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Saint Rose Registered Nurses & Hospital Staff Win Ground-Breaking Contract

Unprecedented patient safety protections, healthcare and economic security gains set new quality care standard in Nevada. Service Employees International Union, October 23, 2008 Las Vegas - Registered nurses and hospital staff from the CHW affiliated-Saint Rose Hospitals reached a tentative agreement with hospital management early this morning that will significantly improve patient protections and professional nursing standards for 1800 employees of the three Las Vegas hospitals. Members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Nevada bargaining team were overjoyed by the momentous gains made in this contract. ... Saint

SEIU picketing Saint Rose Dominican hospitals

Megan McCloskey, Las Vegas Sun, October 2, 2008 In what might be an effort to tip the balance of power leading up to the next bargaining session, the Service Employees International Union said it is picketing Saint Rose Dominican hospitals this evening. The union and Saint Rose Dominican have been negotiating a new contract for nurses and other hospital workers since February. They go back to the table to give it another go on Tuesday. The union has the support of at least one local official. ... SEIU

At stake in nurse union fight: Patient care

The two groups dueling in Nevada disagree on how to improve it. Megan McCloskey, Las Vegas Sun, September 11, 2008 Two unions are battling to represent the bulk of the state’s nurses - and the outcome could shape how Nevada deals with patient care issues. Most registered nurses in the Las Vegas Valley are represented by the Service Employees International Union, but the California Nurses Association is challenging the SEIU with takeover attempts at several hospitals. Their common ground is a claimed concern for patient care. But the two diverge on how best to improve it. ... At

Board: Saint Rose favored rival union

Hospital group found to have illegally aided bid to oust SEIU. Michael Mishak, Las Vegas Sun, August 12, 2008 The National Labor Relations Board has ruled that Saint Rose Dominican Hospitals illegally assisted an insurgent union’s campaign this year to gain representation of nearly 1,100 registered nurses. At issue is a neutrality agreement Saint Rose’s parent company, Catholic Healthcare West, signed with the California Nurses Association last year. In it, the company agrees not to campaign against the union during organizing drives at its hospitals and to grant employees unpaid leaves of absence so they can organize. ... Board

SEIU local's top executives set to step down

Jennifer Robison, Las Vegas Review-Journal, June 26, 2008 The Service Employees International Union's Local 1107 was scheduled to change its leadership following a board meeting Wednesday night. The chapter's executive director, Jane McAlevey, and its president, Vicky Hedderman, were set to "agree to step aside in order to give union members the opportunity to have new leadership and unity moving forward," said spokeswoman Hilary Haycock. The move comes amid turmoil within the SEIU. The union faces competition from the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee ... SEIU

SEIU disputes outcome of nurses’ vote, gaining time

Tony Cook, Las Vegas Sun, May 20, 2008 The Service Employees International Union is challenging the results of a recent union election in which the rival California Nurses Association fell just short of the majority vote needed to take over representation of more than 1,000 nurses at three Saint Rose Dominican hospitals here. The practical effect of the objection to the election - which could delay another election for months - could be good for the SEIU. First, it gives the SEIU time to try to persuade nurses to stick with their current union. ... SEIU

Nevada nurses file labor practice charges against Renown

KRNV Channel 4, May 27, 2008 SEIU Nevada nurses filed 8 unfair labor practice charges on Tuesday against Renown Regional Medical Center.  The nurses union is accusing the hospital of  illegally looking to keep nurses from advocating for improved patient care standards. SEIU Nevada, Nevada's healthcare union, represents 9,000 nurses, hospital staff, and public health workers in Reno, Elko and the Las Vegas Region. Nurses are planning to file additional bad faith bargaining charges against the hospital later this week. SEIU Nevada members at Renown have been in contract negotiations with management since November. ... Nevada

CNA tips status quo, but doesn’t oust SEIU

Outcome for Saint Rose nurses still uncertain, but union unrest is clear. Tony Cook & Michael Mishak, Las Vegas Sun, May 9, 2008 The Service Employees International Union suffered a clear vote of no confidence this week as registered nurses it represents at three Saint Rose Dominican hospitals voted in greater - though still inconclusive - numbers to join a rival union. Although the California Nurses Association earned more votes - 400 (49.8 percent) to the SEIU’s 377 (46.9 percent) - in the Tuesday and Wednesday balloting, the SEIU will continue to represent 1,100 nurses at the hospitals because a victory requires more than 50 percent of the vote. ... CNA

