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Embattled nurses reach pay bungle agreement

ABC, July 15, 2011 The Queensland Nurses Union has voted to conditionally endorse an agreement with the State Government over the handling of the botched Queensland Health payroll system. Thousands of Queensland Health staff across the state were underpaid, overpaid or not paid at all since the introduction of the new payroll system last year. The agreement includes a moratorium on recovering over-payments, more focus on rectifying under-payments and the appointment of an independent workplace ombudsman. Union secretary Beth Mohle says the deal will be supervised by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission. ... Embattled

Qld nurses still seeking payroll answers

Miranda Forster, Sydney Morning Herald, July 14, 2011 Queensland Health must regain the trust of its nurses as the bungled payroll saga continues, the nurses union says. Queensland Nurses Union (QNU) secretary Beth Mohle told reporters on Thursday that thousands of nurses were still being underpaid or overpaid each fortnight. In Brisbane for the QNU annual conference, Ms Mohle also revealed Queensland Health had accused nine victims of its bungled payroll of fraud. ... Qld

Queensland nurses win moratorium on overpayments

Nursing Careers Allied Health, July 11, 2011 Queensland Health nurses, midwives and health workers have won a reprieve in their ongoing payroll debacle, with the state government announcing a freeze on recovering overpayments. Premier Anna Bligh has put a moratorium on chasing $62 million in overpayments until Queensland Health has paid up on underpayments. Ms Bligh said she hoped the move would help restore staff confidence in the payroll system. ... Queensland

More payroll trauma for Queensland nurses

AAP, June 28, 2011 Queensland Health is again under fire over the bungled introduction of its payroll system, with nurses asked to prove they don't owe their employer any money. The state government has spent $90 million fixing the system, which left thousands of workers overpaid, underpaid or not paid at all. But the saga is not over yet. Affected nurses have been sent letters asking them to look at their pay records and determine if they owe Queensland Health any money. Opposition health spokesman Mark McArdle said an already sensitive issue was now completely out of hand. ... More

Union demands answers on nurses' recruitment

Tony Moore, Brisbane Times, June 15, 2011 Queensland needs an extra 5500 nurses and midwives over the next six years, Queensland’s Nurse Union said yesterday. The nurses say yesterday's Budget did not indicate how the state government would recruit the new nurses and midwives Queensland needs as it moves through the national health reforms. The new nurses and midwives are needed as Queensland Health is re-shaped over the next 12 months by the national health reforms which will introduce local hospital networks. Beth Mohle, secretary of the Queensland Nurses Union, said that while nurses appreciate the $11 billion health budget, they fear ... Union

Too many Queensland nursing graduates now, won't be enough later

John McCarthy, Courier-Mail, October 18, 2010 Half of this year's 1700 nursing graduates are unlikely to walk straight into a job, but in four years there could be a shortage of 14,000 nurses in Queensland. According to a report from KPMG, nurses, truck drivers and religious ministers were going to be desperately needed as baby boomers retired over the next 20 years and younger generations failed to take up the roles. An additional 1700 hospital beds coming on line would also spark more demand for nurses. The 2006 census found that about one-third of nurses were aged above 50, and while various governments had implemented programs ... Too

Nurses union dumping Labor not politically damaging: Lucas

Chris O'Brien, ABC, September 21, 2010 The State Government has played down the implications of the Queensland Nurses Union's (QNU) departure from the Labor Party. The QNU's affiliation with the ALP will not be renewed when it expires next year. But acting Premier Paul Lucas says it is not politically damaging. "I'm obviously disappointed that they're not renewing their affiliation but we deal with all sorts of unions whether they're affiliated or not," he said. The QNU says ending affiliation gives it more political flexibility. ... Nurses

Queensland Health (sic) Dissolves Ties with ALP

Rasik Sharma, TopNews United Kingdom, September 20, 2010 Payroll problems at Queensland Health have put into force its pronouncement of undoing its relations with the Australian Labor Party, as informed by the Queensland Nurses Union. Prior to the pay controversy, the nurses had decided not to go ahead with renewing of affiliation for the subsequent year. But on the other hand, Gay Hawksworth, QNU Secretary said that the Government might possibly see it as a slap on its face. She said, "I'm sure they will feel that way, particularly in view of the payroll debacle and the way that Queensland Health employees are feeling at the moment". ... Queensland

