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Nurses stage demo

Alvine Kapitako & Francis Xoagub, New Era, July 19, 2011 Windhoek - Nurses staged demonstrations in Windhoek and Oshakati yesterday. The nurses, who are protesting against “low” salaries, later handed a petition to Prime Minister Nahas Angula in Windhoek. Abner Shopati, a senior registered nurse and Secretary General of the Namibia Nurses Union (NANU), told Angula that the nurses wanted to express dissatisfaction at the way they are treated by Government through the Ministry of Health and Social Services. He said the nurses are disappointed and de-motivated by the way Government, through the health ministry, treats them ... Nurses

Government nurses take to the streets

Nico Smit, The Namibian, July 19, 2011 The Namibia Nurses Union (Nanu) has set an August 31 deadline for Government to meet with it and discuss proposed salary structures and re-grading, and the removal of National Nursing Manager Gloria Mubale and Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Kahijoro Kahuure. Between 500 and 700 nurses gathered outside the High Court in Windhoek yesterday, from where they marched down Independence Avenue, and up Fidel Castro Street to deliver a petition to Prime Minister Nahas Angula. yesterday’s peaceful demonstration and handing over of the petition was the third public demonstration by nurses in Windhoek this year. ... Government

Nurses demand axing of Windhoek Central head

Christof Maletsky, The Namibian, June 13, 2007 A group of nurses staged a demonstration in Windhoek yesterday calling for the removal of the head of the Windhoek Central Hospital, Dr Helen Nkandi-Shiimi. They claimed health standards at the Windhoek Central Hospital have deteriorated under her management. The demonstrators also accused Dr Nkandi-Shiimi of not wanting to improve working conditions of employees. "We need a management that is seen to do something, a management prepared to direct the service and not the one that knows only travelling and playing computer games. It is not good to wash our dirty linen in public, but because we are forced by the situation, we shall today set the cat in a cage of pigeons," said Abner Shopati, who spoke on behalf of the nurses. Shopati is the Secretary General of the Namibia Nurses Union which organised the demonstration. ... Nurses

Nurses' Union Ready to Go to Court

Christof Maletsky, The Namibian (Windhoek), March 29, 2007 The Namibia Nurses' Union says it is now ready to challenge the recognition agreement between the Government and the Namibia Public Workers' Union (Napwu). Nanu wants to represent nurses and wants them out of the agreement under which Napwu represents all civil servants except teachers, police officers and soldiers. Nanu Secretary General Abner Shopati told The Namibian yesterday that their lawyers have now finalised documents related to the challenge of the agreement and that it would be filed with the Labour Court. ... Nurses

Nurses Halt Strike Plans

Christof Maletsky, The Namibian (Windhoek), March 5, 2007 The Namibia Nurses' Union (Nanu) has ruled out a national strike by its members for now, but vowed to resort to it if all other options to solve their differences with the Government fail. Nanu Secretary General Abner Shopati told nurses last week that their lawyers were still communicating with Government in a bid to solve a standoff over payment for work done on Sundays and public holidays. Shopati said they had extensive discussions with Labour Commissioner Bro-Mathew Shinguadja and they have agreed to give those negotiations a last chance to solve the dispute. ... Nurses

Government Sticks to Its Guns

Surihe Gaomas, New Era (Windhoek), January 24, 2007 Windhoek - Government is standing its ground not to recognize the Namibia Nurses Union (NANU) as the sole bargaining agent, as this could be in breach of an agreement it signed giving exclusive bargaining rights to the Namibian Public Workers' Union (NAPWU). In a statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office yesterday, NANU was advised to seek legal recourse by way of the District Labour Court, chaired by Clement Daniels. The response from the Office of the Prime Minister comes just three days before the set deadline date of January 23, 2007 upon which NANU was waiting for Government's official response to the nurses' demands, based on a petition made last month. ... Government

Take us to court, Govt tells nurses

Christof Maletsky, The Namibian (Windhoek), January 23, 2007 Windhoek - Government has officially told the Namibia Nurses Union to challenge its recognition agreement with the Namibia Public Workers' Union in the Labour Court. Steve Katjiuanjo, Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, wrote to Nanu at the end of last week, saying that Government could not break its recognition agreement with Napwu unless a Labour Court order withdrew Napwu's representation of the nurses. Nanu and Government have been embroiled in a dispute over issues related to nurses' pay for months now. ... Take

Nurses - 'Read Thoroughly Section 58 of the Labour Act'

