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Nurses, management to resume talks

Associated Press, July 14, 2006

Wilcox Hospital and its striking nurses are scheduled to resume negotiations Monday for the first time in three weeks.

Leaders for the union and Wilcox Memorial Hospital got the word from a federal mediator earlier this week that the two sides would meet on Monday.

Though Mayor Bryan Baptiste offered the use of the Kaua‘i Veterans Memorial Conventional Hall, Hawaii Nurses Association representative Clyde Hayashi said Friday that both sides have agreed to meet at the Kaua‘i Marriott at 1 PM. ... Nurses

Hospital and nurses to meet

Both sides are hopeful as the strike on Kauai finishes its third week.
Tom Finnegan, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, July 14, 2006

Striking nurses and the administration of Kauai's Wilcox Hospital are scheduled to go back to the bargaining table Monday, the first negotiations in nearly a month.

The two sides said they are hopeful about Monday's 1 PM meeting with a federal negotiator at the Kauai Marriott Resort & Beach Club in Lihue. The strike will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. ... Hospital

Striking Kauai Nurses Look For Support On Oahu

KHNL, July 14, 2006

Nurses at Wilcox Memorial have been on strike for nearly three weeks now.

Thursday night there was finally a new development. Negotiators will soon head back to the table.

The news comes as Oahu supporters joined Kauai nurses at a rally on Nimitz Highway.

Armed with bullhorns, nurses left their bedside manner behind.

Kauai nurses took their strike to Oahu.

"We are looking after people who are friends and family and we feel the need to protect them," said Kauai nurse Donna Moore. ... Striking

Support for Kauai nurses still striking is seen on Oahu

KHON2, July 13,2006

Kauai nurses on strike at Wilcox hospital brought their message to Oahu today.

The nurses union - and supporters from other organizations - marched to the corporate headquarters of Wilcox owner "Hawaii Pacific Health."

It's day 20 of a nurses strike that forced the hospital to call in dozens of replacements from the mainland.

"It is extremely unfortunate to be doing anything to further undermine the ability for a very fine community hospital to service the people in the community. It's just very sad," says Dr. Virginia Pressler, Hawaii Pacific Health. ... Support

Oahu Nurses Show Support for Kauai

KGMB9, July 13, 2006

Striking nurses at Wilcox Memorial Hospital on Kauai got a boost from their Oahu colleagues today. Members of the Hawaii Nurses Association along with three other local unions marched on the headquarters of the Hawaii Pacific Health Corporation, which operates Wilcox Hospital.

Nurses there walked off the job June 24 because of a dispute over the nurse-to-patient ratio. The hospital says it has an acuity system in place, but the nurses say the system doesn't work. ... Oahu

Hirono walks nurses’ line in offer of support

Lester Chang, Garden Island, July 13, 2006

Mazie Hirono, a former Hawai‘i lieutenant governor and candidate for the 2nd Congressional District in this election year, wants the three-week old Hawaii Nurses Association strike by Wilcox Hospital nurses to come to an end.

While walking with nurses on the picket line in front of the hospital yesterday, Hirono said she plans to contact Chuck Sted, the chief executive officer of Hawaii Pacific Health, to urge HPH negotiators to return to the bargaining table. ... Hirono

Nurses march to office of mayor

No talks are set as the Kauai strike enters its third week.
Tom Finnegan, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, July 8, 2006

Lihue - Wilcox Hospital nurses enter their third week on the picket line today.

They marked the occasion yesterday by marching from their lines to Kauai Mayor Bryan Baptiste's office.

The nurses say they are calling for better patient care through a new system that regulates the amount of nurses per patient and is flexible enough to adjust when patients who need more care are admitted.

Hospital administrators say there is already a plan in place and have offered a 21 percent raise over the three-year contract. ... Nurses

Striking nurses march to mayor’s office

Lester Chang, Garden Island, July 7, 2006

More than 100 Wilcox Hospital nurses and family members approached Mayor Bryan Baptiste Friday morning in an attempt to end a two-week-long nurses’ strike.

