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Nurses angry after having pay docked

ABC News, October 25, 2007 The Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) says
the pay of some nurses has been docked up to 60 per cent by hospital
management. Talks are under way in the Industrial Relations Commission
(IRC) after the nurses union put an offer to the government this
morning. Both sides are hopeful of a resolution, but the nurses are
holding a mass meeting this afternoon to discuss the dispute. Yvonne
Chaperon, from the ANF, says the nurse's morale is at rock bottom, but
they will not give in to intimidation. "These nurses have been turning
up for work and they are there for the full shift and they are not
being paid for it," she said. "This only further penalises nurses
statewide," she said. "We are hearing stories of nurses who are working

Defiant nurses lose up to half their pay

Christian Catalano, Mario Xuereb, Orietta Guerrera & Paul Austin,
The Age, October 25, 2007 Emotions have boiled over in the nurses'
dispute after the first of Victoria's 28,000 public sector nurses
yesterday found their pay packets had been docked. Nine days after work
bans were first imposed, hundreds of nurses reported that hospital
managers had penalised them for closing beds - with some losing more
than half their pay. Rosebud nurse Faye Swift said staff had been "in
tears all week" anticipating the docking of their pay. "Today, seeing
it on their pay slips, has absolutely broken some nurses," she said.
... Defiant

Nurses' wages docked over work bans

AAP, October 25, 2007 Victorian nurses will decide today whether to
step up their industrial campaign which has cost them up to 80 per cent
in docked wages over bans which have crippled the hospital system.
Talks in Melbourne last night between the Australian Nursing Federation
(ANF) and the State Government failed to end the impasse which has
closed more than 1200 beds and stalled hundreds of elective surgical
procedures. But ANF state secretary Lisa Fitzpatrick said she was not
hopeful of an early resolution, ahead of today's meeting of union
members at Festival Hall to decide on whether to escalate industrial
action. ... Nurses

Nurses continue bans despite IRC order

ABC News, October 24, 2007 Nurses have resolved to continue the work
bans until an acceptable agreement is reached. A statewide nurses
meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. The Australian Nursing Federation's
(ANF) Lisa Fitzpatrick says it is hard to say what nurses will do if
there is no agreement by then. "We are attempting to negotiate an
outcome and ultimately we'd do everything we could to attempt to comply
with any orders should they be forthcoming from the Federal Court," she
said. "If the dispute isn't resolved I think it will be difficult to
keep nurses at work," Ms. Fitzpatrick said. ... Nurses

Striking nurses threatened with stiff fine

Rick Wallace, The Australian, October 24, 2007 Victorian nurses have
been warned they each face fines of up to $6000 as the hospital crisis
worsened yesterday and Health Minister Daniel Andrews stepped up his
attack on the union behind the industrial action. The Victorian
Hospitals Industry Association will apply in the Federal Court today to
force the nurses to remove work bans - which have closed 850 hospital
beds across the state - or face severe fines. Mr Andrews condemned the
industrial action - in pursuit of a 6per cent annual pay rise - as an
"unlawful" contravention of the Australian Industrial Relations
Commission's orders. ... Striking

Vic nurses stand firm on work bans

ABC News, October 23, 2007 Victorian nurses have defied an order to
stop work bans this morning. Negotiations between the government and
nurses wrapped up at 10 o'clock last night, without reaching an
agreement. The Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) had given the
nurses until eight o'clock today to stop the industrial action, or risk
being taken to the Federal Court where hefty fines on individual nurses
and the union can be imposed. But nurses have vowed to continue bans
until an acceptable deal is struck. ... Vic

Legal action threat in nurses dispute

Christian Catalano & Orietta Guerrera, The Age, October 23, 2007
Nursing union secretary Lisa Fitzpatrick faces hefty personal fines and
the possibility of having her property repossessed if Victoria's 28,000
nurses continue to defy a ruling to cease their work bans this morning.
As the bitter industrial stand-off enters its seventh day - with at
least 800 beds closed and 450 operations cancelled across the system -
the Brumby Government said public hospitals had little choice but to
ask the Federal Court to try to enforce the order. ... Legal

