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President of Nurses Union says 50/50 chance of reaching an agreement

CKNW (AM980), March 28, 2006

The President of the BC Nurses Union says there is a fifty, fifty chance of reaching an agreement with the government by the Friday deadline.

Debra Macpherson says the talks are now focusing on workloads and money.

Macpherson won't say the pattern settlement of 10 per cent over 4 years is acceptable to the BCNU. “Right now what we're doing is just trying to establish what a competitive compensation framework is and also get some action on some other key issues,” Macpherson said. ... President

Nurses warn safety level falling

Matt Kieltyka, 24 Hours, March 22, 2006

A majority of nurses believe patient safety is getting worse, according a survey conducted by the BC Nurses Union.

The union, which is currently in contract talks with the government, said 83 per cent of the registered nurses working under the Fraser Health Authority said "patient safety deteriorated significantly over the last year."

They cites lack of beds and work shortages as key factors. ... Nurses

Nurses working for Fraser Health Authority feel patient safety at risk

CKNW (AM980), March 21, 2006

Vancouver - Emergency room nurses working in the Fraser Health Authority feel patient safety is deteriorating.

83 percent of registered nurses surveyed at ten different hospitals believe that is the case.

The Simon Fraser co-Chair of the BC Nurses Union, Melanie Leckovic, says workloads and shortages are taking a toll on the care delivered to patients. ... Nurses

Workload is a problem, nurses tell union survey

CP, March 20, 2006

Vancouver - BC's registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses have overwhelmingly cited workload as a critical problem in the delivery of health care.

The issue has come to light in a letter from BC Nurses' Union president Debra McPherson to the 25,000-member union, highlighting a recent mail-in survey.

More than 40 per cent of members responded, a high percentage for a mail-in poll. ... Workload

Tragic ending to saga of 70-year marriage

Nursing home transfer split couple.
Wife, then husband, die within days.
Dirk Meissner, Canadian Press, March 3, 2006

Victoria - Al and Fanny Albo were married for almost 70 years, and when they both were admitted to hospital in rural BC last month for different medical conditions they nevertheless expected to remain together.

Instead, Fanny, 91, was forcibly removed from her 96-year-old husband in a Trail hospital and shipped more than 100 kilometres along a winding mountain road to a long-term care facility where she died 48 hours later, on Feb. 19. ... Tragic

Abbott takes one for the Gipper

CKNW, March 3, 2006

Victoria - Health Minister George Abbott is firing back at the President of the BC Nurses Union.

Deb McPherson told her union's convention today the Government has moved into active euthenasia in its treatment of seniors. ... Abbott

BC senior dies amid care flap

CP, March 3, 2006

Victoria - The husband of a woman who was rushed away from his hospital bedside after health authorities decided she should be transferred has died.

The president of the nurses' union said government health policies are leading to early death and that the province "has moved into active euthanasia."

Al Albo, 96, died less than two weeks after his wife of almost 70 years passed away following the decision to move her to a care home more than an hour away from her husband. ... BC

BC Nurses Union opens annual convention today

CKNW, March 1, 2006

Vancouver - The BC Nurses Union opens its annual convention today and will kick off 25th anniversary celebrations at the same time.

It was February 1981 when the then 'Labour Relations Division' broke free from the 'RNABC' to become the BCNU.

The union says it is commemorating a quarter-century of nurses working together to improve their position in the workplace, in the economy, and in communities. ... BC Nurses

BC nurses to monitor use of hallways for patients

Canadian Press, February 25, 2006

The British Columbia Nurses' Union is asking members to report on how many hospitals in the province are putting patients in hallways.

Union president Debra McPherson said yesterday that the members are gathering data about where and when patients end up in hallways. ... BC

Nurses not happy with new Liberal budget

Matt Kieltyka, 24 Hours, February 23, 2006

Count the BC Nurses Union as one of the groups that found Tuesday's budget to be "extremely disappointing."

BCNU president Debra McPherson says that the government has failed to provide funding that would improve working conditions and create a stable workforce.

"We have a lot of questions regarding the budget," she said. "It doesn't mention what the government intends to do in the face of a health care shortage." ... Nurses

Nurses decry ‘hallway care’

Arthur Williams, Prince George Free Press, December 21, 2005

Members of the BC Nurses’ Union (BCNU) protested Dec. 15 at the Provincial Health Services Authority Board meeting to express their concerns about patients being treated on stretchers in hospital hallways, bathtub rooms and closets across the province.

BCNU northeast regional chairperson Maxine Armstrong said although no Prince George nurses were able to attend the protest, many of their concerns are the same. ... Nurses

Nurses decry hallway care

Robyn Stubbs, 24 Hours, December 16, 2005

Where does the buck stop?

That's what BC nurses asked the Provincial Health Services Authority yesterday, and they're still waiting for an answer.

Describing emergency room conditions throughout the province as being at "near crisis" levels, members of BC Nurses Union demanded an end to hallway nursing care.

"We're talking about a significant number of patients on an ongoing basis who have no privacy, no access directly to a washroom, to a call bed, to a place to discuss with a physician very confidential matters of their health," said BCNU president Debra McPherson. ... Nurses

Nurses protest ER conditions

Jeff Nagel, Black Press, December 16, 2005

Not enough is being done to ease emergency room congestion at hospitals across the region, say nurses who staged a protest in Vancouver Thursday.

Patients are being kept in undignified and unsafe conditions because ERs are jammed and beds on wards are full, said BC Nurses’ Union president Debra McPherson. ... “Imagine using a bed pan in the middle of a hallway,” she said. “Imagine after a mastectomy – you’ve had cancer, you’ve lost your breast and you wake up in the middle of the hallway.” ... Nurses

Nurses sound alarm about ER overcrowding

CBC, December 15, 2005

The BC Nurses' Union crashed a Provincial Health Authority board of directors meeting on Thursday, demanding an end to overcrowded emergency rooms.

BCNU president Debra MacPherson says it's a crisis situation – with ER patients packing hallways, bathrooms and closets.

She says more acute-care and long-term-care beds are needed to relieve the stress on emergency rooms, and accuses health officials of doing nothing to ease the problem. ... Nurses

Nurses Say Close Copeman

CKNW, November 21, 2005

Vancouver - The BC Nurses Union is calling for the Vancouver Copeman Clinic to prove it's not operating in violation of the Canada Health Act or close up shop.

President Debra McPherson says the clinic has failed to draw a clear line between insured and uninsured services.

She says both levels of government are continuing to investigate. ... Nurses

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