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Strikes to widen in Denmark

Reuters, April 24, 2008 Copenhagen - An additional 12,000 Danish nurses and public sector workers plan to walk off the job next week, joining 36,000 people who are already on strike over a wage dispute that one union official described on Thursday as deadlocked. Employers set a Friday meeting to discuss a lockout but neither side saw much chance of a quick resolution. "I think this will last for several weeks. It could go on to last up to eight weeks or more," Dennis Kristensen, head of FOA, one of the largest Danish trade unions, told Reuters. ... Strikes

Thousands of nurses strike in Denmark

Reuters, April 16, 2008 Copenhagen - Twenty-two thousand nurses went on strike in Denmark on Wednesday, demanding higher pay and causing thousands of patients to have their hospital appointments cancelled. Another 13,000 nurses support the strike but continued to work to keep emergency healthcare services running. The nurses demand a 15 percent pay raise over three years, while local authorities are offering 12.8 percent - the same raise accepted by other public employees. Denmark has universal healthcare, with nurses' pay the responsibility of local regions. So far the central government has not intervened in the conflict. A Gallup poll showed that 50 percent of Danes support the strikers. © Copyright 2007 Hindustan Times

Danish healthcare workers on strike for higher wages

Thomson Financial News, April 16, 2008 Copenhagen - Around 100,000 Danish healthcare workers went on strike Wednesday for a larger wage increase, the daily Jyllandsposten reported. The workers, including nurses, dental hygienists and bioanalysts, are demanding a wage increase of 15 percent over the next three years, while employers have only consented to a 12.8 percent raise. Labour market researchers said political intervention might be the only way to stop the strike, the Jyllandsposten reported. However, Prime Minister Fogh Rasmussen said he did not wish to interfere. ... Danish

Nation braces for public sector walkout

Public employees' planned strike Wednesday will cause serious disruptions to the health care and day care sectors. Copenhagen Post, April 14, 2008 Unless a rumoured government proposal to set up a salary commission is accepted by employee labour unions FOA and The Health Confederation, a mass strike scheduled for Wednesday will create chaos for citizens. Up to 100,000 health care workers and pre-school employees are expected to begin a work stoppage Wednesday, leaving many of the country's young children and sick people without adequate care. No-shows from the unions' 70,000 nurses, midwives and physiotherapists would especially exacerbate problems for the nation's already overburdened medical facilities. ... Nation

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