students don't end up in the profession. ... Report

Robot serves as surgical nurse

Alex Cukan, United Press International, June 17, 2005

A robot known as Penelope Surgical Instrument Server has served as surgical nurse at New York-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City.

"I was pleasantly surprised by how efficient and reliable she was," Dr. Spencer Amory, director of surgery at the hospital, told the New York Daily News.

The robot handed over surgical instruments on the command of the surgeon and then returned the instruments to their original place during a routine procedure to remove a benign tumor from a woman's forearm. ... Robot

Hard-wired nurse helps docs

Robert Schapiro, New York Daily News, June 17, 2005

Meet R2D2 in scrubs.

A robot joined doctors and nurses in the operating room at New York-Presbyterian Hospital yesterday to deliver the surgical tools of the trade.

Known as Penelope Surgical Instrument Server, the robot operates as a surgical nurse.

Penelope is able to hand over surgical instruments on command, and then return the devices to their original place once a surgeon has finished with them. ... Hard-wired

State targets patient infection

Bill would require public disclosure on cases in which people contract illness in hospital.
James M. Odato, Albany Times Union, June 14, 2005

Albany - The Legislature has stitched together a bill to require hospitals to publicly disclose cases of infection to promote improvements in patient safety, according to lawmakers and stakeholders.

The deal, which was reached after several recent high-level meetings, will be announced this week. ... State

Nurses rally for end to mandatory overtime

Speakers cite burnout, risks to patients in call for minimum staffing standards at hospitals in state.
Alan Wechsler, Albany Times Union, May 17, 2005

Albany - Nearly 200 nurses from around the state came here Monday to demand an end to mandatory overtime and creation of required minimum staffing levels at hospitals in New York.

More than a dozen speakers at the western steps of the Capitol Building spoke for more than an hour in front of cheering nurses wearing matching orange T-shirts. ... Nurses

Nurses cancel vote on joining Local 1199

Issues at Bellevue Woman's Hospital included salary, health care costs.
Alan Wechsler, Albany Times Union, May 5, 2005

Niskayuna - A health workers union has pulled out of its bid to try to organize nurses at Bellevue Woman's Hospital.

Nurses at the 40-bed facility on Route 7 had been scheduled to vote today on whether to unionize under Local 1199 of the Service Employees International Union. But in late April, they decided to forgo the vote. ... Nurses

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