Kent Hospital reaches agreement with nurses union

Providence Journal, July 15, 2011 Kent Hospital and the union representing its 600 nurses have reached a three-year contract agreement. In a joint news release notable for its positive tone, the Warwick hospital and the United Nurses and Allied Professionals said the “negotiation process was productive, positive and carried out in an atmosphere of mutual respect.” Union president Rose Desnoyers said the agreement protected benefits and pensions, included “modest wage increases” and makes progress on workplace issues. Nurses at Kent were first organized in 2008. Since then, a Professional Issues Committee of union members and management was formed to discuss safety issues, scheduling, patient-care concerns and other matters identified by either side as needing improvement, the news release said. It ended with this statement: “Since the inception of the Union, labor relations at the Hospital have been, without exception, extraordinarily smooth, cooperative and positive, a source of great pride for both the Union and the Hospital.”