Hospitals take nurses to court

Rick Wallace, The Australian, October 23, 2007 Victorian hospitals will
demand court intervention today to overturn the closure of more than
800 beds amid a worsening dispute with the state's nurses. The nurses'
union has flagged its intention to defy the orders of the Australian
Industrial Relations Commission to end its work bans despite the threat
of $35,000 fines. Victorian Hospitals Industry Association chief
executive Alec Djoneff said the union's unwillingness to comply with
the orders gave the hospitals no choice but to seek Federal Court
action. ... Hospitals

Victorian nurses in court as work bans bite

Kamahl Cogdon & AAP, Herald Sun, October 23, 2007 Nurses are set
for a court showdown with the State Government today, after defying an
8 AM deadline to halt work bans that are crippling public hospitals.
The Victorian Hospitals Industrial Association (VHIA) said it would
take the dispute to the Federal Court today in a bid to lift the bans,
after the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC) ruled in
favour of the state government to stop the nurses' industrial action.
The Commission had given nurses until 8 AM today to end their bans. ...

Health providers play down impact of nurses' industrial unrest

ABC News, October 23, 2007 The Wimmera-Mallee's small rural heath
providers say they have not really been affected by the Victorian
nurses work bans. The nurses' union is facing Federal Court action if
its members disobey an Industrial Relations Commission ruling to return
to work this morning. Rural Northwest Health says one in four beds has
been closed at its Hopetoun and Warracknabeal hospitals, but says it
has still been able to take patients. The Mallee Track Health and
Community Service has also had beds closed, but no cut to services. ...

Call for nurses to stop 'unlawful' action

Jane Holroyd, The Age, October 22, 2007 The State Government says it is
powerless to prevent fines being imposed on public-sector nurses who
are taking part in industrial action. The Australian Nursing
Federation, the Brumby Government and health service employers are
currently engaged in talks before the Australian Industrial Relations
Commission to resolve a stand-off over the wages and work load of
Victoria's 25,000 ANF members. Today Victorian health minister Daniel
Andrews said the Government would not budge on its wage offer of a 3.25
per cent increase each year over five years ... Call

Nurses continue to defy IRC on work bans order

ABC News, October 22, 2007 The Victorian Nursing Federation says it is
defying Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) orders and continuing
industrial action for the sake of future patients. Yesterday, the IRC
ordered the nurses to end bans by this morning. But Federation
Secretary Lisa Fitzpatrick says nurses have closed nearly 1300 beds
this morning, in spite of the orders. She says the bans are needed to
force the state government to address nurses' workloads. "We have a 30
per cent increase in patients that are being cared for," she said. ... Nurses

Crisis deepens as nurses defy order

Michael Davis, The Australian, October 22, 2007 Victorian nurses
yesterday escalated the state's hospital crisis, defying an order by
the Australian Industrial Relations Commission to end their industrial
action. Their defiance leaves the Brumby Government in the difficult
position of having to take Federal Court action against the nurses'
union to enforce yesterday's AIRC order - something it would rather
avoid in the build-up to the federal election on November 24. The
Government successfully applied to the AIRC for an order for nurses to
end work bans that have closed 1290 hospital beds across the state and
caused delays in elective surgery. ... Crisis

Nurses to defy commission order to end work bans

Carol Nader, The Age, October 22, 2007 Victorian nurses intend to defy
an order to end industrial action that has resulted in the closure of
hundreds of hospital beds and the cancellation of hundreds of
operations, as negotiations over pay and work conditions continued last
night. The Australian Industrial Relations Commission yesterday ruled
in favour of a bid by the Victorian Hospitals Industrial Association to
force nurses to end their work bans by 7 AM today. If the nurses defy
the order, the matter is likely to go to the Federal Court as early as
tomorrow. ... Nurses

Nurses complain of threats as they continue work bans

Kamahl Cogdon, Herald Sun, October 22, 2007 Victoria's rapidly
worsening health crisis is heading to the courts with nurses continuing
to defy orders to lift bans that have closed around 1000 beds and
postponed close to 500 operations. The Victorian Hospitals Industrial
Association (VHIA) will take the dispute to the Federal Court tomorrow
in a bid to lift the bans. After the Australian Industrial Relations
Commission ruled in favour of the state government to stop the nurses'
industrial action, the nurses' union said work bans would continue. ...

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