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Nurses in union want whistle-blower law

A union official says it would allow nurses to feel free to speak about care.
Tim Higgins, Des Moines Register, October 19, 2005

Union officials representing Iowa nurses told state lawmakers Tuesday that some of their colleagues are afraid to talk about problems at hospitals for fear of losing their jobs.

They want a "whistle-blower" law to shield nurses who speak out publicly. They say such a law would help address a shortage in the profession. ... Nurses

Legislature urged to give 'whistleblower' protection to nurses

Associated Press, October 18, 2005

Des Moines - A representative of a nurses union asked lawmakers on Tuesday to give "whistleblower" protection to nurses who complain about working conditions.

Giving such protection to nurses could help keep them on the job, said Cathy Singer-Glasson, a nurse and official with the Service Employee International Union.

"If nurses are afraid to speak with their legislators about what they see in hospitals, then we will not be able to make any improvements to keep enough nurses working at the bedside," said Singer-Glasson, of Iowa City. ... Legislature

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