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No Agreement Reached for Ingham/Nurses

Emily Zangaro, WLNS, October 12, 2005

Ingham Regional nurses are prepared to walk off the job, and with the possible loss of up to 500 jobs,the hospital is prepared to fill the vacancies and heighten security.

I just got off the phone with hospital officials, they say they had informational meetings with some of the nurses all night long, going over what could happen and what a strike will mean, but neither side has changed their offers.

Each side has had their final say, and each has made steps to prepare for a strike, something the nurses and hospital both say they want to avoid. ... No

Ingham, nurses remain divided

Union expects no progress; hospital readies for strike.
Barbara Wieland, Lansing State Journal, October 11, 2005

One day remains before 445 registered nurses could walk off their jobs at Ing-ham Regional Medical Center.

As hours tick down to a 7:30 AM Wednesday strike deadline, both sides continue to work toward resolving the conflict.

However, Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 459 representative Joseph Marutiak said the two sides remain divided over key issues. ... Ingham

Hospital raises pay for nurses who may strike

Lansing State Journal, October 10, 2005

Lansing - Ingham Regional Medical Center announced a pay increase Sunday night for 445 registered nurses who have set a Wednesday strike deadline.

It's part of a pay and benefits package that was rejected by the nurses' union, Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 459, Friday night. It immediately boosts pay a minimum of $1.33 to $1.98 an hour plus an annual step increase. ... Hospital

Ingham Nurses Strike Deadline Approaching

Beth Shayne, WILX10, October 10, 2005

At 6 PM Sunday, hospital officials gave the nurses a raise, a "new agreement" the union calls illegal.

OPEIU Local 459 is asking for contract changes aside from wages: staffing guidelines so that units have enough nurses on each shift, and benefits including a pension plan and a healthcare savings plan for retirees.

The hospital maintains the contract and raise they've offered is fair. They point out it doesn't take anything the nurses have in their current contract.

The two sides have been negotiating since early summer. Local 459 is already preparing signs and buttons for the picket line. ... Ingham

Ingham nurses ready to strike

No more talks are planned; hospital has replacements.
Hannah Northey, Lansing State Journal, October 9, 2005

Ingham Regional Medical Center has nurses on standby in case its staffers strike as planned, a hospital spokesman said Saturday.

The Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 459, representing 445 registered nurses at the hospital, plans to strike Wednesday, leaders said.

The union voted last month to give its leaders the option to strike. Their contract with the hospital expired Sept. 30. ... Ingham

Nurses/Hospital Hope to Avoid Strike

WLNS, October 7, 2005

A local hospital is still bargaining with its nurses union in hopes of avoiding a strike. A union representing nurses has filed unfair labor practice chargesagainst Ingham Regional Medical Center, and that comes just days before a strike deadline.

The hospital fired back by filing a comprehensive response, and union leaders are back at the bargaining table with hospital officials. In the meantime, a professional nursing staffing agency is standing by, prepared to supply the hospital with nurses in case a strike happens on Wednesday. ... Nurses/Hospital

Ingham nurses OK strike option

Talks stalled over staffing, benefits, wages, union says.
Barbara Wieland, Lansing State Journal, September 24, 2005

Registered nurses at Ingham County Medical Center could go on strike in October if a new labor contract isn't drafted by Friday.

The hospital's 445 registered nurses voted overwhelmingly to give its bargaining unit the option to strike. Their union, the Office and Professional Employees International Union Local 459, is in ongoing talks with hospital management.

The union said negotiations have stalled over staffing, pension and benefits issues. ... Ingham

Local Nurses Warn of Strike

WLNS, October 1, 2005

445 Ingham County nurses gave notice that they'll strike unless they get a new contract. They've been negotiating with Ingham Regional Medical Center for higher pay and better benefits. They also say the hospital needs to increase staffing. ... Local

NMH nurses' Teamsters petition gets a Washington opinion

Management quit dealing with union.
Keith Matheny, Traverse City Record-Eagle, September 1, 2005

Petoskey - The regional National Labor Relations Board is sending a dispute over Northern Michigan Hospital nurses' union representation to Washington for review.

