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Barred From the Job Until Wednesday, Striking Washington Hospital Center Nurses Take to Irving Street

William F. Zeman, Washington City Paper, March 4, 2011 With negotiations stalled, striking nurses at Washington Hospital Center today took to Irving Street NW, picketing the region's largest hospital. Wearing red scrubs, the color of National Nurses United, several hundred protesters held signs and chanted slogans, angry over a cut in pay and what they say is dangerous understaffing. “They [hospital officials] need to negotiate with us [for] safe patient care in the contract,” said Jill Furillo, a registered nurse and the national bargaining director for NNU. ... Barred

Washington Hospital Center Nurses Strike, Rally for Better Patient Care

James Parks, AFL-CIO, March 4, 2011 Nurses at Washington Hospital Center walked out this morning for a one-day strike to protest management’s refusal to address their concerns about safe patient care, management’s attempt to erode nursing standards, and management’s unfair labor practices. The 1,650 registered nurses, members of National Nurses United (NNU), say the policies of the hospital’s owner MedStar Health have eroded patient care conditions and has prompted an exodus of hundreds of experienced RNs from the hospital. ... Washington

We're Not Backing Down

Remarks by AFL-CIO President Richard L. Trumka, Rally for National Nurses Union (sic) at Washington Hospital Center, Washington, DC. Political Affairs, March 4, 2011 Thank you, nurses, for your dedication and your guts! Thank you! Like our brothers and sisters in Madison and Cleveland and Indianapolis and a hundred other cities across America, you are standing up and standing together, side by side, for our common dreams. You're standing up for all of America's working families, and you're standing up for our children and grandchildren. I love the way you fight for patients, for quality care. For safe staffing and decent working conditions. I'm glad for the opportunity to join you. ... We're

Washington Hospital Center nurses launch 24-hour strike

Lena H. Sun & Kafia A. Hosh, Washington Post, March 4, 2011 Almost a year of rancorous contract talks came to a head Friday when several hundred nurses at Washington Hospital Center, the region's largest hospital, walked off the job for a 24-hour strike. To help care for patients, hospital officials flew in 600 temporary nurses from around the country, housed them in area hotels and bused them to the Northwest Washington facility. The hospital also began a media campaign with print and radio advertisements in which it promised to keep the facility fully staffed and operating as usual through the weekend and into next week. ... Washington

Hospital, union brace for nurses' strike

Lena H. Sun, Washington Post, March 2, 2011 Managers at Washington Hospital Center and the nurses union are bracing for a planned strike Friday at the region's largest hospital, with managers flying in replacement nurses from all across the country and nurses seeking support from city officials. The nurses' contract expired last spring, and the two sides have been engaged in a rancorous dispute over wages, benefits, staffing and patient safety. The union represents about 1,600 nurses. If a strike takes place, the 926-bed hospital will be fully staffed, with all units open ... Hospital

Nurses at Washington Hospital Center Authorize Strike

RNs Cite Management Stalling on Patient Safety Issues, Reveal Internal Memo Showing Widespread Staff Alarm. National Nurses United, February 16, 2011 Washington - Registered nurses at Washington Hospital Center have voted overwhelmingly to authorize a one-day strike, National Nurses United, the largest US nurses union and professional association, announced today. No date has been set for a walkout at the district’s biggest hospital with 1,650 RNs. The nurses’ vote, which occurred Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, authorizes the Facility Bargaining Council, comprising of nurse leaders from throughout the hospital, to call a one-day strike. ... Nurses

Washington Hospital Center Agrees to Recognize Nurses’ Union

James Parks, AFL-CIO, November 18, 2010 The Washington Hospital Center has agreed to recognize the National Nurses United (NNU) as the collective bargaining representative of the hospital’s registered nurses. The NNU has canceled a planned one-day strike originally scheduled for Wednesday, November 24, the day before Thanksgiving. The Hospital Center and NNU have agreed to return to the bargaining table on November 29 under the auspices of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service to continue negotiations over the next 90 days without the threat of a strike. ... Washington

