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Gaza nurses protest assault of colleague

Ma'an, September 9, 2009 Gaza - The Nurses' Union of the Gaza Strip organized a sit-in strike at Kamal Edwan Hospital in in Beit Hanoun on Wednesday. The union organized the rally after a nurse was allegedly assaulted on Tuesday by people accompanying a patient. The union called on the de facto government to protect the medical staff on duty, and to punish the assailants. According to the Union, companions of a female patient physically attacked, humiliated and threatened to kill the nurses at Kamal Udwan Hospital.

Bethlehem Public Nurses go on strike

Ghassan Bannoura, International Middle East Media Center, February 19, 2007 The trade union of Palestinian Nurses working in the public health sector in the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem continued their strike for the third day on Monday. The strike started on Saturday, after the Palestinian government failed to meet the conditions of the agreement that ended the six month strike at the binging of this year. The agreement was to pay the nurses their overdue salaries and pay the new salaries regularly and without delay. According to a statement by the trade union the strike will go on until the demands of the nurses in the public heath sector are fulfilled. ... Bethlehem

Palestinian Nurses, Health Workers Begin Open-ended Strike

Main Demand to Raise Basic Salary to Poverty Line of NIS 1680.
Palestine Media Center, October 25, 2005

Some five thousand Palestinian public hospital nurses and workers in many West Bank towns and cities began on Sunday an open-ended strike, which was joined by some 5,000 more of their co-workers in the Gaza Strip on Monday, accepting only emergency cases, as part of an escalating pay dispute with the government. ... Palestinian

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