Health Reform

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Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 19. July 2015

Happy 50th, Medicare!

July 30th is the fiftieth anniversary of Medicare & Medicaid.
You're invited to come celebrate with us.

Thursday, July 30th ~ 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Massachusetts State House ~ Senate Reading Room
Third Floor ~ Across from Senate Chambers
Music, Speakers & Cake!

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 18. June 2015

2024 Olympics & Franklin Park

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 17. May 2015

Upsurge in Organized Fight Against BU Biolab!

Interview with Representative Gloria Fox:

HJB: Representative Fox, could you say a few words about the proposed BU Biolab?

Representative Gloria Fox, Roxbury: Historically, I have challenged the validity of having a Level 4 Biolab in the heart of the community. The issue of public safety is paramount. I have just introduced additional legislation (H.1945) demanding that the Department of Public Health address the legitimate concerns of the community point by point.

Vermont & Single Payer: McDonough, McCanne, Eaton, Early & Knowlton Sound Off

Vermont & Single Payer: McDonough, McCanne, Eaton, Early & Knowlton Sound Off

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 16. April 2015

Stop Unhealthy Changes to School Meals!

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 15. March 2015

RoxComp Questions Persist - Demand Justice

The last public meeting on the fate of the Roxbury Comprehensive Community Health Center took place on-site there on October 29th. Besides a presentation by the leading contender for the property, Bridge Boston Charter School, many former workers came to bring forward their just demands for back pay. Nothing could or would be done about that until the sale went through, and then they were in line with other creditors.

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 14. February 2015

Health Care, or Lack Thereof

Shrinking Access to Needed Services

Thank you for coming to Braintree and the South Shore to listen to our many burning issues. Here's my thinking on steps needed to reform our essentially dysfunctional healthcare system in Massachusetts, highlighting six pieces of legislation already filed and awaiting bill numbers, and indicating additional areas in need of attention.

The recent closing of Quincy Medical Center by Steward Health Care, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cerberus Capital Management, throws the cracks in our system into stark relief.

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 13. January 2015

Quincy Down. Carney Next?

The Demise of Acute Health Care in Quincy, Massachusetts

The Demise of Acute Health Care in Quincy, Massachusetts
Implications for Surviving Community Hospitals

Sandy Eaton, RN, Chair, Healthcare Committee
South Shore Coalition for Human Rights
December 31, 2014

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 12. December 2014

Overbedded or Underserved?

A sample of the tragic closings we’ve suffered:

July 18, 1993        Saint Margaret's Hospital (Dorchester)
May 13, 2003        Waltham Hospital
March 22, 2013     Roxbury Comprehensive Community Health Center
March 28, 2014     North Adams Regional Hospital
October 7, 2014    Radius Specialty Hospitals (Roxbury & Quincy)

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 11. November 2014

Next Boston Community Meeting in December TBA.

We’re fighting to Save Quincy Medical Center before it’s gone forever! Don’t let the dominoes fall.

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 10. October 2014

Community Meeting

Wednesday, October 22, 2014 @ 7:00 PM
Higher Ground, 384 Warren Street, Third Floor
at Martin Luther King Boulevard, Roxbury
MBTA Bus Routes #23 & 28
Wheelchair Accessible ~ Light Refreshments

Keeping Vital Health Services Where Needed     

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 8. August 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014 @ 7:00 PM
Jobs with Justice Jamaica Plain Office
3353 Washington Street corner Green
Near Green Street T Station, Bus Route 42

Stop the Biolab Coalition Meets with Mayor Walsh

Focus on the Future

This is a good time to review the principles upon which our nurses' movement was founded. Forged in the fights to get away from the American Nurses Association (ANA) and then to build a progressive national voice for nurses, these statements of principle can be reread here, appended to the presentation Quest for a Voice from the 2008 pre-convention program of the Massachusetts Nurses Association. Primary importance has always been given to winning enforceable RN staffing limits and then to creating a just healthcare system. To these ends, we built first the American Association of Registered Nurses (AARN) and then the National Nurses United (NNU).

Quest for a Voice

Material presented to Massachusetts Nurses Association annual convention, October 1, 2008.
Addenda: Documents pertaining to founding of National Nurses United, 2009.

In the Beginning was the ANA

  • Origins of Collective Bargaining for Nurses
  • Tensions Mount
  • Dispersal (SNAs shed collective bargaining)
  • Connecticut - 1984
  • New Jersey - 1985
  • Maryland - 1990
  • Pennsylvania - 1991
  • Kentucky - 2008

Industrial Changes

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