Nurses cancel strike, resume negotiations

Lena Sun, Washington Post, November 18, 2010 Nurses at the Washington Hospital Center have canceled a one-day strike that had been scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving, and management will postpone controversial wage cuts as part of an agreement that is bringing the two sides back to the bargaining table, officials said Wednesday. In a joint statement, the two parties said they agreed to resume negotiations November 29 under the auspices of a federal mediator and to continue talks over the next 90 days without the threat of a strike. ... Nurses

Nurses at DC hospital cancel strike, resume talks

Associated Press, November 18, 2010 Washington - Officials say nurses at the Washington Hospital Center have called off a one-day strike that had been planned for the day before Thanksgiving, and management is postponing wage cuts. The nurses and management said in a joint statement Wednesday that they will resume negotiations on November 29. They said they will continue talks over the next 90 days without the threat of a strike. The statement also said the Washington Hospital Center agreed to recognize the National Nurses United as the collective bargaining representative of the hospital's nurses. The hospital center is the region's largest private hospital and employs about 1,600 nurses.

Nurses, Washington Hospital Center return to table

Thaw in labor stalemate.
Ben Fischer, Washington Business Journal, November 17, 2010

More than 12 hours after Washington Hospital Center President John Sullivan told employees that nurses will not be going on strike next week, National Nurses United and management finally officially released a joint statement confirming the news.

The joint statement included two additional nuggets of information not previously known.

Negotiations to Start Immediately

Strike Called Off.
Nurses United/NNU, November 17, 2010

We are very happy to report of a significant victory by WHC Staff Nurses in our effort to win a strong contract. National Nurses United and Washington Hospital Center reached an agreement today whereby management agrees to immediately start negotiations in return for calling off our 24-hour strike on November 24. In addition, management agreed to postpone any changes in the weekend and evening shift differentials until March 1, pending negotiations for strong terms and conditions in a new contract.

Nurses vote for 1-day strike

Lena H. Sun, Washington Post, November 12, 2010 The nurses at Washington Hospital Center have voted to go on a one-day strike the day before Thanksgiving, the latest move in an increasingly contentious labor dispute at the region's biggest hospital. A spokeswoman for National Nurses United, which represents the 1,600 nurses at the hospital, said 90 percent of those voting supported the one-day work stoppage but declined to provide numbers. Voting took place Sunday through Wednesday. Hospital officials said they were notified Thursday of plans for a potential one-day strike November 24, in keeping with the required 10-day notice the union had to give management. ... Nurses

DC nurses take a stand with the NNU

Brian Tierney, Socialist Worker, November 3, 2010 Nearly 1,600 registered nurses at the Washington Hospital Center (WHC) voted overwhelmingly last month to affiliate with National Nurses United (NNU), the largest nurses' union in the country. Formerly members of the independent organization Nurses United of the National Capital Region, some 1,121 nurses among a turnout of 1,190 voted in favor of joining NNU. Tense relations between the nurses and hospital management were the backdrop to the NNU election victory. Over the past year, hospital executives have taken an increasingly combative stance against the nurses' union in their efforts to cut costs. ... DC

Nurses call level of staffing unsafe

Lena H. Sun, Washington Post, November 2, 2010 The largest nurses union in the United States asked the DC Health Department on Monday to investigate nurse understaffing at Washington Hospital Center that the union says is jeopardizing patient care. In a 19-page report filed with the department, National Nurses United documented 50 instances of what it described as unsafe patient care this year in all departments in the hospital. No deaths were reported. The reports describe instances of patients not receiving medication on time, newborn infants not being fed promptly and a patient who was rushed back to the operating room after the patient had stopped breathing ... Nurses

When Nurses Unite, Health Care Wins

A Battle for Healthcare and Unionism in DC Nurses’ Struggle. Brian Tierney, Common Dreams, November 1, 2010 In June, President Obama told a meeting of delegates of the American Nurses Association that "Nurses are the beating heart of our healthcare system." Unfortunately, when it comes to working conditions and cuts, nurses across the country have more and more become the bleeding heart of our healthcare system. And the worsening conditions faced by the single largest section of the healthcare workforce have raised the stakes for unionization and collective bargaining battles in that sector. In early October, a snapshot of this reality could be seen at the largest hospital in the nation's capital. ... When

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