Govt Moves to Pacify Civil Servants

Lucia Makamure, Zimbabwe Independent (Harare), June 15, 2007 Government in a desperate attempt to prevent a massive strike by workers in the public service last week started depositing allowances into civil servants' bank accounts to supplement their May salaries which they complained could not take them up to the end of the month. Doctors, nurses and hospital support staff called off their strike following the deposit of the allowances from government into their accounts over the weekend. President of the Hospital Doctors Association, Amon Severegi, confirmed that doctors had returned to work after government deposited allowances in their bank accounts over the weekend. "Doctors have returned to work and also other health workers and the hospital staff, we have been awarded an increment but with inflation on the rise, the money is likely to be nothing in a few months' time," said Severegi. ... Govt