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Nurses Demand Lawmakers Force Hospitals To Ease Workload

10 TV News, June 18, 2008 Columbus - Nurses gathered outside the Statehouse on Tuesday to demand legislation preventing hospitals from assigning too many patients to each nurse. Members of the National Nurses Organizing Committee said when a nurse has to supervise 14 patients in a unit, the workload leads to errors and puts patients at risk, ONN's Dan Weist reported. Linda Fearer of Girard is not a nurse, but she attended Tuesday's rally. Fearer believes her husband died because the hospital did not have enough nurses for all its patients, even though a jury disagreed. "He might be here today but for the fact that his nurses were overworked," Fearer said. ... Nurses

Ohio Nurses Call For Action On Hospital Safety

Kevin Delaney, Kentucky Post, June 17, 2008 Ohio nurses gathered with patients and lawmakers in Columbus on Tuesday to speak out about hospital safety. The National Nurses Organizing Committee spoke to reporters at the Ohio Statehouse. The group wants legislators to make hospitals safer for patients and give nurses the ability to expose unsafe conditions. A northeast Ohio lawmaker plans to introduce a proposal to establish nurse-to-patient ratios for acute-care hospitals. Copyright 2008 The EW Scripps Co. All rights reserved.

Ohio nurses fight for patient rights

Bruce Bostick, Peoples Weekly World, June 17, 2008 Cleveland - Patients are dying because nurses are being mistreated and overworked,” stated Adrian Zurup, a registered nurse from Cleveland, as she kicked off a June 15 rally here by the National Nurse’s Organizing Committee. The NNOC is supporting a bill in the state legislature, titled the Ohio Patients’ Protection Act, which would raise the ratio of nurses to patients in hospitals. “Some nurses are forced to care for as many as 13 patients at one time. We say that this just cannot be safe for patients,” said Michelle Mahon. ... Ohio

Nurses Rally For Smaller, Safer Ratios

Donna Willis, WCMH - NBC 4, June 17, 2008 Columbus - Ohio nurses and patients called for legislative action Tuesday in hopes of making the state's hospitals safer for patients. A House bill will be introduced that will require limits on how many patients a nurse could have on her floor at one time, NBC 4's Mike Bowersock reported. Nurses rallied at the Statehouse for smaller nurse-to-patient ratios. They claimed that in some units, the nurse-to-patient ratio was 14:1. They said a safe ratio is more like a quarter of that. "In order for patients to enter the hospital setting safely and exit safely, there needs to a 1:4 or less of nursing care assigned to a patient clientele," said Adrienne Zurub with National Nurses Organizing Committee.

Not all unions put politics before care

Elaine Mertz, Cridersville, Lima News, March 24, 2008 In response to the “Canceled vote” editorial, a response needs to be made on behalf of Lima Memorial Professional Nurse Association and the Ohio Nurse Association. Just for clarification, not all nurses unions place politics before patient care. Patient care is first and foremost our No. 1 priority, followed closely by patient and nurse safety. We have a very high standard of professionalism and dignity. It is our goal to practice with compassion and respect for the inherent dignity, worth and uniqueness of every individual, unrestricted by considerations of social or economic status, personal attributes or the nature of health problem. ... Not

Rival Unions Battle in Ohio Over Workers at Hospitals

Steven Greenhouse, New York Times, March 12, 2008 The Service Employees
International Union was brimming with confidence about unionizing 8,300
workers at nine Ohio hospitals through elections that were scheduled
for this Wednesday and Friday. But then organizers from a rival union,
the California Nurses Association, swept into town, buttonholing
workers and maneuvering their way into hospital wards, to press the
workers to vote not to join the SEIU. Thrown off balance, the service
employees union on Tuesday suddenly asked to postpone the vote by
workers at the nine hospitals, all part of the Catholic Healthcare
Partners system. ... Rival

Pressure cancels Mercy union vote

Tiffany Y. Latta, Lebanon Western Star, March 12, 2008 Butler County -
Pressure from a California-based nurses union led Mercy Health Partner
hospitals and the Service Employees International Union to cancel an
election scheduled later this week, when more than 4,200 employees were
to vote on whether to unionize. Greg Ossman, a spokesman for Mercy
Fairfield, said officials canceled the election set for Friday, March
14, after employees were harassed by the National Nurses Organizing
Committee/California Nurses Association to vote against unionizing. ...

