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Strike's fallout could spread beyond unionized hospitals, report warns

Report warns of broad financial fallout. Jeremy Olson, Saint Paul Pioneer Press, June 29, 2010 A nursing strike of 14 hospitals - a near certainty if negotiations falter today - could be a financial blow to the Twin Cities' health care market, according to a report issued Monday by Moody's Investors Service. The metro hospitals could be caught in a double whammy of rising expenses - because of the high cost of replacement nurses - and declining revenues as nervous patients cancel medical procedures or seek them elsewhere, the report stated. ... Strike

Hospitals lining up thousands of replacement nurses

Martin Moylan, Minnesota Public Radio, June 29, 2010 Saint Paul - Some 12,000 Twin Cities nurses are ready to strike July 6 if they don't reach a contract agreement with area hospitals. Both sides have a lot to lose in a strike, income being at the top of the list. The winner, if there is one, would be the side that inflicts enough pain to make the other back down. Replacement nurses represent the hospitals' biggest weapon. To get through the nurses one-day strike on June 10, the hospitals brought in some 2,800 replacements. ... Hospitals

Talks Between Minnesota Hospitals, Nurses To Resume

Associated Press, June 29, 2010 Minneapolis - Negotiators for 14 Twin Cities hospitals and 12,000 nurses are due to return to the bargaining table Tuesday one week ahead of a scheduled strike. The Minnesota Nurses Association last Friday filed a 10-day notice setting a July 6 strike date. Negotiations went nowhere one day earlier, with each side accusing the other of refusing to budge. The nurses staged a 24-hour warning strike earlier this month. Staffing levels are the top issue, The union is seeking fixed nurse-to-patient ratios, calling it a matter of patient safety. But the hospitals say that would raise costs without improving the quality of care. The union says more than 87 percent of its members voted to back an open-ended strike. © 2010 The Associated Press.

Nurses, Hospitals Look At Lessons From 1984 Strike

Esme Murphy, WCCO, June 28, 2010 As hospitals and nurses prepare for an open-ended strike next week, some lessons can be learned from the 1980s on the impact of a long, painful strike. In 1984, nurses were on strike for 38 days. Now both sides are looking to that strike to get a sense of what might lie ahead. Some of those strike survivors are speaking out to try to ease the worries of the younger nurses. The lessons of 26 years ago are being shared in small nurse gatherings, like one at a Maplewood park on Monday. "We had no seniority language and that was the basis of the strike in '84," said nurse Cindy Olsen, who went through the 1984 strike. ... Nurses

Minnesota nurses and hospitals resume talks one week before strike date

Scott Goldberg, KARE, June 28, 2010 Minneapolis - The union representing 12,000 nurses and negotiators for the 14 Twin Cities hospitals where they work will head back into talks with federal mediators Tuesday, five days after their last attempt at talks ended with the union setting a strike date of July 6. Aaron Sojourner, who teaches labor relations at the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Management, said both sides should have spent the last few days thinking about where there might be room for compromise. ... Minnesota

Nurses, Hospitals Prepare for Strike

ABC 6 News, June 28, 2010 Twin Cities nurses and hospitals will both spend this week preparing for a strike. Dozens of nurses walked the parade route at this weekend's Pride Festival. 12,000 nurses at 14 Twin Cities hospitals say they will strike starting at 7:00 AM on July 6th. Nurses say going without a paycheck will be a sacrifice, but many say it's worth the risk. "I've received calls from 5 or 6 people saying 'we support what you are doing and we know that you are doing this for your patients,'" says nurse Molly Brom. But not all nurses are in favor of the strike. We spoke with more than a dozen nurses who tell us they feel like everyone loses during a strike, but none of them wanted to appear on camera for fear of union retaliation.

