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Hospital Report No Surprise To Nurses

New South Wales Nurses Association, July 31, 2008 A new Federal Government report confirms what nurses have been telling the State Government for years. The State of Our Public Hospitals June 2008 report, released last month, shows the strain on our public hospital system is growing, with admissions increasing at twice the rate of population growth. The report, a snapshot of activity and performance in the 2006-2007 financial year, shows the number of patients presenting to emergency departments has increased by more than 34% in the past decade alone, while almost a third of emergency patients were not seen within the recommended time. ... Hospital

Private Hospital Nurses Need Parity

New South Wales Nurses Association, July 31, 2008 As we prepare to launch campaigns to improve pay and conditions for many private hospital nurses, the NSWNA surveyed private hospital members to find out their priorities for a new agreement. Pay parity with public hospital colleagues and high workloads are the top issues for private hospital members. Parity with the pay of their public hospital colleagues and workloads were the top issues for private hospital nurses in a comprehensive survey just conducted by the NSWNA. Over 40% of the Union's private hospital membership responded. ... Private

Lockdown Torments Mental Health Patients

New South Wales Nurses Association, July 31, 2008 Mental health nurses at Long Bay have serious concerns about the welfare of their patients following the lockdown at the prison's hospital. The extended lockdown of forensic patients at Long Bay Prison Hospital is preventing mental health nurses from discharging their duty-of-care and exacerbating patients' conditions, according to nurses. NSWNA member Ray Gregory said the draconian measures were having a huge impact on nurses' ability to deliver adequate treatment. ... Lockdown

Nurses Welcome A Rudd Labor Government

New South Wales Nurses Association, November 27, 2007 The 150,000
strong Australian Nursing Federation (ANF) today welcomed the election
of the Rudd Labor Government with optimism for the future for health
care, nurses and nursing. We congratulate Kevin Rudd on becoming Prime
Minister. Ged Kearney, ANF Acting Federal Secretary, said, "The Labor
victory is a defining moment for Australia, a moment when voters
decided on new leadership and rejected the harsh WorkChoices
legislation overwhelmingly. Australians not only rejected AWAs but saw
through the Liberal Party's piecemeal approach to health policy, best
demonstrated by the Mersey Hospital debacle. ... Nurses

Federal Election 2007 - Information For Nurses

New South Wales Nurses Association, November 23, 2007

The latest election news and information from the NSW Nurses' Association.

NSWNA Federal Election Television Advertisements:

NSW Nurses' Association TV Ad 1
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ANF Federal Election Supplement

Australian Nurses Journal - 2007 Federal Election Supplement

ANF Federal Election Newsletter 1
ANF Federal Election Newsletter 2
ANF Federal Election Newsletter 3
ANF Federal Election Newsletter 4
ANF Federal Election Newsletter 5

Overworked RNS nurses unpaid

Kate Sikora, Sydney Daily Telegraph, November 22, 2007 Overstretched
and underpaid nurses at Royal North Shore Hospital have warned they
will not turn up to work today after a pay bungle left them penniless.
As the parliamentary inquiry into the hospital wraps up today, nurses
have warned of severe staff shortages as they are forced to abandon
their shifts. The Daily Telegraph has learned a pay stuff-up has meant
all medical staff including doctors from Northern Sydney Central Coast
Area Health Service have not received their fortnightly wages. At least
700 nurses at Royal North Shore are affected by the bungle. ... Overworked

Who Will Do The Caring?

New South Wales Nurses Association, November 10, 2007 The Australian
Nursing Federation (ANF) says the Coalition's $250 million aged care
package which includes more transition care places for older
Australians leaving hospital, increased community care packages and
double the current capital funding for nursing homes, will assist older
Australians to remain well and in their homes and in their transition
from hospital to more appropriate care. However the ANF is unclear
about how the Howard government intends to staff the extra beds and
care for the extra patients without one extra aged care nurse. ... Who

Do Your Block Against Howard's IR Laws

Last Chance To Order Flyers. New South Wales Nurses Association,
November 17, 2007 Get involved in the campaign to protect your rights
and conditions and those of workers in your neighbourhood. All you need
to do is take a bundle of "How many nurses will we lose because of
Howard's IR laws?" brochures and deliver one to every letterbox in your
neighbourhood block. That way your neighbours can read about the impact
of the IR laws on nurses and health care workers so they can make an
informed decision on how they vote at this federal election. ... Do