"Hopefully the general counsel can look at it and give direction to the region," said Stephen Glasser, regional director of the NLRB office in Detroit.

Glasser said a charge filed against hospital management by Teamsters Local 406 will go to the board's Office of Advice, which gets involved in "certain cases with complex, novel legal issues." ... NMH

Union complaint kicked upstairs - to Washington

Jeremy McBain, Petoskey News-Review, August 31, 2005

The regional office of the National Labor Relation's Board is seeking advice from its national office over an issue in the Northern Michigan Hospital nurses strike.

Stephen Glasser, regional director for the board, confirmed the Northern Michigan Hospital matter is going to be sent from the regional office in Detroit to the National Labor Relation Board's Office of Advice for review. At issue is the union's insistence the hospital unlawfully rejected the union's status based on a petition the hospital says was signed by a majority of the nurses. ... Union

1,000 days for nurse strike

Jeremy McBain, Petoskey News-Review, August 10, 2005

After 1,000 days of being on strike among the nurses at Northern Michigan Hospital, the light at the end of the tunnel still cannot be seen.

"Our hearts are still broken because this hasn't been resolved. This is still a sore point among our community and the people in our parish," said the Rev. Douglas Kenny, of Zion Lutheran Church in Petoskey.

The strike at the hospital reached 1,000 days on Tuesday. ... 1,000 days

Union representing striking nurses files labor charge

Associated Press, June 11, 2005

Petoskey - A union representing striking nurses at Northern Michigan Hospital has filed an unfair labor practice charge and objected to this month's vote on whether it will continue representing nurses.

Following the actions by Teamsters Local 406 union officials, a review of challenged ballots in the nurses' June 2 vote is on hold, said Stephen Glasser, regional director of the National Labor Relations Board in Detroit.

The hospital questions the Teamsters' latest claims, the Traverse City Record-Eagle reported Saturday.

The vote showed 195 nurses voted against Teamsters representation and 109 voted for it. Another 183 votes were challenged, including 160 cast by nurses who went on strike in November 2002.

Union/Nurses Vote Still Up in Air

6 News, June 6, 2005

There's no word yet on whether the Teamsters will once again represent nurses at Northern Michigan Hospital. A certification vote Thursday showed 109 votes for union representation and 195 votes against, but another 183 votes are being challenged. Officials with the Petoskey hospital say striking nurses who have been permanently replaced shouldn't have been eligible to vote.

About half of the hospital's 470 nurses walked out in November-2002. The Teamsters dispute management's claims that all the strikers have been permanently replaced. The National Labor Relations Board will hold hearings on the challenged votes in coming weeks.

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Union supporters rally ahead of vote

Jeremy McBain, Poteskey News-Review, June 2, 2005

A large group of Northern Michigan Hospital nurse supporters lined a portion of US 31 Wednesday, just outside of the hospital.

The group, which was more than 100 strong and approaching 200 by 5:30 p.m., was organized by the local group Citizens to Save Healthcare as a way of supporting the hospital's nurses, who are voting today on union representation for the third time. While the group is not associated with the Teamsters Union, union members from throughout the state came to Petoskey to join the rally. ... Union

Put safety first: Reform policies for nurses

Cheryl Johnson, RN, Detroit Free Press, May 9, 2005

Nursing is a great profession. But exhaustion and poor working conditions are driving experienced nurses away from patient care and greatly contributing to the shortage of nurses in Michigan today.

Nurses are so overworked and hospital conditions so bad, many nurses simply look for work in other professions or away from direct patient care and seek a job that is safer and maybe more rewarding.

We must make many changes in the delivery of health care to improve safety for patients and working conditions for nurses. Ultimately, that will improve health care for everyone. ... Put safety first

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