Though outnumbered, some Twin Cities nurses resist call to strike

Outnumbered by union members supporting a walkout on July 6, dissenters begin to speak out against tactics but struggle to be heard. Chen May Yee & Maura Lerner, Minneapolis Star Tribune, June 28, 2010 For months, the nurse watched as her union and her employer waged an increasingly bitter contract fight. Then the conflict came to a head: The Minnesota Nurses Association called for an open-ended strike against 14 Twin Cities hospitals, including her own. Finally, she thought, enough is enough. ... Though

Minnesota nurses agree July 6 strike date

Associated Press, June 25, 2010 Minneapolis - Thousands of Minnesota nurses say they will go on strike July 6 if they can't reach an agreement with 14 Minneapolis-Saint Paul hospitals before then. The Minnesota Nurses Association says it filed a required 10-day notice Friday after negotiations a day earlier produced no settlement. The biggest issue is staffing. The nurses are seeking fixed nurse-patient ratios, which hospitals say would be too expensive and wouldn't necessarily make patients safer. The nurses have already staged a 24-hour walkout earlier this month. Copyright © 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Minnesota nurses set strike date

Betsy Sundquist, Politics in Minnesota, June 25, 2010 Members of the Minnesota Nurses Association have set a July 6 strike date if they fail to reach agreement with 14 Twin Cities hospitals before then. The association filed the required 10-day strike notice today after Thursday’s negotiations produced no results. Nurses, who staged a one-day walkout earlier this month, are seeking fixed nurse-patient ratios, plus salary increases over a three-year contract. The nurses’ association said in a statement today that its members offered to meet with hospital officials over the weekend, but were told that the earliest that negotiations could resume would be sometime next week.

Twin Cities nurses set July 6 strike date

Warren Wolfe, Minneapolis Star Tribune, June 25, 2010 Twin Cities nurses said Friday morning they will strike local hospitals starting at 7 AM July 6 if contract talks have not produced a settlement by then. It would be by far the biggest nursing strike in American history. Meeting reporters the morning after a day of contract talks, union leaders expressed frustration with the pace of negotiations. ... Twin

Minnesota nurses up the ante: Strike date set for July 6

Thomas Lee, MedCity News, June 25, 2010 Minneapolis - Normally, I don’t read too much into strike authorization votes. Having been a union member myself, the vote is almost a required ritual in hard labor negotiations, a tactic designed to maximize pressure on the company. With that said, there’s nothing to indicate the Minnesota Nurses Association’s threat to go nuclear - an open ended strike - is a bluff. The union Friday filed the legally required 10 day notice to strike, a mere four days after nurses voted overwhelmingly to approve one. On July 6, nurses will walk - again. ... Minnesota

Minnesota nurses say they'll file strike notice

Associated Press, June 25, 2010 Minneapolis - Minnesota nurses in an ongoing dispute over staffing and pension issues with 14 hospitals in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area plan to file a formal strike notice. The Minnesota Nurses Association said late Thursday that it will file the 10-day strike notice on Friday. The union must do that before beginning an open-ended strike that nurses approved Monday. The announcement comes a few weeks after about 12,000 nurses went on a one-day strike against the hospitals. ... Minnesota

Twin Cities nurses moving closer to second walkout

Union is expected to file strike notice as talks appear to stall. Jeremy Olson, Saint Paul Pioneer Press, June 25, 2010 With fresh negotiations going nowhere, more than 12,000 nurses and their union could begin a second, indefinite strike against 14 Twin Cities hospitals immediately after the Fourth of July weekend. The talks, arranged Thursday by federal mediators, were apparently so unproductive that officials with the nurses union said they would file this morning a 10-day notice of their intent to strike. ... Twin

Nurses: Strike notice to be filed on Friday

Mary Lynn Smith & Dave Hage, Minneapolis Star Tribune, June 24, 2010 The Minnesota Nurses Association abruptly told hospital negotiators Thursday that it intends to file a strike notice on Friday, setting the stage for a walkout against Twin Cities hospitals that could begin as soon as July 5. The surprise notification came after negotiators for the two sides sat down with a federal mediator for the first contract talks in almost three weeks. The nurses voted overwhelmingly on Monday to authorize a strike, but union officials said they would postpone calling a strike as long as there were "productive" negotiations. ... Nurses

Twin Cities Nurses Plan to Strike

Strike could happen as soon as July 5. FOX 9 News, June 24, 2010 Minneapolis - Twin Cities Hospitals have reported the nurses plan to strike. They will file the 10-day notice on Friday. During negotiations of Thursday, the nurses’ union told hospitals they intend to file a 10-day strike notice on Friday. The strike notice comes despite a second session of negotiations being scheduled for Tuesday. ... Twin

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