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Texas professional nurses don't need unions (sic)

Toni Inglis, RN, Austin American-Statesman, November 12, 2008 Continuing a campaign to unionize Texas nurses, today the organizing arm of the California Nurses Association is holding a rally on the Capitol steps in Austin. This out-of-state union's rallying cry will be a) how miserable and overworked we nurses are, b) how they can improve patient safety by mandating nurse-to-patient staffing ratios, and c) how they can speak for us. I guess those Californians don't realize that we professional Texas women - like former governor Ann Richards, syndicated columnist Molly Ivins and former Congresswoman Barbara Jordan - are perfectly capable of speaking for ourselves. ... Texas

Hundreds of Texas RNs March on Capitol Thursday to Demand Lifesaving Patient Safety Improvements

Nurses Cheer Introduction of 'Texas Hospital Patient Protection Act of 2009' to Combat Unsafe Patient Care and Unsafe Nursing Assignments. National Nurses Organizing Committee, November 12, 2008 Austin - Hundreds of registered nurses from nearly every city in Texas will march to and rally at the state Capitol this Thursday in support of the "Texas Hospital Patient Protection Act of 2009," which will save the lives of untold numbers of Texans by cracking down on unsafe practices in today's hospitals. The nurses will be addressed by legislators, healthcare experts, and activists. ... Hundreds

Tenet Nurses’ Unfair Labor Practice Charges Derail Union Officials’ Sham Election (sic)

National legal aid foundation puts brakes on collusive arrangement that would force nurses into union ranks. Will Collins, National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, November 11, 2008 Houston – Federal labor prosecutors have blocked a so-called “consent election” sought by the Tenet Healthcare Corporation and the California Nurses Association (CNA) while the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) conducts an inquiry into the legality of a secret backroom deal entered into by Tenet and CNA officials. The National Labor Relations Board’s Regional Director heeded the wishes of Houston-area nurses who filed unfair labor practice charges against Tenet and the CNA ... Tenet

Arbitrator upholds vote to establish nurses' union at Tenet hospital in Houston

Jason Roberson, Dallas Morning News, May 7, 2008 A nurses' union declared victory again late Tuesday after an arbitrator upheld the state's first successful election to establish a nursing union. The Texas affiliate of the National Nurses Organizing Committee/California Nurses Association voted March 27 to organize nurses at Tenet Healthcare Corp.'s Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center in Houston. Tenet said the vote – which came in at 119-111 in favor of organizing – should be held again because union representatives created an "atmosphere of intimidation." But arbitrator Diane Dunham Massey sided with the union ... Arbitrator

Election Win by Houston RNs Upheld

Vote Affirmed for Nation's Largest RN Organization First Texas Hospital where RNs win Union Representation. National Nurses Organizing Committee/California Nurses Association, May 6, 2008 Registered nurses at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital in Houston have won for a second time in their campaign to affiliate with NNOC Texas – Texas affiliate of the National Nurses Organizing Committee/California Nurses Association, the largest and fastest growing organization of RNs in the nation. A neutral third party arbitrator today overruled all objections filed by hospital administrators to the election win by the RNs in late March. ... Election

Tenet asks for revote on whether nurses can form union

Jason Roberson, Dallas Morning News, April 28, 2008 Tenet Healthcare Corp. said Monday it is requesting a revote on whether nurses at a Houston hospital can form a union. A March 27 vote at Tenet’s Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center in Houston would have been the first successful nurses union vote in Texas history. But afterwards, Tenet said it received reports that union supporters threatened and coerced other nurses who opposed unionization. The Dallas-based hospital system said Monday it has filed objections to the union vote with both the National Labor Relations Board and the arbitrator of an agreement Tenet signed with unions. ... Tenet

A union wins one

Texas Observer, April 18, 2008 The National Nurses Organizing Committee, née the California Nurses Association, broke through an important barrier last month. On March 28, a majority of participating nurses at the Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center voted to let the union negotiate a contract on their behalf, making the Houston facility the first privately owned hospital in the state to unionize. Cypress Fairbanks is owned by scandal-plagued Tenet Healthcare Corp. The Dallas-based company has been on an upswing after years of government investigations and lawsuits, including one that resulted in a $900 million settlement with the Justice Department in June 2006. ... A

