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Striking Kauai Nurses Picket on Oahu

Kristine Uyeno, KHNL, October 13, 2006 Eleven striking nurses from Wilcox Memorial Hospital passed out flyers in front of two Honolulu medical facilities, but things didn't go quite as planned. They were basically kicked off property after an hour. "They're alleging that we're conducting a secondary boycott, we disagree," said Clyde Hayashi with the Hawaii Nurses Association. The Kauai nurses say they were just handing people some flyers. "There's nothing that talks about Straub or Kapiolani. We're not asking anyone to not go to those hospitals," said Hayashi. But the National Labor Relations Board sided with Straub. So the Wilcox nurses cut their visit short. ... Striking

Wilcox seeking long-term replacements

Charlotte Woolard, The Garden Island, October 12, 2006 Wilcox Memorial Hospital and its nurses reported no progress in contract negotiations as the standoff enters its 112th day. “We still want the nurses to consider the last proposal,” Lani Yukimura, Wilcox spokeswoman, said. The two sides will meet with a federal negotiator again next week, she said. The union will meet today to generate a new proposal to share in that meeting, DQ Jackson, spokesman for the Hawai‘i Nurses Association said. Union representatives traveled to O‘ahu yesterday in a bid to garner state-wide support, picketing first at the hospital’s Hawaii Pacific Health affiliates and then at the State Capitol. ... Wilcox

Wilcox nurses say their fight could affect how hospitals operate on Oahu

Nurses from Wilcox hospital on Kauai came to Oahu today to get some support. The nurses have been on strike for almost four months. They say their fight could affect how hospitals operate on Oahu. Manolo Morales, KHON2, October 12, 2006 Eleven registered nurses from Kauai spent the day on Oahu to get more people to pay attention to what they're fighting for. They say the hospital is compromising patient safety. ... Wilcox

Kauai nurses bring pickets to Oahu

Pacific Business News (Honolulu), October 12, 2006 Striking nurses from Wilcox Hospital decided Thursday night to undertake pickets at affiliated hospitals in Honolulu. The strike is in its 16th week. Nurses walked over what they described as the unwillingness of hospital management to commit to any specific formula to ensure adequate staffing on the hospital floor. The affiliated hospitals, like Wilcox part of Hawaii Pacific Health, include Straub Clinic & Hospital, where informational picketing was to begin Thursday morning, and Kapiolani Medical Center, where picketing was set for Thursday afternoon. Pali Momi hospital also is part of Hawaii Pacific Health. ... Kauai

Kauai Wilcox Nurses Roving Picket for Patient Safety Comes to Oahu

Aggie Pigao Cadiz, RN, Executive Director, Hawai’i Nurses Association, Hawaii Reporter, October 11, 2006 The Kaua‘i Wilcox nurses’ strike is in its 16th week, now 110 days long. The issue - patient care/nurse staffing. A group of Wilcox nurses will be flying to Honolulu on Thursday, October 12 to conduct informational picketing and information flyer distribution at two Honolulu hospitals. They will be at Straub Clinic & Hospital from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM and at Kapi‘olani Medical Center from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM They will be joined by O‘ahu supporters. Wilcox Memorial Hospital is part of the Hawai‘i Pacific Health (HPH) corporation, which includes Staub, Kapi‘olani, and Pali Momi. ... Kauai

Patient takes line with nurses

Darlene Burgess, RN, Lihu’e, The Garden Island, October 11, 2006 I am one of the many nurses from HPH/Wilcox Hospital who have been on strike for 104 days, as of October 5. We continue to believe that safe staffing at HPH/Wilcox Hospital is important enough for us to sacrifice our personal finances while on strike. Today a hospital patient from the third floor at HPH/Wilcox Hospital joined striking nurses on the picket line. Dressed in his hospital gown, with IV still in place, he chose to wear a sign saying, “HPH Takes The Care Out Of Healthcare.” ... Patient

Settle the strike

Joan Kutzer, RN, Kilauea, The Garden Island, October 11, 2006
I received an early morning phone call this morning offering me a six-month RN travel position at Wilcox Hospital. There are 80-plus positions available (the striking nurses’ positions). As a member of HNA and a striking nurse, of course I turned it down. The travel nurses are offered a comparable wage plus $2,000/month housing allowance. Imagine how much the agency is making. Imagine how much HPH is spending to bring in these nurses rather than settle the strike. Do the math, HPH. Settle this strike.

