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Hospital Chain is Facing Legal Action From Nurses Association

WYMT Mountain News, November 17, 2005

A dispute over work schedules has the Appalachian Regional Hospital chain facing legal action from nurses across Kentucky and West Virginia.

The Kentucky Nurses Association and West Virginia Nurses Association filed a class action grievance against ARH.

The groups claim ARH is violating their contract.

The grievance specifically deals with Registered Nurses' work schedules. ARH has notified all nurses that their hours will change starting in December. ... Hospital

ARH Faces Legal Action From Nurses

WYMT Mountain News, November 17, 2005

ARH nurses across Kentucky and West Virginia said their lives would be severely disrupted by a new proposed schedule, so the Kentucky and West Virginia Nurses Associations have filed a class action grievance, but ARH officials said they are ready to respond.

Registered nurses normally work 12 hour shifts three days a week, but that could soon change if ARH officials get their way. Nurses technically work 36 hours but are paid for 40 hours, and ARH officials said that's costing them money. ... ARH

Nurses' activism helps, but shortage lingers

Will continue to speak out despite suspensions.
Barbara Isaacs, Lexington Herald-Leader, August 13, 2005

Wilma Jones, Jackie Messer and Betty Fraley have become nurse activists, whether they like it or not.

The trio, registered nurses at Hazard's Appalachian Regional Healthcare medical center, were in Lexington yesterday to highlight what they consider dangerously low nurse staffing levels at some Kentucky hospitals.

The nurses drew attention this spring after ARH suspended them for one day without pay, along with six ARH nurses from its hospital in Beckley, W.Va. ... Nurses' activism

Nurses Professional Organization (NPO) Wins Gentry Case

Sixth Circuit Court Orders Norton Healthcare to Reinstate RN Jane Gentry with Back Pay
Nurses Professional Organization, July 13, 2005

Louisville - A three judge panel of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered Norton Healthcare to reinstate Jane Gentry, RN, give her backpay, and reimburse her for her expenses in defending her nursing license. The Court found that Norton Audubon Hospital unlawfully fired Jane Gentry, Legislative Director of the Nurses Professional Organization, because of her union activities. The Court also found that Norton Healthcare unlawfully reported her to the Kentucky Board of Nursing. Gentry, a critical care nurse who worked in the Coronary Care Unit and the Open Heart Unit, had worked 18 years at Audubon Hospital at the time of her July, 1999, firing. The NPO filed the charges and vigorously pursued this case.   

NPO's Case on Jane Gentry to be Heard in 6th Circuit Court, June 10, Cincinnati

Nurses Professional Organization, May 20, 2005

Norton Audubon Hospital illegally fired RN Jane Gentry for union activity. Jane worked 18 years in critical care and was outspoken for good staffing, for quality standards in nursing, and for NPO.

NPO is winning! The National Labor Relations Board has ordered that she be reinstated to her job and made whole for her losses. Rather than comply, Norton Healthcare has appealed to the 6th Circuit Court. With the money the hospital has spent on this case, we could have had better staffing on many a shift!

We have won this case over and over - including the battle for the unemployment and to clear Jane's license. The license case went all the way to the Kentucky Supreme Court! We are hopeful that we will win in the 6th Circuit as well. The hospital will then have only one step left - appeal to the US Supreme Court or do the right thing and comply with the order.

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