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Nurses pay and work conditions under review

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, July 25, 2011 The Ministry of Health is currently reviewing the work conditions and the remuneration of nurses in the country. Permanent Secretary Dr Sala Saketa says 60 per cent of health workers are nurses. Dr Saketa says they are looking into the nursing structure - taking into consideration the career path and the succession plan. “We want to really tidy up before we can actually tag a dollar sign to it. It has to tie in the best structure so in alignment to the kind of services that we have now in place at the Ministry of Health. ... ” Nurses

Nurses target lower ratio

Fiji Times, November 21, 2010

The Health Ministry plans to bring down the nurse to patient ratio to one nurse to eight patients from one nurse to 15 patients.

Nursing Services director Silina Waqaledua said it was part of the recommendations that was made after a review of nursing in Fiji.

Ms Waqaledua said there were 18,011 nurses in Fiji including those who had retired. She said others had migrated.

"We have seen a difference in the number of nurses leaving Fiji to work overseas. Fiji used to lose about 100 nurses every year due to migration or retirement of nurses," she said.

Fijian nurses face major difficulties

NZNO, November 9, 2010 The difficulties facing nurses in Fiji were the focus of a presentation by the general secretary of the Fiji Nursing Association, Kuini Lutua, at the South Pacific Nurses' Forum in Auckland today. Lutua, who is in her third term as general secretary, said health cuts in Fiji had created chaos. She spoke of the loss of nurses from Fiji, with the government doing nothing to halt the exodus, of the very unpopular law changes regarding the retirement age for nurses, the lack of job security and the fact nurses cannot work any overtime. ... Fijian

Nurses to 'pay' for going on strike

Fiji Times, September 17, 2007 Fortnightly pay deductions for nurses
who went on strike could amount to as much as $140. Fiji Nursing
Association general secretary Kuini Lutua said she had been holding
meetings with the Health Ministry on the deductions. "They want to
deduct 17 days of pay from the nurses, which were the days they were on
strike," she said. "It's heavy on the nurses because the 17 days will
be a substantial amount. ..." Nurses

Fiji nurses negotiate pay deduction

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, September 17, 2007 The Fiji Nurses (sic)
Association will negotiate with the interim government, who claimed
extra four-days and deducted the nurses’ salaries. Association general
secretary Kuini Lutua said the government had also added the days off
to the repayments of the nurses. She said the action was not right but
according to the government they are working within policies. ... Fiji

Multi-tasking of medical officials proposed

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, September 16, 2007 The Health Ministry
is looking at the multi skill training of its nursing workforce to
other urgent areas of health service to maintain a reasonable level of
health services. Health Minister Dr Jona Senilagakali said this move is
to ensure the maintenance of a reasonable level of health service,
particularly at the community level. Dr Senilagakali said in the global
market with free movement of trade and manpower, Fiji faces an enormous
challenge in maintaining a reasonable level of the health workforce.
... Multi-tasking

Nurses face consequences of strike action

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, September 14, 2007 The deduction from
salaries of nurses who went on strike will be significant, says the
Fiji Nursing Association. Association secretary Kuini Lutua said that
the Government has demanded that the nurses be penalized for 17-missed
working days. “The repayment of salaries for the number of days the
nurses had gone on strike is going to be heavy on the already heavy
burden the nurses have right now. The main reason is because the length
of time we were sitting out during the strike. And the reason for that
is that we know was because the Trade Dispute Act was not followed by
the Interim Government. It’s demanding we repay 17 days for the number
of days we had gone on strike,” said Lutua. The Health Ministry

Jobs for 170 nurses

Fiji Times, September 7, 2007 More than 170 nursing graduates will be
absorbed into the health system as early as next week, says Permanent
Secretary for Health Doctor Lepani Waqatakirewa. He made the comment
after the Diploma in Nursing graduates attended a graduation ceremony
at the National Gymnasium in Suva yesterday. "All the graduates will be
posted to divisional hospitals for a year before taking up postings to
other centres," Dr Waqatakirewa said. ... Jobs

245 nurses graduate

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, September 6, 2007 Two hundred and
forty-five student nurses graduated this morning from the Fiji School
of Nursing. School principal Sister Iloi Rabuka congratulated the
graduates but at the same time paid tribute to nursing leaders and
those who contributed to today’s occasion. “We would not be here, where
we are today if it was not for some very special unique and dedicated
and renowned nursing leaders. And we pay tribute to them, and dedicate
this graduation ceremony to all who strived with us and allowed us to
move on. We take this time to salute them all.” ... 245

245 nurses to graduate

Fiji Times, September 5, 2007 A total of 245 student nurses will
receive their graduation certificates and other special awards at the
Fiji School of Nursing (FSN) Graduation Ceremony tomorrow. Out of the
245, at least 174 will graduate with the Diploma of Nursing
certificate, while 35 will graduate as Midwives, attaining the Post
Basic Certificate in Midwifery. Chief guest at the graduation at
Tattersall Leisure Centre in Laucala Bay, Suva will be interim Health
Minister Jona Senilagakali. ... 245

Nurses settle own problems

Fiji Times, September 5, 2007 Differences within the nursing fraternity
are being resolved internally, says Fiji Nursing Association general
secretary Kuini Lutua. She said while there were some complaints by
members of discrimination and intimidation, they had not reached the
association. "We have asked the nurses to bring their complaints to the
manager in charge and sort out the problem among themselves first
before bringing it to us," she said. ... Nurses

Hospital refuses patient transfer

Fiji Times, September 5, 2007 The interim Government and Fiji Nursing
Association met yesterday to explore ways to help nurses, association
general secretary Kuini Lutua said. A two-hour meeting initiated by the
State was held between interim Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe
Bainimarama, interim Public Enterprise Minister Poseci Bune and Mrs
Lutua at the Government Buildings. "I think they are concerned about
the number of nurses that will be migrating soon and that would
certainly affect our health system," she said. ... Hospital

Disillusioned nurses look for greener pastures

Fiji Times, September 3, 2007 A number of nurses are expected to leave
the country for lucrative job offers overseas. And Fiji Nursing
Association general secretary Kuini Lutua has sounded a warning that
more nurses are likely to leave our shores for better offers abroad.
While Ms Lutua has not put any figures, she said it was evident nurses
would leave because of poor working conditions and low pay. She said in
the past weeks, some nurses had approached relevant authorities asking
for a reference and indicating their wish to work abroad. ... Disillusioned

Many lessons have been learnt

Fiji Times, August 16, 2007 Striking nurses returned to work after 16
days. Now Fiji Nursing Association general secretary Kuini Lutua speaks
to Verenaisi Raicola about their plans and on the exodus of nurses. Times:
It has been a hectic 16 days of strike. The nurses have returned to
work, so what has the FNA achieved and what is your next move? Lutua:
First of all it's a relief we finally found a way out and have referred
our case to our lawyers now. We felt for the patients in particular and
nurses returning to work meant a relief for all. In a way we have
learnt many lessons as this is the first time that those in a
government have not followed things in a legal manner. ... Many

All nurses back at job: Health Ministry

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, August 16, 2007 The Health services have
been fully restored with the return of the striking nurses. The health
ministry has stated that full attendance has been reported at all
hospitals, health centres and nursing stations. The ministry’s Nursing
& Health System division has thanked striking Fiji Nursing
Association members for coming together again. Nursing and Health
System Standards director Lola Tuiloma said despite a few hitches last
Saturday the nurses have all returned to work. ... All

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