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Kauai nurses ratify contract, end four-month long strike

Associated Press, October 28, 2006 Nurses at Kauai's Wilcox Memorial Hospital overwhelmingly ratified a new three-year contract, officially ending a four-month long strike. Eighty nurses approved the contract, while ten voted to reject it. Dozens apparently did not vote. They are union members of the Hawaii Nurses' Association. About 140 of the hospital's nurses have been striking since June, demanding that management boost the ratio of nurses caring for patients. ... Kauai

Kauai nurses to get 21% over 3 years

Kristen Consillio, Pacific Business News (Honolulu), October 27, 2006 Nurses at Wilcox Memorial Hospital on Kauai have ratified a new contract that will give them a 21 percent wage increase over three years. Nurses now make an average of $35 an hour. Nurses will receive an 8 percent increase next June 30; a 7 percent increase the following year; and a 6 percent increase on May 31, 2009, the day the new contract expires. The contract covers about 149 Wilcox nurses, though roughly 25 quit and took jobs elsewhere after nurses went on strike June 24. The new contract allows Wilcox to eliminate the positions of about a dozen licensed practical nurses. ... Kauai

Strike Over

Kauai Nurses Approve Contract. TheHawaiiChannel.com, October 27, 2006 Honolulu - The strike at Kauai's Wilcox Memorial Hospital ended on Friday after four months. Nurses ratified a new three-year contract, by a vote of 80 to 10. The hospital's 140 nurses have been on strike since June. It has been a long road for the nurses, who said patient safety has been their main goal. They said they held out to assure there are enough nurses to care for patients at the hospital. ... Strike

Union to announce results of vote on new contract tomorrow

Associated Press, October 27, 2006 Honolulu - A union representing nurses at Kauai's Wilcox Memorial Hospital plans to announce today whether members ratified a new three year contract. About 140 of the hospital's nurses have been striking since June, demanding that management boost the ratio of nurses caring for patients at the facility. A vote in favor of the contract would allow the nurses to end their four-month long strike. The Hawaii Nurses Association plans to hold a meeting tomorrow at 10 AM, after which it will announce the vote result. ... Union

Answer on the way

Nurses cast votes. Charlotte Woolard, Garden Island, October 26, 2006 Nurses voted yesterday on the latest contract offer from Wilcox Memorial Hospital, casting ballots that could end a four-month strike. The Hawai‘i Nurses Association will announce the results of the vote at a meeting with its membership this morning, said DQ Jackson, spokesman and a Wilcox nurse who retired during the standoff. ... Answer

Long walkout takes a toll

Jan Tenbruggencate, Honolulu Advertiser, October 27, 2006 Lihu'e, Kaua'i - As many as a quarter of Wilcox Memorial Hospital's pre-strike nursing staff may not return to work there if nurses ratify their new contract, as they are expected to do. Nurses voted until 9 PM yesterday on the contract to end their four-month strike. The strike results were to be released today. The Hawai'i Nurses Association and the hospital both said they expected a strong vote in favor of the settlement. But for many nurses, employment at Wilcox Hospital is over. Emergency Room nurse DQ Jackson elected to resign. He is 62 and said he decided during the strike that he wants to move on to other things than nursing. ... Long

Kauai Nurses Vote On New Contract

TheHawaiiChannel.com, October 26, 2006 Honolulu - Nurses at Wilcox Memorial Hospital on Kauai will be voting on a new contract on Thursday after being on strike for more than four months. Terms of the tentative settlement that was reached on Tuesday have not been made public yet. About 140 Wilcox nurses went on strike June 24 after failing to win concessions from management to put more nurses on staff. The nurse-to-patient ratio was the main sticking point. ... Kauai

Nurses settle Wilcox strike

Jan TenBruggencate, Honolulu Advertiser, October 25, 2006 Lihu'e, Kaua'i  - Striking nurses and Wilcox Memorial Hospital yesterday reached a tentative settlement to a strike that has lasted more than four months. Nurses will vote on the pact tomorrow. No details of the agreement were released, but in a joint statement issued by officials representing the Hawai'i Nurses Association and Wilcox said they expect that a proposed three-year contract will end the strike. Jon Carroll, the lead negotiator for the union, said the bargaining committee supports the agreement. ... Nurses

