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Nursery nurses welcome expansion challenge

UNISON, April 23, 2007 UNISON is welcoming calls for an expansion in early years education in Scotland using the skills of all staff in the sector. The union praised current plans to improve career paths in early years education. They follow a lengthy review by the Scottish Executive. But UNISON disagrees with the Educational Institute of Scotland over its insistence that only trained teachers can provide education in nursery schools and other early years settings. ... Nursery

Scottish nurses get full pay rise

UNISON, March 13, 2007 UNISON has welcomed Scotland's decision to give nurses and health professionals the Pay Review Body annual rise in full from 1 April – and called for ministers south of the border to follow suit. The Pay Review Body announced the 2.5% pay award earlier this month, but health secretary Patricia Hewitt announced that the government was splitting it, paying 1.5% from 1 April and a further 1% from November – meaning it was worth just 1.9% overall. But her Scottish counterpart Andy Kerr said today that Scotland's nurses deserve the full 2.5% now – and NHS finances are on a firm footing in the country. "We are delighted that the strong lobbying by Unison has borne fruit," commented UNISON Scotland health organiser Glyn Hawker. ... Scottish

Scots nurses to get full pay rise

BBC News, March 13, 2007 Nurses in Scotland are to be given their pay rise in full on 1 April, rather than the staged increase recommended by Chancellor Gordon Brown. He announced last week that nurses would get a pay award of 1.5% from April and a further 1% from November. Scottish Health Minister Andy Kerr said the NHS finances are on a firm footing in Scotland and the nurses deserved their full 2.5% settlement now. Health care union Unison said that it was delighted with the decision. Scotland's 67,000 nurses and thousands of other health professionals will get their pay increase next month. ... Scots

We're sick of parking rip-off at hospitals

Nurses slam £12 charges. Kevin Turner, Daily Record, February 9, 2007 Staff and visitors are to face parking charges up to £12 a day at all of Glasgow's main hospitals. Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board announced the new fees yesterday, sparking fury from politicians and health campaigners. The board said the charges were designed to ensure the vast majority pay no more than £1 per visit. But Joe Gallagher, of the Royal College of Nursing, said: "Car parking charges are nothing more than a tax on patients, relatives and staff. They go against the principle of care being free at the point of delivery. Given the shifts worked by nurses, public transport is often not possible. Many have no alternative but to take a car to work." ... We

Generic role for nurses

The Times, November 28, 2006 Plans for a “Jill of all trades” generic community health nurse have been given the go-ahead in Scotland, reports Nursing Times (Nov 21). The Scottish Executive has announced that all 3,179 community nurses working in traditional nursing roles at present could see their jobs change into the new role by 2015. District nurses, school nurses, health visitors and family health nurses are being lined up to pilot the new generic role in four areas across Scotland. ... Generic

Inflation-beating rise for hospital doctors, nurses, GPs and dentists

Bill Jacobs, Edinburgh Evening News, March 30, 2006

Hospital doctors, nurses, GPs and dentists across Scotland were today given an inflation busting pay rise. ... Nurses and other healthcare professionals received 2.5 per cent extra compared to an inflation rate of two per cent and Chancellor Gordon Brown's projected average public sector wage rise of 2.25 per cent. The wage hike will put a newly qualified nurse on £19,116 - on a par with a newly qualified primary school teacher. ... Inflation-beating

Why do we repay those who care for us with violence?

Jennifer Cunningham, The Herald, March 1, 2006

For the thousands of nurses working in Scotland's wards, there is an ever-present sense that danger can be just around the corner. Margaret was just two days away from getting married and was working one of her final shifts before her big day. Then she was punched by a patient and lost her two front teeth.

"It was done by an elderly lady, who suddenly punched me in the face when I was taking her to the toilet," she says. "Most nurses I know would not take legal action against anyone who was genuinely unwell. People who are violent because they have taken drink or drugs are a different matter." ... Why

One in three nurses is victim of violence as hospital assaults soar

Joe Quinn, The Scotsman, February 28, 2006

More than a third of Scottish nurses have been physically attacked at work at some point in their careers, according to figures released yesterday.

The figure compares with 27 per cent UK-wide, according to a survey carried out for the Royal College of Nursing.

And 42 per cent of nurses in Scotland reported being harassed or assaulted by patients or patients' relatives in the past year, compared to 39 per cent who responded to a similar survey in 2000.

The RCN said the survey also showed most nurses were not satisfied with their employers' responses to incidents of assault and harassment. ... One

NHS nurses threaten to end overtime

Edinburgh Evening News, February 21, 2006

The NHS faces losing around one day a week of care per nurse, if they get a pay award of less than three per cent, the Royal College of Nursing said today.

Nearly a third of nurses said they might not do unpaid overtime, according to an RCN survey. ... NHS

Scots student nurses 'drop out'

Scotland has one of the highest drop out rates amongst student nurses in the UK, according to new figures.
BBC News, February 15, 2006

Data obtained by Nursing Standard magazine under the Freedom of Information Act, showed 29% dropped out between 2000 and 2004.

The magazine requested attrition data from all 83 institutions across the UK, though not all institutions questioned provided figures.

Unions called for better financial support for students. ... Scots

Health staff warned of big delay for pay rise

Linda Summerhayes, Edinburgh Evening News, January 23, 2006

Thousands of nurses and lower-paid NHS workers in the Lothians have been warned a long-promised pay deal which includes salary rises of up to £4000 is facing massive delays.

Health Minister Andy Kerr originally set a deadline of September last year for regrading the jobs of 28,000 NHS Lothian staff as part of a nationwide review of health service pay.

But today union officials warned the Agenda for Change review - which covers all NHS staff apart from doctors, dentists and senior management - is likely to take until the end of the year before it is fully implemented. ... Health

Nurses in postcard pay move

Daily Record, January 16, 2006

Scots nurses are to flood Chancellor Gordon Brown with a stream of protests as part of a pay campaign.

The Royal College of Nursing have urged all nurses to sign and send a postcard, or an e-card on the internet, to the Chancellor demanding fair pay rises.

Last year, Brown wrote to the NHS Pay Review Body saying the 2006 pay award for nurses and other public sector workers should be based on the two per cent inflation target. ... Nurses

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