Nurses' union ends links to ALP

Chris O'Brien, ABC, September 20, 2010 The Queensland Nurses Union (QNU) says payroll problems at Queensland Health (QH) have reinforced its decision to sever ties with the Australian Labor Party (ALP). The nurses decided before the pay controversy not to renew affiliation next year. However, QNU secretary Gay Hawksworth says the Government will see it as a slap in the face. "I'm sure they will feel that way - particularly in view of the payroll debacle and the way that Queensland Health employees are feeling at the moment," she said. The decision could cost the ALP $50,000 a year. ... Nurses

Nurses grill Lucas over payroll mess

Stephanie Smail, Siobhan Barry & Melinda Howells, ABC News, July 15, 2010 The Queensland Nurses Union (QNU) says members have had a "frank" exchange with Health Minister Paul Lucas about the payroll debacle. Yesterday was the ninth pay day that saw Queensland Health workers short-changed, not paid at all. The Government says 57 Queensland Health workers were not paid at all this fortnight and there are still 24,000 mistakes to be fixed. Mr Lucas fronted delegates at the QNU annual conference in Brisbane yesterday, after hundreds of Queensland Health workers rallied outside Parliament House, demanding to know when the payroll problems will be fixed. ... Nurses

Bligh 'nervous' at payroll inquisition

Peter Cameron, Gold Coast Bulletin News, July 15, 2010 Premier Bligh should start hounding Canberra counterpart Julia Gillard to call the federal election and yank Queensland off the front page. Little wonder hundreds of nurses were howling outside Parliament House in Brisbane yesterday. The longer Parliamentary Estimates hearings continue the more inept the Bligh Government sounds on Queensland Health management. The nervous Premier even refused to allow urbane Integrity Commissioner Dr David Solomon to be questioned when she faced the Estimates committee. ... Bligh

Queensland Health workers march on Parliament to vent anger at Minister Paul Lucas over payroll debacle

Anna Caldwell & Ursula Heger, Courier-Mail, July 14, 2010 Ripped-off nurses told how they were poised to leave Queensland Health as hundreds rallied outside State Parliament. While the angry crowd screamed "show us the money" and "Lucas, can you pay your mortgage?", inside, Health Minister Paul Lucas said he didn't believe the nurses were interested in blame and ultimately just wanted to be paid. ... Queensland

Opposition 'lazy', says embattled Lucas

Daniel Hurst, Brisbane Times, July 14, 2010 Queensland's health minister has accused the opposition of laziness as it continued to ask about his prior knowledge of problems with the new payroll system. Deputy Premier and Health Minister Paul Lucas faced another grilling today over the trouble-plagued system at a budget estimates hearing in State Parliament, while about 300 health workers protested outside. His appearance at the annual estimates hearings came two weeks after the release of a damning report by auditor-general Glenn Poole, and sparked fresh opposition calls for his resignation. ... Opposition

12 months before health pay fixed: LNP

David Barbeler, AAP, July 14, 2010 Queensland's health minister says underpaid workers aren't interested in laying blame for the Queensland Health payroll debacle - they just want it fixed. More than 300 protesters rallied outside parliament house in Brisbane on Wednesday, saying the government must tell them how and when the payroll system will be fixed. The rally coincided with a ninth straight chaotic pay run since the new system was adopted more than four months ago, which has left thousands of workers underpaid or overpaid. ... 12

Emerald nurses to rally in protest

Di Stanley, Central Queensland News, July 14, 2010 Emerald nurses will join a protest rally outside Parliament House today to voice their anger and frustration over the sick state of the Queensland Health payroll debacle. Every fortnight for five months, nurses across the Central Highlands and Isaac council regions have been overpaid, underpaid or not paid at all, leading to some deciding to leave the profession. The health professionals, with families, mortgages and everyday expenses, have been vocal in their condemnation of Health Minister Paul Lucas for failing to fix the system. ... Emerald

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