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Rx for the RN

Nurses' union calls bill requiring hospitals to disclose staffing a victory.
Felice J. Freyer, Providence Journal, May 13, 2005

Consumers will be able find out how many nurses care for patients in each Rhode Island hospital, and may also learn how well each hospital prevents infections, if two bills before the General Assembly become law.

Each bill addresses an important factor in gauging whether a hospital is doing a good job.

The quality of care can depend on the ratio of nurses to patients. ... Rx for the RN

Gallison again proposes law on nurses' overtime

The legislation would restrict the circumstances in which hospitals can require nurses to work overtime.
Richard Salit, Providence Journal, February 21, 2005

Newport - Nurses will get some relief if the General Assembly approves legislation this year restricting mandatory overtime for them.

But it's the third year in a row that state Rep. Raymond E. Gallison (D-Bristol) has tried to win passage of such a bill. This year Gallison said he has sought to allay the concerns of hospitals by allowing forced overtime in the event of "bona fide emergencies." ... Gallison

Hospitals struggle to cope with flu season, nursing shortage

Associated Press, January 22, 2005

Providence - With flu season well-established, Rhode Island's hospitals are once again straining to find room for the sick, a process they say is complicated by a nursing shortage. ... The call was to alert the hospitals that, if the crowding continued, the health director was prepared to order them to cancel elective surgery and prevent staff from leaving at the end of their shifts. ... Hospitals struggle to cope

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