Michael Liswaniso, New Era (Windhoek), January 22, 2007 Opuwo - Health and Social Services Minister, Dr Richard Kamwi, has strongly advised nurses to read thoroughly Section 58 of the labour act. Last Thursday, Dr Kamwi addressed nurses and other medical staff of the Opuwo state hospital about the "unlawful overtime payments" and the planned strike. He said reading thoroughly the section of the Act would help the nurses to get a clear picture which would enable them to understand reality just like other civil servants. He blamed the varying interpretations of the labour act on the management team who, he said, had allowed the "unlawful overtime payments" to drag on for years. ... Nurses

Hospital Locks Out Nurses

Christof Maletsky, The Namibian (Windhoek), January 18, 2007 Windhoek - The Namibia Nurses Union (Nanu) yesterday described a threat of "grave consequences" made by Health Minister Dr Richard Kamwi to nurses as a "daydream" as the relationship between the two parties worsened. The management of the Windhoek Central Hospital (WCH) locked the nurses out of the chapel, where they were to hold their lunchtime media briefing yesterday, prompting the Nanu leadership to call them "unprofessional". Nanu said the doors to the hall were locked despite them notifying the management of the meeting - the second time it has happened. ... Hospital

Nurses 'Won't Back Down'

Surihe Gaomas, New Era (Windhoek), January 18, 2007 Windhoek - During lunchtime yesterday, hundreds of disgruntled nurses converged at the entrance to the country's largest referral hospital, the Windhoek Central Hospital, where they held a press conference to discuss the latest developments in the standoff between the government and their representative, the Namibian Nurses Union (Nanu). Both government and the nurses remain steadfast in their battle for supremacy, and both parties have stuck to their guns since the nurses' demands came into the open towards the end of last year. ... Nurses

Toe the line, or else, Minister tells nurses

Absalom Shigwedha, Namibian, January 17, 2007 Engela - Government would respond swiftly, efficiently and accordingly, if nurses go on strike, Health and Social Services Minister Richard Kamwi said yesterday, warning of "grave" consequences. The Minister, who has been travelling the country to try and stave off possible action by nurses, was addressing about 90 nurses from the Engela District Hospital and other health facilities in the Ohangwena Region. The Namibia Nurses' Union (Nanu) has said it will approach the Labour Court if Government does not respond to its demands by January 19. ... Toe

Nurses Will Pay

Surihe Gaomas, New Era (Windhoek), January 16, 2007 The Minister of Health and Social Services Dr Richard Kamwi has issued a warning to nurses throughout the country that if they involve themselves in the planned strike this month they must be prepared to face "grave consequences". "No one is above the law. My suspicion is that the consequences are likely to be grave for those who will not listen. On that fateful day, nurses should be reminded that they will be handled individually and not collectively," said Kamwi during an interview with New Era whilst on his working holiday to the north yesterday. ... Nurses

Nurses Set Strike Deadline

Christof Maletsky, The Namibian (Windhoek), January 8, 2007 Windhoek - The Namibia Nurses' Union (Nanu) says a national strike by nurses will be unavoidable if Government fails to meet their demands. Nanu Secretary General Abner Shopati told The Namibian that they have set a deadline of January 23 for Government's negotiating team to give them favourable feedback or face a strike. "Those people are not serious. The long-awaited circular on overtime that they talked about for so much of last year is not even out yet. ... Nurses

Ministry Out to Calm Down Nurses

Surihe Gaomas, New Era (Windhoek), December 18, 2006 Windhoek - In an attempt to calm the nerves of anxious nurses around the country, officials at the Ministry of Health and Social Services are undertaking an urgent tour to all health districts this week. Confirming this to New Era recently, the Health Minister Dr Richard Kamwi said he gave directives to a steering committee last week to find ways to address the nurses and ensure that they understand the situation on the ground. ... Ministry

Nurses Dispute Turns Ugly

Christof Maletsky, The Namibian (Windhoek), December 18, 2006 Windhoek - The overtime dispute between the Namibia Nurses Union and the Ministry of Health is turning nasty, with allegations of tribalism, political influence and even death threats being levelled. On Friday, Nanu Secretary General Abner Shopati opened a criminal case after a senior nurse at the Katutura Hospital was seen distributing a letter defending the Health Permanent Secretary, Dr Kalumbi Shangula. In the letter allegations were made that Shopati was part of a group of Kwanyamas in Swapo who wanted Shangula out because he was part of the so-called Omusati clique in the party. ... Nurses

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