Vote to end Kauai nurses strike

Negotiators have tentatively agreed on a deal that addresses staffing procedures. Tom Finnegan, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, October 25, 2006 Lihue - Nurses will vote tomorrow to ratify a new three-year contract and put an end to the longest nurses strike in Kauai history. Negotiation teams representing Wilcox Hospital and the 140 striking nurses tentatively agreed on a new three-year deal yesterday after meeting for just under two hours. ... Vote

Kauai Nurses, Wilcox Reach Agreement

KGMB9, October 24, 2006 After four months of frustration, Kauai nurses and Wilcox Hospital have just announced a tentative agreement. The longest and most bitter nurses strike in Kauai history appears to be over. Both sides expect the new contract deal to put an end the picketing and put more than a hundred nurses back to work. Today's agreement is tentative and subject to a ratification vote this Thursday. Until then, neither side is releasing any details of the agreement. But we do know the walk-off was spurred in part by differences over the acuity system at Wilcox. That has to do with the nurse-to-patient ratio and that issue had been the main sticking point in the negotiations. ... Kauai

Nurses, Kauai Hospital Reach Tentative Deal

Agreement Could End 4-Month Strike. Associated Press, October 24, 2006 Lihue - Nurses at Kauai's Wilcox Memorial Hospital have tentatively agreed on a new contract, bringing an end to a four-month long strike. Hawaii Nurses Association lead negotiator Jon Carroll said the union's bargaining committee supports the offer. The nurses are scheduled to vote on the offer Thursday. Neither side plans to release details of the tentative settlement until the outcome of the vote. ... Nurses

Wilcox, nurses reach tentative settlement

Honolulu Advertiser, October 24, 2006
The Hawai'i Nurses Association and Wilcox Hospital announced this afternoon that their negotiating teams have reached a tentative settlement in the four-month strike by nurses against the Lihu'e health care facility. Nurses will vote on the agreement Thursday. No details will be released by either side before the vote, the nurses and the hospital said in a joint press release. © COPYRIGHT 2006 The Honolulu Advertiser, a division of Gannett Co. Inc.

Deal could be near for Kauai nurses

Wilcox officials and union members are set to meet today. Tom Finnegan, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, October 24, 2006 Lihue - For the first time since the Kauai nurses strike began in late June, both sides said yesterday they believe a deal is possible today. Administrators from Wilcox Hospital and striking nurses from the Hawaii Nurses Association will meet at Wilcox at 1 PM today to try to negotiate an end to the 18-week-long strike. It is the first time since the strike began that nurses and administrators have talked at the hospital, behind the picket lines, said hospital spokeswoman Lani Yukimura. ... Deal

Nurse negotiations ‘most productive’

Charlotte Woolard, The Garden Island, October 19, 2006 Wilcox Memorial Hospital met with union representatives yesterday in the latest attempt to resolve a 119-day strike by about 120 nurses. “Today was probably the most productive meeting we’ve had,” said Jon Carroll, staff legal council for the Hawai‘i Nurses Association. “We’re cautiously optimistic about the strike right now.” Union leaders will present nurses with information from the meeting today before proceeding with negotiations, Carroll said. ... Nurse

Nurses Ask Governor For Help with Talks

Sabrina Hall, KGMB9, October 17, 2006 It's been 116 days on the picket line for nurses on Kauai. Some have had to collect unemployment or take up temporary jobs. Since June 24, all negotiations between nurses and Wilcox management have failed. That's why union negotiators went to the Capitol today, hoping to get help from the governor. Because she's very busy dealing with the earthquake, Gov. Linda Lingle could not meet with the nurse negotiators today. Instead the nurses met with her senior policy advisor Linda Smith. After a closed door meeting, nurses say Smith promised to present their side to the governor. ... Nurses

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