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Liberals fail to show

But BC nurses hear Green Party on solutions to health care crisis. Green Party of British Columbia, March 3, 2005

Vancouver - Green Party Leader Adriane Carr, NDP MLA Jenny Kwan and Democratic Reform Party leader Tom Morino spoke at the BC Nurses Union convention at the Bayshore Hotel in Vancouver this afternoon (Thursday).

Although repeatedly invited to send a representative to the all candidates health care debate, the Liberal Party failed to do so. BC Nurses Union Vice President, Anne Shannon, called the Liberal no-show, “disgusting”. ... Liberals

Breakthrough Framework Agreement

No concessions on nurses’ wages, benefits or time off.
Nurses' Bargaining Association, Bargaining Bulletin #2, May 26, 2004

Bargaining will resume after high level health care policy discussions in June on ways to improve the practice environment and workload of RNs and RPNs

The Nurses’ Bargaining Association has reached a Framework Agreement with the Health Employers’ Association of BC to work to resolve some of the key professional practice issues affecting RNs and RPNs. The agreement also limits the scope of issues to be discussed at the bargaining table this year. ... Breakthrough

No raises, no rollbacks in nurses' deal

CBC British Columbia, May 26, 2004

Vancouver - The BC Nurses' Union has announced a framework agreement has been reached with the province – averting a contract confrontation. The BCNU has agreed not to ask for higher wages, and the government has agreed not to demand rollbacks.

"The Health Employers of BC have agreed with us, that the priority for this round of bargaining is not rollbacks in hourly wage rates, rollbacks in benefits, and rollbacks in time off provisions," says BCNU president Debra McPherson. ... No raises

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