Union is wary of its new rival on the scene

An area leader says California Nurses group is 'raiding' her local. LM Sixel, Houston Chronicle, April 8, 2008 For five decades, the same union has represented the nurses and other employees at the Harris County Hospital District. Now a rival is trying to muscle in on the action and union officials are none too pleased. The California Nurses Association, which scored a big win last month by successfully organizing the only private hospital in Texas, is quietly signing up registered district nurses who traditionally have joined the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. ... Union

Houston hospital first in Texas to join nurses union

East Bay Business Times, March 31, 2008 A hospital in Houston Friday night became the first in Texas to win union collective bargaining rights as it joined a California Nurses Association affiliate. Registered nurses at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital voted 119 to 111 to join the National Nurses Organizing Committee Texas, which is an affiliate of the Oakland-based California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee. The National Nurses Organizing Committee was founded in the spring of 2004 and since 2001 has gained more than 30,000 new members, including 6,200 in the past 100 days. Nationally, the union has 80,000 members in all 50 states, and represents registered nurses in union hospitals in California, Illinois, Maine, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and now Texas.

Nurses in Texas Unite in Union for First Time

ToTheCenter.com, March 31, 2008 Nurses at the Houston area hospital of Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital joined the National Nurses Organizing Committee/California Nurses Association Friday night and have officially become the first nurses to unionize, reported the National Nurses Organizing Committee. The vote was tallied at a close 119 to 111 for the NNOC to represent almost 300 RNs. NNOC/CNA Executive Director Rose Ann DeMoro said the move "sends a clarion message to those RNs ..." Nurses

First Unionized Hospital in Texas Cypress Fairbanks Hospital

Houston RNs Vote to Join Nation's Largest RN Organization. National Nurses Organizing Committee, March 29, 2008 In a dramatic breakthrough for the aspirations of Texas registered nurses to have a stronger voice to speak out for patients and themselves, a northwest Houston hospital Friday night became the first hospital in Texas to win union collective bargaining rights. RNs at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital voted 119 to 111 to affiliate with NNOC Texas - Texas affiliate of the National Nurses Organizing Committee/California Nurses Association ... First

Houston nurses' vote on unionizing may touch Dallas

Results at Tenet hospital may provide a shot in the arm to Dallas efforts. Jason Roberson, Dallas Morning News, March 27, 2008 If nurses at a Tenet Healthcare Corp. hospital in Houston vote yes today and Friday, Texas could have its first nursing union. Such a vote at a hospital owned by the Dallas-based hospital system would probably send reverberations across North Texas hospitals. Union organizers have already been in touch with at least one Dallas hospital. The California Nurses Association, the largest statewide nurses' union, collected enough signature cards at Tenet's hospital in the Cypress-Fairbanks suburb of Houston to force the union election. ... Houston

Nurses union on new ground

Private sector efforts would form first of its kind in the state. LM Sixel, Houston Chronicle, March 26, 2008 In the world of union organizing, 275 workers isn't a big campaign. That is, unless they're registered nurses working for a private-sector hospital, a group that isn't organized anywhere in Texas, at least for now. The city's huge medical community is watching closely to see whether nurses at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital vote this week to join the California Nurses Association's National Nurses Organizing Committee. ... Nurses

TNA Awards Nine Hospitals Nurse-Friendly Designation

Texas Nurses Association, September 20, 2007 Austin - Texas Nurses
Association (TNA), a statewide professional organization of registered
nurses, today announced nine new additions to a growing list of
hospitals in Texas who have earned the Nurse-Friendly(TM) hospital
designation. Naming of the Fall 2007 recipients of the designation now
brings to a total of 49 the facilities who have achieved the
distinction. There are approximately 581 licensed hospitals in Texas.
... TNA

Hospitals must do their part to remedy the Texas nurse shortage

Denise Hart & Elizabeth L. Higginbotham, San Antonio Express-News,
September 14, 2007 Our concern with the dire state of hospitals in
Texas compels us to respond to Elizabeth Sjoberg's Aug. 31 commentary, "State making nurse shortage a top priority." We commend Sjoberg and her organization, the Texas Hospital
Association, for highlighting the critical shortage of nurses at the
bedside of hospital patients in San Antonio ...
Where Sjoberg's piece falls short is failing to mention the
responsibility the hospital industry bears for our nursing shortage.
... Hospitals

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