AG to review Wilcox-HPH merger

Charlotte Woolard, The Garden Island, October 11, 2006 The Attorney General’s office will review the 2001 merger of Wilcox Memorial Hospital and Hawai‘i Pacific Health, a state official told the local health council yesterday. The move marks an unplanned extension of the ongoing investigation by the State Health Planning and Development Agency, said David Sakamoto, director of the agency. “We are finishing our fact-finding,” he said, telling the Kaua‘i Subarea Health Planning Council that the agency did not know what came next. ... AG

Nurses’ roving picket line starts at airport

Charlotte Woolard, The Garden Island, September 30, 2006 Nurses on strike from Wilcox Memorial Hospital moved their picket line to the traffic light outside Lihu‘e Airport yesterday, with plans to visit other areas on the island during the next week. “It’s an informational picket for the tourists,” said DQ Jackson, a member of the negotiating team and also a Wilcox nurse. The union wants to deliver a message to visitors: “Be careful on Kaua‘i,” Jackson said. “It’s important that when people come to the island they understand that nurses are on strike.” ... Nurses

Still no deal between Kaua'i nurses, hospital

Jan TenBruggencate, Honolulu Advertiser, September 28, 2006 Lihu'e, Kaua'i - Wilcox Hospital nurses walked the picket line along Kuhio Highway for the 95th day yesterday after union and management each rejected the other's latest offer. There was no indication of significant progress toward a settlement, although both sides said they had made significant movement in their offers. The hospital continues to function with traveling nurses hired primarily from the Mainland. Clyde Hayashi, political education coordinator for the Hawai'i Nurses Association, said many striking nurses have taken other jobs, some of them off Kaua'i. ... Still

Nurses' walkout drags on at Wilcox

The hospital rejects the union's latest counterproposal. Tom Finnegan, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, September 28, 2006 Lihue - Despite what was supposed to be a "last, best and final" offer, the Kauai nurses strike continues as it nears the 100-day mark. After the striking nurses rejected Wilcox Hospital administration's last offer Tuesday, the hospital administration and its parent group, Hawaii Pacific Health, rejected the union's counteroffer yesterday. Hospital spokeswoman Lani Yukimura called the Tuesday vote "extremely close" and asked that any union member who voted to end the strike should cross the picket line. ... Nurses

Kauai Nurses Reject Hospital's Last Offer

TheHawaiiChannel.com, September 27, 2006 Honolulu - Nurses at Kauai's Wilcox Hospital on Tuesday night rejected an offer from their employer, Hawaii Pacific Health. Hawaii Pacific Health calls the deal its "best and final offer." The nurses went on strike on June 24. The nurse-to-patient ratio is the key sticking point, a nurse representatives said. Negotiators involved in the two-month long nurses strike scheduled a meeting with a federal mediator for Wednesday. ... Kauai

Latest offer put to nurses for vote

Charlotte Woolard, The Garden Island, September 26, 2006
Nurses on strike from Wilcox Memorial Hospital began voting yesterday on the hospital’s latest contract offer that could end a 95-day strike, according to a Hawai‘i Nurses Association representative. About half of the 120 nurses on strike voted on the offer after meeting with negotiators at the Hawai‘i Government Employees Association hall, said DQ Jackson, a Wilcox nurse and a member of the union’s negotiating team. The remaining nurses will vote today from 6 AM to 9 PM. A simple majority - 50 percent of the nurses plus one - will determine the fate of the proposal, Aggie Pigao Cadiz, HNA executive director, said earlier in the strike. The union will present the results of the vote to Wilcox negotiators on Wednesday at 9 AM.

Kauai nurses get ‘best, final’ offer

Wilcox threatens an impasse if its "really good" proposal fails to end a 15-week strike. Tom Finnegan, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, September 23, 2006 Lihue - As the Wilcox Hospital strike enters its 15th week today, nurses are looking at what hospital officials are calling their "last, best and final offer," a union official said yesterday. Aggie Pigao Cadiz, the statewide Hawaii Nurses Association executive director, said an informational meeting for the roughly 130 nurses still on strike is scheduled Monday. The meeting was called to explain the details of the offer and give the negotiating team the chance to get a feel for the membership's wishes. Pigao Cadiz said the hospital has threatened to call an impasse in negotiations if the most recent offer is not accepted. ... Kauai

Wilcox letter upsets nurses’ negotiators

Ford Gunter, The Garden Island, September 9, 2006 In response to a letter sent from Wilcox Hospital to striking nurses, the union negotiating team made three requests yesterday to a federal mediator. Hawai‘i Nurses Association negotiator DQ Jackson said yesterday a letter from Wilcox chief executive Kathy Clark recently began arriving at the homes of striking nurses. In it, Jackson said, Clark wrote that nurses are not getting all the information from the union. “It’s a very interesting letter,” Jackson said. “She suggested that the negotiating team is not fully informing the nurses of what is happening in the sessions.” ... Wilcox

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