Baptiste, who met the throng outside of his office at the Lihu‘e Civic Center, sparked applause when he announced he would call Gov. Linda Lingle to urge Hawaii Pacific Health to return to the negotiating table to work out their differences. Baptiste also said he would send a letter to HPH not to prolong the strike. ... Striking

Nurses Strike Taking its Toll

KGMB9, July 7, 2006
On the Garden Isle, it's been exactly two weeks since dozens of nurses walked off the job and onto the picket line. And for some, it's beginning to take a toll. A spokesperson from the Hawaii Nurses Association told KGMB9 today some nurses were forced to get part-time jobs. Others are actually breaking picket lines to return to work. However nine out of 10 nurses remain on the picket line. A spokesperson approached a federal mediator to go back to bargaining table on Wednesday. They're still waiting for a response.
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Strike stretches into double digits

Sides no closer to an agreement.
Cynthia Kaneshiro, Garden Island, July 3, 2006

The Wilcox Memorial Hospital nurses strike moves into its tenth day today and still no talks have been scheduled.

“My understanding is the federal mediator calls a meeting when there is something new,” said hospital spokeswoman Lani Yukimura.

She said the hospital is willing to sit down with the nurses any time.

Though the hospital remains open as usual, picket line locales have disrupted secondary entrances for most hospital visitors. ... Strike

Nurses strike continues despite some crossing the picket line

KHON2, July 1, 2006

One week into the strike, and still, no talks scheduled between the nurses union and officials at Kauai's Wilcox Memorial Hospital.

But a hospital spokesperson says every day, there have been several more nurses returning to work, crossing the picket line.

Last Saturday, one-hundred-fourty nurses walked off the job, over a contract dispute with the hospital, mainly over the nurse to patient ratio. ... Nurses

No Talks Scheduled Entering Week 2 Of Nurses' Strike

TheHawaiiChannel.com, June 30, 2006

Honolulu - Nurses on strike at Wilcox Hospital on Kauai start their second week on the picket line with no end in sight.

Both sides said no new talks have been scheduled.

The union said some nurses have started to file for unemployment benefits, while others have found second jobs to tide them over during the strike.

The Hawaii Nurses Association said that 93 percent of the nurses remain on the picket line. ... No

Strike enters fifth day with neither side at the table

Charlotte Woolard, The Garden Island, June 27, 2006

Tricia Brooks, an emergency room nurse from Wilcox Hospital, needed bunion surgery. But a sore foot, coupled with the loss of her health insurance, couldn’t keep her off the picket line that continued to pace hospital entranceways along Kuhio Highway yesterday.

“I figured I could cross the line and get it fixed,” she said, “or drag my bunions to the picket line. It’s my moral obligation to stand up.”

Picketing nurses said the issue of nurse-to-patient ratios is driving the ongoing strike, in its fourth day as of yesterday. ... Strike

Pay professors more to address nursing shortage

Honolulu Star-Bulletin, June 27, 2006

Acute nursing shortages pose a threat to the increasing number of retiring baby boomers in Hawaii and across the country. A move to import nurses from foreign countries fails to recognize that thousands of prospective nursing students are turned away from universities because of a shortage of nursing professors, who earn far less than practicing nurses.

The problem is being felt on Kauai, where 140 nurses are on strike at Wilcox Hospital, the island's largest hospital. The nurses have agreed to a hefty 21-percent wage increase over three years but object to the number of nurses placed on call for patients' care. ... Pay

First days of nurses' strike go 'smoothly'

Jan TenBruggencate, Honolulu Advertiser, June 26, 2006

Lihu'e, Kaua'i - Both management and striking nurses yesterday reported good spirits during the second day of the Hawai'i Nurses Association strike against Wilcox Memorial Hospital.

The strike began at 7 AM Saturday, and weekends are a comparatively quiet period for the hospital.

"Everything went smoothly today, but tomorrow is a regular business day. We'll see how people respond to the picket lines," said hospital representative Lani Yukimura. The hospital is using supervisory personnel and contract nurses from the Mainland to staff its facilities ... First

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