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IR changes 'to hit nurses hard'

AAP, November 23, 2005

The Federal Government's workplace changes could slash nurses' take-home pay by up to 30 per cent, Deputy Opposition Leader Jenny Macklin said today.

Meeting nurses from Melbourne's Austin Hospital today, Ms Macklin said Labor would continue to fight the change that could mean some nurses losing up to $240 a week, or 30 per cent of their salaries, through the removal of penalty rates.

Nurses at the meeting told Ms Macklin they feared for their incomes, and being pitted against each other in individual negotiations. ... IR

Homicide inquiry on patient's death

John Silvester, The Age, October 31, 2005

The Director of Public Prosecutions may have to decide whether a nurse in Geelong should be charged with homicide after he allegedly withdrew life support from a dying patient without authority.

Police say the experienced nurse acted without the knowledge or consent of the patient's doctor.

The patient, Wayne Robins, 44, died at the Geelong Hospital on July 19 from organ failure.

Mr Robins, a mechanic from Nhill, complained of internal pain and was admitted to the Wimmera Base Hospital before being transferred to intensive care in Geelong. ... Homicide

Public hospital errors rise 40%

Tom Noble, The Age, October 31, 2005

Victoria's public hospitals have reported a sharp rise in medical errors, including operations on the wrong body part or the wrong patient, overdoses of medication and surgical equipment left in patients after operations.

In one of 34 fatal cases last financial year, an elderly terminally ill woman died after she was given a 24-hour dose of morphine in 30 minutes.

She was being given pain relief through an intravenous drip, via an electronic pump, according to a report obtained by The Age. The mistake was made by a staff member unfamiliar with the type of pump. ... Public

Nurses' strike averted

Hospital changes on hold.
Jason Wallace, Portland Observer, October 21, 2005

The restructure of Portland's hospital has been put on hold to allow negotiations to proceed between the Australian Nurses Federation and Portland District Health management.

ANF industrial officer Brendan Soraghan heard the concerns of ANF members at the hospital on Tuesday, and he then told management it had until noon Wednesday to suspend the implementation of changes and enter discussions, or face industrial action. ... Nurses

Drug dispute threatens aged care

BKate Legge, The Australian, May 19, 2004

Victoria's nurses are at war with the Bracks Government over who should administer drugs such as morphine and insulin in aged care hostels.

The dispute coincides with a campaign for pay rises by NSW aged care nurses highlighting nationwide staff shortages identified by Warren Hogan in his report to the Howard Government. Higher pay for acute care nurses have reduced the supply of senior registered nurses working in aged-care, forcing hostels and nursing homes to use less qualified personal care workers for dispensing medication. ... Drug

Nurses ads attack aged drug rules

Carol Nader & Misha Ketchell, The Age, May 19, 2004

The Australian Nursing Federation has accused the State Government of endangering the lives of frail, elderly people by rushing through regulations that will allow unqualified staff to administer medication to aged-care residents.

In what aged-care groups have labelled a "mischievous" and "scaremongering" campaign, the union yesterday placed full-page advertisements in Melbourne newspapers, claiming the Government's changes would "rob more than 10,000 frail, elderly, chronically and terminally ill aged-care residents of nursing care". ... Nurses

Elderly put at risk: nurses

AAP, May 18, 2004

Elderly residents of Victorian hostels were being put at risk by unqualified staff administering dangerous medications, the nurses' union said.

The Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) took full-page ads in Melbourne newspapers warning that patients would be at risk under new laws put forward by the state government.

Under the laws, only registered nurses will be allowed to administer drugs to elderly patients in high-care nursing homes.

But at mixed-care facilities and aged-care hostels unqualified staff will be allowed to administer medication to patients.

ANF Victorian secretary Lisa Fitzpatrick said there were many chronically-ill patients in mixed-care facilities who required care from registered nurses.

The government's changes to the drugs and poisons legislation allowed unqualified staff to administer dangerous drugs like morphine and insulin, she said.

Psychiatric nurses dispute continues

Australian Broadcasting Corporation, May 12, 2004

There is still no end in sight to a long running dispute between psychiatric nurses and mental health professionals and the Victorian Government.

The Health and Community Services Union says some ground has been made on minor difference but big differences remain on key issues.

Workers began stage three work bans on Monday in a push for an 8 per cent pay rise and better conditions. ... Psychiatric

Nurses end state's hospital dispute

Paul Robinson & Carol Nader, The Age, May 5, 2004

Angry regional nurses almost derailed a deal designed to settle the hospitals dispute yesterday because they have been denied the workload controls enjoyed by their city colleagues.

But the nurses union prevented further chaos to the hospital system by guaranteeing that the campaign to extend the world's first mandated nurse-patient ratio system of 5:20 into rural areas would be a top priority.

More than 2000 nurses then accepted the package, which protects ratios in metropolitan hospitals and delivers all nurses compounded pay rises of between 12 and 15 per cent over four years. ... Nurses

Division 2 Nurses Win in New Victorian Pay Deal

Health Services Union, May 4, 2004

Division 2 nurses will have reason to celebrate after negotiations on a new enterprise agreement finally came to a conclusion.

Pay rise on the way for div 2 nurses

After some intense talks, where the HSU was representing Division 2 nurses, the agreement includes the following clauses ... Division 2

Victorian nurses end industrial dispute

AAP, May 4, 2004

Victorian nurses have agreed to end their protracted dispute with the state government over pay and conditions.

At a mass meeting in Melbourne, more than 2,000 nurses endorsed a proposal that would leave nurse-patient ratios unchanged.

Nurses will receive a pay rise of between 12 per cent and 15 per cent over the next three-and-a-half years as part of the agreement.

After the meeting Australian Nursing Federation state secretary Lisa Fitzpatrick said work bans would be lifted. ... Victorian

Bracks caves in on nurse ratios

Paul Robinson, The Age, May 4, 2004

The Bracks Government has backed away from abolishing nurse-patient ratios in Victorian hospitals - clearing the way for an end to the nurses dispute that has shackled the hospital system for a fortnight.

Under a pay deal finalised yesterday, the Government has managed to defend its broad public sector wages strategy, limiting rises for most of the state's 26,000 nurses to below 4 per cent a year. ... Bracks

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