Union executives misled nurses: Jale

Fiji Times, July 27, 2005

Public Service Commission chief executive Anare Jale has accused the Fiji Nursing Association of misleading members over what they term short payment to salaries.

"It is sad to note the attitude displayed by FNA officials and their obvious deliberate actions to mislead members of the public about what they term as short payment to members salaries," said Mr Jale.

He said there were two issues that affected the salaries of some nurses, which was the subject of discussions between the Commission, FNA and the Health Ministry.

"These two issues were the non-confirmation of some nurses resulting in them not being paid salary progression and some nurses entering the civil service being placed on wrong entry points and wrong assimilation of salaries," said Mr Jale.

Mr Jale said it had come to the attention of the Commission in 2004 that new graduates from the Fiji School of Nursing were receiving higher salaries than some of their colleagues who had graduated earlier.

He said investigations established the Commission's advice to the Health Ministry dated July, 2001, that revised MQR and salary entry points for base grade nurses on the Arbitration Award 23/2000 which was minimum plus two increments, was wrong.

"The matter raised by the FNA that the Health Ministry had failed to confirm some of its members who have been in the service for more than 18 months resulting in them missing out on scale progression payments paid to all confirmed civil servants had been tabled at the PSC meeting on July 8, 2004," said Mr Jale.

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