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Mental health reform needs staff, nurses

AAP, May 11, 2011 Nurses have welcomed extra federal funding for mental health but have questioned where the staff will come from for the new services and programs. The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation said the $1.5 billion increase in mental health funding was a boost to a sector neglected for many years. "This approach is an important step forward in recognising the need to address acute care needs as well as the value of averting illness, where possible," South Australian federation secretary Elizabeth Dabars said today. ... Mental

Port Augusta Hospital: Critical - Nurses speak out about staffing shortages

Transcontinental, November 25, 2010 A group of local nurses say Port Augusta Hospital is critically understaffed, warning it is only matter of time before someone dies as a result. A veteran ward nurse says her workload has become so great she has no choice but to cut corners, risking patients’ health in the process. “ ... I’ve learnt to speak up and say I can’t manage this patient load but sometimes they just say ‘well look, just do your best because we haven’t been able to find anyone else’ ... The end result is that you’re going to miss something and someone will die.” ... Port

SA nurses end industrial action

ABC News, September 8, 2010 Public sector nurses in South Australia have ended industrial action and mediation will begin. The Nursing and Midwifery Federation said the president of the Industrial Relations Commission would handle negotiations between the union and the SA Government. Nurses want an outcome by end of the month, or say industrial action may resume. Union official Elizabeth Dabars said a pay claim had been settled but the dispute was over other issues. "The State Government still provided no agreement on critical issues of safe staffing and safe patient care," she said. "Safe staffing levels are absolutely paramount to nurses and midwives and the community at large.

Nurses stop industrial action

AAP, September 8, 2010 South Australian nurses have called off industrial action over public hospital staffing levels. The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation said it would now seek to resolve outstanding issues with the state government through mediation. If that fails, it will take the case to arbitration. Federation chief executive Elizabeth Dabars said safe staffing was of paramount importance to nurses and midwives. "Because of the government's apparently intractable attitude on safe staffing, members have resolved to seek mediation on this matter," she said on Wednesday. ... Nurses

Industrial Action Called Off by SA Nurses

Jason Ramsey, Top News, September 8, 2010 Nurses in South Australia were supposed to resort to industrial action concerning public hospital staffing issue, but have called off the same. The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation informed that now, it would try and make attempts at solving the unsolved problems with the state Government by making some negotiations. If this attempt fails to bear anything fruitful, then the case will be taken for arbitration. Elizabeth Dabars, Federation Chief Executive said that safe staffing was of utmost significance to the nurses and midwives. ... Industrial

More talks for SA nurses

AAP, August 20, 2010 South Australian nurses will suspend industrial action over staffing levels and resume negotiations with the state government on a new enterprise agreement. Nurses recently accepted a 15 per cent pay rise over three years but remained at odds with the government over other issues, including staffing levels in hospitals, professional development and career structures. They imposed work bans this week, which included turning off hospital computers that controlled staffing numbers. But the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation said on Friday enterprise agreement negotiations would resume next week after the government agreed to put aside ... More

SA nurses take action over staffing levels

ABC, August 17, 2010 South Australian nurses and midwives are taking industrial action after rejecting part of the State Government's offer in enterprise bargaining negotiations. Nursing and Midwifery Federation CEO Elizabeth Dabars says a pay rise offer of up to 15 per cent over three years has been accepted but a dispute over staffing is unresolved. She says nurses will shut down a computer system used to calculate staffing levels. "The response to the claim fails to address staffing levels and skills mix and professional development, all of which are absolutely critical to ensure there is safe levels of care for patients," she said. ... SA

SA Nurses and Midwives Plan Industrial Action over Staffing Issue

Gene Rickman, TopNews United Kingdom, August 17, 2010 According to reports, after declining part of the offer from the State Government, South Australian nurses and midwives are seeking an industrial action. Elizabeth Dabars, CEO of Nursing and Midwifery Federation said that a 15% hike in salary over the next three years has been received well, but there is still a clash over staffing. The computer system that is utilized to compute staffing levels will be closed down by the nurses, she said. Industrial Relations Minister Paul Holloway is happy that the pay issue has been sorted out, but showed concern that the nurses are still thinking about industrial action. ... SA

Nurses vote to strike over 'unsafe' work proposals

Ken McGregor, Adelaide Advertiser, August 16, 2010 Nurses and midwives have voted to take industrial action against the Government's "unsafe" proposals and have refused to rule out future strikes. Last night, the union voted to turn off a "tampered" computer-operated rostering system, which they claim has left them vulnerable to staffing shortages. "We have serious concerns that they (government administrators) have changed the computer system," South Australian Union secretary Elizabeth Dabars said yesterday. ... Nurses

Nurses to take industrial action

Sydney Morning Herald, August 16, 2010 South Australian public sector nurses and midwives will take industrial action from Tuesday in support of an enterprise bargaining claim. Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation SA secretary Elizabeth Dabars said most issues of wages and conditions had been settled with the government but proposals for staffing levels and professional development were not. Under the proposal, graduate nurses could be left in charge of whole hospitals or health services, Ms Dabars said. ... Nurses

Nurses still unhappy with pay offer

ABC News, August 13, 2010 The nurses union says there are still some 'thorny' issues in its pay and conditions dispute with the State Government. The union is seeking a nine per cent pay rise over three years. It met Government officials today but the Government's offer has not been disclosed. Union state secretary Elizabeth Dabars says industrial action is likely if its members do not get a better deal by Monday. "We are much closer that before on a number of important issues, however there are still some outstanding critical issues which we remain very far apart. That includes career structure and a number of other matters," she said.

SA nurses, midwives threaten strike over pay, workload

International Business Times, August 10, 2010 South Australia's nurses and midwives warned on Monday that they may still go on strike if negotiations with the state government over pay raise, staffing and workload fail. Negotiations between the government and the Australian Nurses and Midwives Federation (ANMF) suffered a setback Monday when the group rejected a new pay offer by the state. Industrial Relations Minister Paul Holloway and ANMF SA secretary Elizabeth Dabars refused to divulge the amount of the offer. ... Dabars admitted that the offer was better than what they were expecting but staffing and workload issues have yet to be resolved. ... SA

SA Nurses Discontented over State Government’s Response

Offer to be Reconsidered. Amit Pathania, TopNews, August 10, 2010 State Government gave a response over the wages and conditions claim of South Australian nurses, but the latter are not happy with it, and have said that the response is short of the mark. Elizabeth Dabars, State Secretary, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, informed that this wouldn’t be accepted by the members. Now, their proposals will be re-evaluated by the Government negotiators and will come to the federation by Friday. ... SA

SA nurses demand better pay offer

ABC, August 10, 2010 The nurses union says its members may strike next Tuesday if the State Government does not improve its latest pay and conditions offer. The union says the offer leaves many critical issues unresolved, such as staffing levels. Elizabeth Dabars from the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation says further negotiations are planned on Friday. "The matter of pay is only one aspect of something that is a very important and comprehensive claim. There are many issues that need to be addressed such as the staffing levels and professional development," she said. ... SA

SA nurses reject pay offer

AAP, August 10, 2010 South Australian nurses say a state government response to their wages and conditions claim has fallen short of the mark. Details of the package have not been revealed, but Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation state secretary Elizabeth Dabars said on Tuesday it would not be acceptable to members. She said government negotiators had agreed to reconsider their proposals and come back to the federation on Friday. ... SA

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