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Nurses payroll issue summary

Northside Chronicle, May 28, 2010 Following yesterday’s Queensland Industrial Relations Commission conference dealing with Queensland Health payroll issues, commissioner John Thompson’s notes were: Queensland Health was directed to outline, to union representatives by 4.00 PM tomorrow 28 May, what it means when it says no employee will be financially disadvantaged by the payroll bungle. Union representatives then have until 4.00 PM next Tuesday, 1 June, to provide Queensland Health with their response. ... Nurses

Nurses reject public hospital shifts to go private in pay debacle

Janelle Miles & Anna Caldwell, Courier-Mail, May 21, 2010 Casual nurses are knocking back shifts at public hospitals because they cannot guarantee they will be paid as the Queensland Health payroll crisis rolls on. Furious Prince Charles Hospital workers staged a protest yesterday, telling Queensland Health Director-General Mick Reid casual nurses were turning to private hospitals for work because of the ongoing payroll bungles. The hospital's cardiology nurse unit manager, Janelle Taylor, told Mr Reid nurses had been hit with additional interest charges on credit cards, loss of mortgage offset and bank fees for late payments ... Nurses

Queensland nurses protest over payroll system

BigPond News, May 20, 2010 Queensland nurses will hold a protest rally today against the health department's poor handling of the transition to a new payroll system. Tens of thousands of Queensland Health staff have been underpaid, overpaid or not paid at all after the installation of new pay software in the department. And the nurses say the problems have continued in the latest cycle this week. The nurses' union, the QNU says it's given the state government and Queensland Health a fair amount of time to resolve the problems.

Improvements in Queensland Health pay: Bligh

AAP, May 20, 2010 Premier Anna Bligh says there's been a "quantum leap improvement" in Queensland Health's pay system, with only 29 people getting empty pay packets this week. But nurses will hold a protest rally at Brisbane's Prince Charles Hospital at noon on Thursday to vent their anger at the department's poor handling of the transition to a new payroll system. Tens of thousands have been underpaid, overpaid or not paid at all due to glitches in new software that came online in March. ... Improvements

Queensland nurses to protest the still continuing payment errors

Ananya Mandal, MD, News-Medical.net, May 19, 2010 In a new development regarding the recent Queensland Health payroll errors the department's payroll services director Janette Jones was reportedly moved out of her role following complaints about her handling of the whole issue. There has been massive payroll bungles that have lead to thousands of health care staff underpaid, overpaid or not paid after the introduction of a new computerized system of payment this March. ... Queensland

Nurses call payroll problems 'diabolical'

Natalie Poyhonen, ABC News, May 5, 2010 The Queensland Nurses Union (QNU) says the Queensland Health (QH) payroll problem is diabolical. Today marks the fourth pay run since a new system was introduced. QNU secretary Gay Hawksworth says there are reports nurses are getting their base pay but some are not being paid overtime or penalty rates. But she says underpaid nurses are now asking hospitals for relief cash payments. "It certainly hasn't been fixed," she said. ... Nurses

Nurses protest pay crisis

Bundaberg News Mail, May 5, 2010 Bundaberg Hospital nurses will hold a protest against Queensland Health's payroll stuff-up from 3 PM today. The nurses and other hospital employees today face their fourth pay day without receiving the correct payment. Queensland Nurses' Union Bundaberg regional organiser Vicki Smyth said nurses would wear black shirts all day today before gathering outside the hospital around 3 PM. “They just want them to get it sorted,” she said. ... Nurses

Nurses fed up with pay bungle

ABC, April 30, 2010 Wide Bay nurses will again voice their concerns over ongoing pay issues with Queensland Health at a meeting next week. Queensland Nurses Union regional organiser Vicki Smythe says up to 2,000 workers in the Wide Bay Burnett region have been underpaid or not paid at all since the introduction of a new pay system, about six weeks ago. Yesterday, hundreds of workers attended rallies in Brisbane and Townsville. ... Nurses

Nurses take action over payroll debacle

David Barbeler, Brisbane Times, April 23, 2010 Nurses have set aside next Thursday for a day of action over the Queensland Health payroll debacle. Nurses from around the state have agreed to hold the Our Pay Protest Day on April 29. The day will involve nurses wearing stickers, badges and black shirts, but will not affect patient services. The action follows problems with the department's new payroll system, which has seen thousands underpaid, overpaid or not paid at all. Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek said he was "surprised" the nurses' union hadn't already begun industrial action. ... Nurses

Workers' anger grows over health payroll mess

Chris O'Brien & Melinda Howells, ABC News, April 23, 2010 Nurses, clerical staff and maintenance workers are involved in the first wave of industrial unrest after three fortnights of Queensland Health pay problems, with thousands of staff not paid. Thousands of Queensland Health workers have experienced problems with their pay packets since a new software system was introduced. More than 300 health staff around the state were initially unpaid yesterday, with another 200 underpaid, although most have now received their wages. ... Workers

Gold Coast nurses still waiting for pay

Milena Stojceska, Gold Coast Bulletin, April 8, 2010 Queensland Health's deepening payroll debacle has Gold Coast Hospital workers debating strike action, as staff continue to struggle to find money for food and face eviction. One nurse remains stranded overseas, unable to afford to fly home. QH yesterday admitted it may take up to six weeks for all problems with its new computerised payroll system to be resolved. Yesterday, QH workers were supposed to be paid for their last fortnight of work plus outstanding wages and allowances that had failed to lob in their bank accounts from the previous fortnight. Last week, QH continued to blame the new system for the error ... Gold

Federal Labor to boost the aged care workforce

Queensland Nurses Union, November 20, 2007 Federal Labor today
announced a plan to boost the number of qualified nurses and personal
care workers in aged care services. Federal Labor will invest $6.6
million over five years to encourage 1,000 qualified nurses who have
been out of the health workforce for more than 12 months to work into
the aged care sector. A Rudd Labor Government will also increase
training places for personal care workers within the 450,000 additional
VET places announced during the Labor campaign launch. Nurses who
re-enter the aged care industry will receive cash bonuses of $6,000 ... Federal

Qld nurses demand more Govt funding

ABC News, October 22, 2007 The Queensland Nurses Union says the Federal
Government must increase funding to public hospital services to solve
the nationwide nurse shortage. Union secretary Gay Hawksworth says
federal funding for the three health districts in western Queensland
alone have been reduced by $80 million over the last five years. She
says more money is needed to train and retain nurses and ease the
immense pressure on current staff. "Some of the senior staff are not
able to have time off ... certainly the directors of nursing always
experience that, because they're likely to be the most senior and the
most qualified, maybe the only midwife in some instances," she said. ©
2007 ABC

Labor urged to put more focus on aged care: nurses' union

ABC News, October 18, 2007 The Queensland Nurses Union says federal
Labor's election pledge on nurses is a good start, but more needs to be
done to urgently boost the number of nurses in the aged care industry.
Labor's $81 million policy was announced yesterday and includes $6,000
cash bonuses for nurses who return to the work force and 1,500 new
nursing places at universities. Bundaberg area organiser Vicki Smyth
says the policy is aimed mostly at hospitals, and more attention needs
to be paid to the serious shortages in nursing homes. ... Labor

Election news, information and material - with video

Queensland Nurses Union, October 16, 2007 Federal Election Campaign

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