Hospital Chain & Hand Picked Union, SEIU, Forced to Cancel Rigged Election After Protests by RNs, Other Employees

'A Victory for Employees, Patient Care and Union Democracy'. California
Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, March 11, 2008
Oakland - After public exposure and protests, the Catholic Healthcare
Partners chain and its hand picked union, the Service Employees
International Union, today cancelled rigged elections - called without
a single sign of support from the employees - planned this week for
8,000 registered nurses and other employees at nine Ohio hospitals in
Cincinnati, Lima, and Springfield. ... Hospital

Mercy union vote canceled

Cliff Peale, Cincinnati Enquirer, March 11, 2008 Under pressure from
two battling labor unions, Mercy Health Partners and the Service
Employees International Union have canceled a scheduled election for
Friday when 4,200 workers at five area Mercy hospitals were to decide
whether they wanted to unionize. Mercy told employees last week that
they would vote without being lobbied by either the company or the
SEIU. Since that announcement, a rival union, the National Nurses
Organizing Committee, has bombarded workers with flyers at home and
leaflets as they reported to work, criticizing what it called a
“back-room deal” that did not help workers get better working
conditions. ... Mercy

Mercy Health Partners union elections canceled

James Ritchie, Business Courier of Cincinnati, March 11, 2008 A
unionization vote planned for Friday at Mercy Health Partners and other
Catholic Healthcare Partners hospitals in Ohio has been canceled. The
cancellation of the vote on whether to join the Service Employees
International Union follows pressure from a competing union, the
National Nurses Organizing Committee/California Nurses Association.
That union said SEIU was the Catholic Healthcare Partners' "hand-picked
union"; it described the planned elections as "rigged." ... Mercy

Thousands of Ohio Nurses & Other Healthcare Employees Denied a Voice at Work

After Vicious Union-Busting Campaign by the California Nurses
Association. Service Employees International Union, March 11, 2008
Columbus - Nearly 8,000 nurses and other healthcare workers in Ohio saw
their dreams of forming a union derailed today after the California
Nurses Association flooded the state with hostile organizers and
bombarded workers with wildly false and misleading leaflets and phone
calls urging them to vote against the union. In the face of the
union-busting onslaught by CNA, an affiliate of the AFL-CIO, the
workers have for now called off their elections ... Thousands

Hospital seeks to stop California union objecting to local vote

Kelly Mori, Springfield News-Sun, March 11, 2008 Springfield - Catholic
Healthcare Partners is seeking to restrain members of a California
nurses union and its national arm from talking to local nurses about an
upcoming union vote. Following a three-year battle between Community
Mercy Health Partners and Columbus-based Service Employees
International Union, District 1199, a joint agreement recently was
reached to allow employees in three local hospitals to vote on forming
a union. CHP owns Springfield's Community Mercy Health Partners, which
has three local hospitals. CHP also owns Cincinnati's Mercy Health
Partners and Lima's St. Rita's Medical Center. ... Hospital

Mercy union vote blasted

California group calls election a 'sham'; SEIU says nurses union
statement 'despicable.' Tiffany Y. Latta, Lebanon Western Star, March
11, 2008 Butler County - A California-based group is urging Mercy
Health Partners hospital employees to vote against unionizing, calling
the upcoming election a "sham." The National Nurses Organizing
Committee/California Nurses Association on Monday, March 10, blasted
the upcoming election. The vote would compromise "the democratic rights
of the nurses and other employees and even endanger public safety
standards in the hospitals," according to the group's statement. ... Mercy

RNs Denounce Sham Election in Nine Ohio Hospitals

Hospital Chain Seeks to Impose Hand-Picked Union. California Nurses
Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, March 10, 2008
Oakland - The nation's largest organization of registered nurses today
denounced what it called undemocratic sham union elections scheduled
this week at nine hospitals in Cincinnati, Springfield, and Lima. The
hospitals are part of the Catholic Healthcare Partners chain which
petitioned for a federal labor board election following a secret deal
with the Service Employees International Union that would impose SEIU
as the company's hand-picked union for 8,000 RNs and other hospital
employees. ... RNs

Attempt Made to Deny Union for Healthcare Employees in Ohio

“Union-Busting” by California Nurses Association. Service Employees
International Union, March 10, 2008 Columbus - The California Nurses
Association (CNA) has launched an anti-union campaign against nurses
and other healthcare employees in Ohio, seeking to derail a three-year
effort by the workers to unite in District 1199 of the Service
Employees International Union (SEIU). Just days before votes - this
Wednesday and Friday at nine Catholic Healthcare Partners (CHP)
hospitals in Ohio - the CNA has sent organizers and deceitful campaign
materials into Ohio trying to undermine the effort – even though they
cannot get on the ballot themselves. ... Attempt

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