Dramatic Las Vegas Vote by RNs for Change

Saint Rose Dominican Nurses Want to Join CNA/NNOC, Reject Service Employees Union by 53%. National Nurses Organizing Committee, May 8, 2008 Registered nurses at three Saint Rose Dominican hospitals in Henderson and Las Vegas early Thursday cast a strong vote to join the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee and leave behind their current representative, the Service Employees International Union Local 1107. In a three-way race, 400 RNs voted for CNA/NNOC, with 377 voting for SEIU Local 1107 and 26 opting for no union. With six challenged ballots still in dispute, a runoff may still be avoided. ... Dramatic

SEIU RNs Condemn Raiding by CNA as Union Election Outcome Hangs in Balance at Catholic Healthcare West

SEIU nurses call on CNA to stop attacks on unionized nurses. Service Employees International Union, May 8, 2008 Las Vegas - With the outcome of an election held May 6 and 7 among 1,000 nurses over union representation at three Las Vegas hospitals yet to be determined, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) nurses are renewing their call for an end to the divisive actions of the California Nurses Association. The CNA's months-long campaign of lies and false promises failed to capture enough votes to lure nurses away from SEIU. With 400 votes for CNA, 377 for SEIU, and 26 for no union, neither organization obtained the 50 percent of all votes required to win. ... SEIU

Vote by Nurses at 3 Vegas-Area Hospitals Disputed by Unions

Associated Press, May 8, 2008 A close vote by nurses at three Southern Nevada hospitals has union officials disputing the outcome of a labor representation ballot. Administrators with the current bargaining unit, the Service Employees International Union, called the results of the Tuesday and Wednesday voting inconclusive. Officials with the upstart California Nurses Association say more nurses voted against the SEIU than for it. Neither side won the 50 percent plus one vote needed to claim representation of some 1,100 nurses at three Saint Rose Dominican Hospital campuses in Henderson and Las Vegas. The tally was 400 votes for the CNA, 377 for the SEIU and 26 votes for no union.

Federal agency scrutinizing union's election tactics

SEIU accused of using employer cash to make election materials for candidates. Jennifer Robison, Las Vegas Review-Journal, April 17, 2008 The federal government's investigation into union-election practices has put one powerful local labor union on the defensive and given a competing union ammunition for its organizing efforts. The US Department of Labor is looking into allegations that the Service Employees International Union's Local 1107 in Las Vegas used employer money to produce campaign materials for a specific set of candidates in its September election of new officials. ... Federal

Talks resume between nurses, Saint Mary's in Reno

Associated Press, April 16, 2008 Reno - Contract talks are resuming between nurses and administrators at Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center in Reno. Jill Furillo, a director for the California Nurses Association, says negotiations that began in January are progressing. She says the union and administrators have come to tentative agreement on about two dozen contract issues, including grievance procedures, overtime and a patient advocacy. A key issue with nurses at Saint Mary's is mandatory nurse-to-patient ratios. It is also a major issue in the negotiations between management and nurses at Renown Regional Medical Center. Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Federal Investigation of Use of Employer Funds in SEIU Las Vegas Election

Latest in a Pattern of Service Union Corruption and Violence, Says California Nurses Assn/NNOC. California Nurses Association, April 15, 2008 Notice today that the Department of Labor is investigating a Las Vegas local of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) on charges that it "used employer funds to promote certain candidates" in a union election is the latest in a pattern of corruption and violence emanating from the top leadership of SEIU President Andy Stern and SEIU ... Federal

Union woos nurses amid rift

California group’s bid comes as national SEIU leaders fight. Tony Cook & Michael Mishak, Las Vegas Sun, April 1, 2008 A California-based nurses union is seeking to exploit a national rift in the country’s largest and fastest-growing union by poaching nurses at three local Saint Rose Dominican hospitals, according to state labor leaders and national experts. The California Nurses Association last week submitted several hundred signatures of nurses at Saint Rose who want to ditch their current union, the Service Employees International Union. The SEIU is fighting back with a complaint to the AFL–CIO accusing the CNA of violating the labor federation’s anti-raiding rules. ... Union

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