Howard's Tax Cuts - Is It Any Wonder Hospitals Are Struggling

New South Wales Nurses Association, October 16, 2007 The tax cuts are
not that substantial anyway - especially if WorkChoices is retained.
The money would be better spent on education and better pay for nurses.
The Howard Government's promised tax cuts would be better spent making
up the Federal Government's massive funding shortfall on the nation's
hospitals and universities so we can improve health services and
overcome the shortage of nurses and other health professionals, the NSW
Nurses Association (NSWNA) said today. ... Howard

Abbott's Attack A Slur On Nurses

New South Wales Nurses Association, August 8, 2007 Robust debate in
Parliament is to be welcomed but there is no place for slander and the
abuse of nurses. There is a place for robust debate in the arenas of
politics and policy. In fact it is healthy if we are to have a vibrant
democracy. But that debate should be conducted with respect and should
concentrate on issues and policy. On 13 June, the federal health
minister Tony Abbott, replying to a Dorothy Dixer from Jackie Kelly
(Liberal member for Lindsay) and abusing his parliamentary privilege,
attacked NSW nurses campaigning to protect their rights at work. Tony
Abbott said that elective surgery waiting lists in NSW were blowing out

Building A Movement For Change

New South Wales Nurses Association, August 8, 2007 Change is in the air
- but to make it happen, each of us needs to make a commitment to get
involved, said John Robertson, Secretary of Unions NSW. Public hospital
nurses may not grasp how important the Your Rights at Work campaign is,
said John Robertson in his address to Annual Conference. 'You may not
be affected if you are working in the public sector but if you have
family working in the private sector they will be affected. ...' Building

We Stand Together - NSWNA 62nd Annual Conference

Standing up for our rights in a challenging environment. New South
Wales Nurses Association, August 8, 2007 How nurses can make a
difference in this year's federal election was the focus of the NSWNA
62nd Annual Conference. to stand up for the rights of fellow nurses and
workers. Held 18-20 July at Randwick Racecourse, 420 delegates gathered
for three days of inspiring presentations and workshops which
highlighted the election choices for nurses, and armed delegates with
knowledge and skills. ... We

NSWNA: Fijian Nurses' Strike Is Fully Justified

New South Wales Nurses Association, August 8, 2007 The Australian
Government should object in the strongest possible terms to the current
Fijian Government's policy of cutting nurse pay by five per cent, the
NSW Nurses Association (NSWNA) said today. NSWNA general secretary,
Brett Holmes, said that, as the world faces one of the most serious
nurse shortages in history, no government, anywhere in the world,
should be cutting nurses' pay. 'Striking Fijian nurses have the full
support of the NSWNA in their campaign to reverse these appalling pay
cuts,' Mr Holmes said. About 1500 Fijian nurses have been on strike for
more than a week, protesting against pay cuts of five per cent imposed
by the interim military government, which recently took power in a

We Won't Be Put In Danger!

Byron nurses stand up to cost-cutters over security. New South Wales Nurses Association, June 8, 2007 Byron District Hospital nurses have refused to allow cost-cutting bureaucrats to put the security of staff and patients at risk. Backed by the union, the nurses forced North Coast Area Health Service (NCAHS) to re-employ a security officer on the afternoon shift. NCAHS had removed the security officer because of 'insufficient funding'. This left a nurse working alone in the emergency department from 3 PM to 10 PM in an environment of increasing aggression towards staff especially by mental health patients. The NSW Nurses' Association branch at the hospital decided to take industrial action to regain round-the-clock security coverage. ... We

Union fears our nurses are sitting ducks

Jane Gardner, Northern Star, June 6, 2007 A NSW union will investigate the personal safety of nurses at smaller Northern Rivers hospitals following an increase in attacks and threats from drug-affected or mentally ill patients. The decision follows a win by Byron Bay nurses to get 24-hour security after the North Coast Area Health Service withdrew their afternoon security officer, citing funding shortages, in January. Over the past few years an influx of violent, mentally ill and alcohol or drug-affected patients has reached a dangerous point and nurses at Byron District Hospital alerted the union to the increasing problems. ... Union

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