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Support Nurses So Fine Health Care Continues

Robert Taylor, RN, East Lyme, New London Day, December 22, 2005

Senior management at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital would like the community to think the critical national shortage of registered nurses does not apply to our community. Lawrence & Memorial's senior management would like the community to think it is acting like Santa Claus with regards to the current contract negotiations with the Local 5049 registered nurse's union. ... Support

Unhappy Nurses Can Always Change Careers

Carmella Ververis, Las Vegas, Nevada, New London Day, December 22, 2005

As many letter writers have pointed out, there is a severe shortage of nurses in this country. Yet the nursing staff at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital continue to malign management for not having adequate staffing. Where do you expect them to find nurses that don't exist?

In addition, having worked as a nursing department scheduler in the past, I am acutely aware of why the nurses are “overworked” - it is because your co-workers think nothing of calling in “sick” or “out” at the last minute, leaving their colleagues to cover. How can nurses blame management for that? ... Unhappy

L&M Appeals To Nurses To Forgo Strike

But hospital is preparing for possibility of walkout.
Judy Benson, New London Day, December 21, 2005

New London - With the possibility looming of its first nurses' strike in more than a decade, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital appealed Tuesday to union members for a settlement and also began preparations in case a walkout does occur on Friday.

In a letter to the 400 registered nurses at L&M who are members of AFT Connecticut Local 5049, hospital President and Chief Executive Officer Bruce Cummings wrote that the outcome of the dispute “will materially affect L&M for years to come.” ... L&M

L&M Management Must Attract Quality Nurses

Lynne Ekblom, RN, New London, New London Day, December 20, 2005

I am a registered nurse at The William W. Backus Hospital. I worked at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital and feel there is another side to this story that must be told.

At L&M, part of my responsibility was staffing. Most of the admissions to the hospital came during off-shifts when the hospital had the least amount of resources, the least staffing and the nurses with the least experience. For example, a 30-bed unit would have four to five nurses, three of whom had less than two years' experience. On my lucky days I would have one experienced registered nurse. ... L&M

Support Nurses And Support Quality Care

Linda Summers, RN, Norwich, New London Day, December 17, 2005

Currently, Local 5049 of the AFT Connecticut is involved in contract negotiations with Lawrence & Memorial Hospital. I am a registered nurse, employed at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital since 1980. My union local is negotiating a contract for increased wages and benefits in an effort to attract new registered nurses to the hospital and to retain registered nurses currently employed there. ... Support

Hospital Needs To Retain Good Nurses

Susan Bellefleur, RN, Stonington, New London Day, December 17, 2005

Lawrence & Memorial Hospital has a campaign to help it go from a good hospital to a great hospital, which is a wonderful goal. It is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting it.

But to have a great hospital, one has to have great nurses. All the great companies of our country treat their employees with dignity, respect, fairness and caring. These companies don't have the problems that the nurses at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital are facing now. Our nurses are of the finest caliber, many with advanced degrees and certification in their areas of expertise. ... Hospital

Nurses Need Appreciation As Ranks Thin

Bethe Dufresne, New London Day, December 16, 2005

Hospital nurses going on strike the day before Christmas Eve?

Don't count on it.

I haven't got any insider information on the strike authorized by registered nurses at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital this week. But something tells me both the nurses and hospital administrators will be making an extra effort to reach agreement on a new contract at their next negotiating session, on Dec. 22. ... Nurses

L&M Nurses Union Starts Advertising Campaign

Judy Benson, New London Day, December 14, 2005

The Lawrence & Memorial Hospital registered nurses union has launched an advertising campaign to inform the public about issues in the union dispute with the hospital. Commercials began airing Tuesday on two local cable television services, Eastern Connecticut Cable and Comcast, the union announced Tuesday. Members of the union, Local 5049 of AFT Connecticut, voted on Monday to reject a wage and benefits offer from the hospital and go on strike Dec. 23, unless an agreement is reached first. The two sides are negotiating over wages and benefits for the third year of its current three-year contract. The next session is scheduled for Dec. 22.

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Hospital nurses Vote To Strike

L&M Walkout Set For Dec. 23.
Judy Benson, New London Day, December 13, 2005

New London - Registered nurses at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital voted Monday to reject the hospital's latest wage and benefit offer and authorize a strike beginning Dec. 23. About 90 percent of the 425 members of Local 5049 of the AFT Connecticut voted on the offer, and an overwhelming majority voted in favor of the strike, according to Eric Bailey, communications director for the AFT. The union and the hospital are scheduled for another negotiating session on Dec. 22. “We're hopeful that the negotiations on the 22nd will be productive and thereby avert a strike,” said Dale Cunningham, union president. “So far management has not seen fit to make an offer that adds to improving the quality of care and stability of our workforce. Management is interested in saving money. We're interested in saving lives and caring for our community.”

Support L&M Nurses To Support Quality Care

Deborah Hollaway, RN, East Lyme, New London Day, December 3, 2005

Lawrence & Memorial Hospital's management and the registered nurses' union, Local 5049, are currently in contract negotiations. Our greatest concern is staffing. There are many open staff positions and frequently nurses are asked and feel obligated to work extra hours in order to provide adequate and safe staffing. The nursing staff has seen limited efforts on the management's part to appropriately recruit and retain qualified nurses. ... Support

Nurses Picket Line To Be Informational For Now

Tricia Conklin, RN, New London, New London Day, December 3, 2005

I would like to address the article titled “Nurses say they will picket after failed negotiations” published Nov. 30. Yes, the nursing staff at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital is planning an informational picket slated for Dec. 12. This is in no way a “walkout.” Patients will not be left at the bedside to be cared for by non-nursing adjunct staff. The picket line will be staffed by nurses in their precious “off-duty” time, and is meant to inform the local community of the needs of the very committed nursing staff at L&M Hospital. ... Nurses

Nurses Say They Will Picket After Failed Negotiations

New London Day, November 30, 2005

New London - Dissatisfied with progress after a fifth contract negotiating session Tuesday, members of the nurses' union at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital announced they plan to picket Dec. 12 outside the hospital.

L&M spokesman Kelly Anthony said a “re-opener” clause in the union's current contract allowed for discussion of wages and benefits. The contract extends to Nov. 16, 2006. Negotiations are set to continue Friday, Dec. 9, Anthony said. ... Nurses

Hospital nurses savor honor (sic)

Christiana Sciaudone, Stamford Advocate, October 25, 2005

Stamford - Stamford Hospital nurses were congratulated at a pinning ceremony in the hospital's cafeteria yesterday for earning the highest honor a nursing program can achieve, according to the hospital.

Receipt of the award of excellence in nursing services, from the American Nursing Credentialing Center, was announced in August. ... Hospital

Health care union plans strike at three facilities

Noreen Gillespie, Associated Press, June 1, 2005

Hartford - More than 1,000 unionized health care workers began a two-day strike Wednesday at three private agencies that help the disabled, mentally retarded and mentally ill.

The New England Health Care Employees Union District 1199 wants better wages and health care plans for their workers, who have been without a contract since April. ... Health

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