Nurses want risk allowance

Reijeli Kikau, Fiji Times, April 26, 2005

Hepatitis B infection should be a concern of every health professional and health workers or people who work in hospitals, says Fiji Nursing Association general secretary Kuini Lutua.

She said it could lead to other complicated infections if not treated early and the high-risk personnel are the nurses and doctors.

"That is why FNA has been putting up to Public Service Commission a Risk Allowance to be considered for nurses," he said.

She was responding to the study that was stated in the Fiji Medical Association Journal Volume 24, 2005 and tabled in Parliament last week.

The study stated that vaccination with Hepatitis B was a standard safety measure in all major hospitals and Colonial War Memorial hospital was no different.

It added that different varieties of vaccines are available on the world market, some of which are genetically engineered and some are plasma derived.

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