Teachers' Union Takes Over Oregon Healthcare Affiliate

Associated Press, July 8, 2009 The American Federation of Teachers has taken over the Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals and dismissed its leaders. A teachers federation healthcare officer, Anne Goodman, cited concern that some local leaders were jeopardizing union members' interests. The Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals represents 3,000 health care workers in Oregon and Washington. It is part of AFT Healthcare, which is an AFT affiliate. The teachers federation cited concerns over the affiliate's use of union dues and a possible attempt to leave the larger organization. ... Teachers

Nurses Unite!

So, Oregon nurses want Medicare for All and legislated, enforceable limits on the number of patients they must care for at once. Maybe they also want to hook up with like-minded nurses everywhere. But if you try to convene a meeting to discuss this, you're in receivership - oh, sorry - that's "administratorship." Hmmm... Sounds familiar. - Sandy