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Aged care nurses urge staff cuts rethink

ABC, June 26, 2006

Nurses from aged care facilities around Victoria have called for their employer to dump plans to slash staff numbers.

The Australian Nursing Federation says the restructuring by Aged Care Services Australia Group will see 49 redundancies and a weekly reduction of about 1,000 hours for nurses and personal care workers.

The union says the changes will affect workers in Bendigo, Ballarat, Moe and Geelong.

Australian Nursing Federation state secretary Lisa Fitzpatrick says the owner faces strong opposition. ... Aged

Nurses feel the pinch

Mark Dunn, Herald Sun, June 12, 2006

Thousands of nurses could be facing redundancy or lower wages, the Australian Nursing Federation claims.

It blamed the Howard Government's new WorkChoice laws and Victorian laws allowing personal care workers to dispense drugs to elderly patients.

Several Victorian nursing home operators have already told nursing staff they must either accept redundancy, work fewer shifts or be re-employed on lower rates as personal care workers. ... Nurses

Nurses blow the whistle on alarms

Mathew Murphy & Chantal Rumble, The Age, March 30, 2006

Nurses at one of Melbourne's newest hospitals are carrying whistles to alert staff of an emergency because the alarm system is faulty.

A nurse at the Casey Hospital in Berwick said patients' lives were being put at risk in one of the most critical parts of the hospital because of an alarm that has been "barely audible and not visible" since the hospital opened in October 2004.

The nurse said staff in the theatre and recovery area had been using whistles for three months as the push-button alarm could not be heard above general hospital noise. ... Nurses

Nurses may escalate bans

AAP, March 30, 2006

Nurses and personal carers at several charity-run Victorian nursing homes are considering stepping up industrial action after a break down of talks with management.

The industrial action which began on March 7 over a pay dispute has included rolling work bans such as refusing to wash residents' clothing or readmit residents returning from hospital, walkouts and demonstrations.

The bans have involved staff at up to five St Vincent de Paul aged care facilities. ... Nurses

Nurses, St Vincent’s fail to reach pay agreement

Australian Broadcasting Corporation, March 29, 2006

The Australian Nurses Federation (ANF) says St Vincent de Paul's health care division is acting hypocritically.

St Vincents and its aged care nurses are failing to reach an agreement over the nurses' push for a 12 per cent pay rise.

The ANF's Lisa Fitzpatrick says nurses at its Terang hostel have received letters from St Vincent’s saying their pay will be docked by four hours if they take further industrial action. ... Nurses

Nursing nurses

Melbourne Herald Sun, March 15, 2006

Nurses suffering from drug abuse, alcoholism, mental health issues and stress will be helped through an Australian first program.

The Victorian Nurses Health Program will provide support and early intervention for nurses so they do not jeopardise patient safety or their own careers. ... Nursing

Nurses' safety pleas ignored

Peter Mickelburough, Melbourne Herald Sun, March 13, 2006

Calls for airport-style metal detectors at hospitals have been ignored by a government review of violence against nurses.

Expected police-like powers for doctors, nurses and hospital security guards, allowing them to search for and seize weapons from aggressive patients, have also not eventuated.

Instead, visitors will be told that violent or threatening behaviour is unacceptable. ... Nurses

Mercy nurses halt action

Paul Robinson, The Age, December 9, 2005

Nurses at the Mercy Hospital for Women yesterday suspended their threat to take rolling strike action after management agreed to negotiate the future of four mothercraft nurses declared redundant last week.

The Australian Nursing Federation and Mercy management were locked in talks in the Industrial Relations Commission yesterday in search of a solution to the dispute, which threatened to severely cut maternity services at the Mercy's Heidelberg campus. ... Mercy

Nurses to strike

Herald Sun, December 8, 2005

Up to 100 nurses at the Mercy Hospital for Women will walk off the job today in protest against the decision to make four senior mothercraft nurses redundant.

Daily strikes will continue until three of the four mothercraft nurses are reinstated, Lisa Fitzpatrick, secretary of the Australian Nursing Federation, said. ... Nurses

Nurses begin walkouts

Daily Telegraph, December 7, 2005

About 50 nurses and midwives at a Melbourne maternity hospital will begin walkouts from tomorrow after three mothercraft nurses were made redundant.

The Mercy Hospital for Women staff plan to walk out for one hour each day until management reinstates the nurses.

The nurses, who had worked at the hospital for between 28 and 32 years each, were given one weeks' notice late last month that their jobs were redundant, the Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) said. ... Nurses

Mercy nurses to strike over redundancies

Paul Robinson, The Age, December 7, 2005

Nurses and midwives at the Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidelberg will take rolling strike action from tomorrow, after four mothercraft nurses with a total of 106 years' service were declared redundant with a week's notice.

Angry members of the Australian Nursing Federation will walk off the job for two hours tomorrow, leaving a skeleton staff to manage critical patients and emergencies.

Further action is expected on a daily basis until the mothercraft nurses are reinstated. ... Mercy

Study: Assigning nurses by ratio not good (sic)

United Press International, December 6, 2005

An Australian study suggests hospitals could save money and improve patient care by assigning nurses according to patient needs, instead of by ratios.

Researchers at Monash University in Victoria noted many hospitals worldwide use a range of ratio systems, but Victoria is the only state in Australia that uses mandated ratios to allocate nurses in public hospitals.

Dr. Virginia Plummer from the university's School of Nursing and Midwifery studied nearly two million nursing hours in Australia and overseas. ... Study

Nurses meet after redundancies

AAP, December 1, 2005

Nurses at a Melbourne maternity hospital will meet today to consider what action they will take after four mothercraft nurses were made redundant.

The Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) said management at the Mercy Hospital for Women gave the four mothercraft nurses one week's notice of their redundancies and they worked their final shifts last Friday.

ANF Victorian branch secretary Lisa Fitzpatrick said the nurses were a vital part of the midwifery team and the loss of the jobs would have an impact on hospital services. ... Nurses

Public urged to raise Portland Hospital concerns

ABC Western Victoria, December 1, 2005

People are being asked to bring concerns over service levels at the Portland Hospital to the Minister for Health.

The hospital's management is facing increasing criticism.

Portland residents have spoken out about the care and comfort offered at the hospital, with only one ward open for night patients.

In October, the Australian Nurses Federation threatened strike action over concerns a ward restructure would harm service levels and hospital chairman Vin Gannon says a drop in patient numbers could indicate a lack of community confidence. ... Public

Community voice hospital concerns

Jason Wallace, Portland Observer, November 28, 2005

The closure of Portland District Health's south ward to overnight patients has frustrated elements of the medical fraternity and community.

The ward restructure, introduced by the hospital management to improve PDH's efficiency, has led to all in-patients being accommodated on north ward.

District residents used a public meeting on Friday, which was called to seek community input into a health services plan - a first for PDH - as an opportunity to voice frustration to the hospital management. ... Community

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