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Sparrow Hospital Contract Dispute Turning Contentious

WLNS, November 9, 2010 On Tuesday, the Michigan Nurses Association filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board accusing Sparrow Hospital of trying to coerce 2,100 nurses and other health care workers to approve a new contract. Last week by 90 percent vote, the nurses turned down the hospital's contract proposal. The big sticking point for the nurses' union is a concern over understaffing. Jeff Breslin has worked at Sparrow for 15 years as a nurse. He's also president of the Michigan Nurses Association. ... Sparrow

Sparrow Hospital nurses file labor charge

Lansing State Journal, November 9, 2010 Lansing - The Michigan Nurses Association said today it has filed a labor charge against Sparrow Hospital, a day before the union is supposed to resume contract talks. The union said in a statement it filed an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging the hospital "restrained, coerced and interfered with its employees ... to form or assist a labor organization. MNA also said Sparrow has failed and refused to bargain in good faith. ... Sparrow

Sparrow nurses reject contract

Vote authorizes union to strike if more talks fail. Melissa Domsic & Barbara Wieland, Lansing State Journal, November 5, 2010 In a landslide vote that took place Wednesday and Thursday, nurses and other union-represented professionals at Sparrow Hospital turned down a proposed contract and authorized a strike. Representatives of the Professional Employees Council of Sparrow Hospital said that in heavy turnout, more than 90 percent of voters opted to reject the offered contract.The vote also authorizes the union to prepare for a walkout if further negotiations aren't productive. However, a strike is not imminent. ... Sparrow

Sparrow Hospital Nurses' Union Rejects Contract Proposal, Authorize Strike

David Mittleman, InjuryBoard, November 5, 2010 A few weeks ago I wrote about the nursing union at Sparrow Hospital and the difficulties they faced in convincing the hospital administrators to increase the staffing to improve patient safety. In fact, the nurses cited such extreme concerns over patient safety that they have filed nearly 615 internal staffing complaints since August of this year. Included in the complaints were allegations of patient falls, medications that were delivered late, call bells that weren't answered in a timely fashion, and assessments of patients that weren't made ... Sparrow

As Genesys Regional Medical Center technical workers approve contract, RNs prepare for more rough negotiations ahead

Beata Mostafavi, Flint Journal, October 15, 2010 Flint - One labor battle over, one left to go. An overwhelming majority of technical workers at Genesys Regional Medical Center voted Thursday to ratify a new contract, ending a nearly nine-month-long saga that almost led to employees walking off the job. Of the 196 members who voted, 90 percent approved the four-year contract. “Yea, it’s over,” cheered Teamsters business agent and recording secretary Angie Oberman, raising her fists in the air after the vote tally. “It feels like we’ve been at war for 10 months and now there is justice for it all,” she said. ... As

Teamster Technical Workers at Genesys Regional Medical Center Approve Contract

Workers Vote 181-15 to Ratify Four-Year Contract. International Brotherhood of Teamsters, October 15, 2010 Flint - Technical workers at Genesys Regional Medical Center voted 181-15 to approve a new four-year contract. The group, comprised of 280 licensed practical nurses, technicians, paramedics and EMTs, is represented by Teamsters Local 332 in Flint, Michigan. Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa praised the employees for continuing to work without a contract even though the hospital had refused any contract extensions after their previous contract expired on March 17. ... Teamster

Genesys Regional Medical Center technical workers expected to ratify contract, avert strike

Beata Mostafavi, Flint Journal, October 14, 2010 Flint - The contract offered to licensed practical nurse Lillian Robinson in June would have demoted her position, meant a $5-an-hour decrease in wages and considerably reduced employer contributions to her pension. But under the tentative contract that technical workers at Genesys Regional Medical Center have until today to vote on, she won’t see any of those changes. ... Genesys

Facebook photo of nurses in operating room sparks discipline at Genesys Regional Medical Center, union grievance

Beata Mostafavi, Flint Journal, September 27, 2010 Grand Blanc Township - It seemed innocent enough: pictures of colleagues during a break at work that ended up on Facebook. So registered nurse Cathy Miller was stunned when she was called into a meeting with officials at Genesys Regional Medical Center, where she was given a written reprimand for what managers said was “unprofessional” behavior. A photo that was taken in an empty operating room in early spring showed a fellow nurse taking out a sliver Miller had gotten, she said. ... Facebook

Nurses Decry Multitude of Sins at Union-Busting Catholic Hospitals

Jane Slaughter, Labor Notes, July 15, 2010 Less than 6 percent of Ascension Health’s 110,000 workers are union members, but apparently that’s 6 percent too many for the country’s largest Catholic health system. Management is on a concerted campaign to bust unions at its hospitals in Michigan, say the Teamsters, the Michigan Nurses Association and their ally Interfaith Worker Justice, a national organization that works with religious leaders. IWJ Executive Director Kim Bobo called Ascension’s sins “a fall from grace.” RN Tiffany McDonald, a Teamster, said “the whole culture is gone” at Genesys Medical Center in Grand Blanc near Flint ... Nurses

Nurses Welcome Religious Leaders' Spotlight on Ascension Health Abuses

Interfaith Worker Justice, July 15, 2010 Detroit - Leaders of the Michigan Nurses Association (MNA) and its national union, National Nurses United (NNU), expressed their appreciation today to Interfaith Worker Justice for its new report, "Ascension Health: A Fall from Grace." The report from the national religious organization documents labor rights abuses at Ascension Health's Michigan hospitals, including at Borgess Medical Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where 700 MNA/NNU registered nurses are in an ongoing struggle to secure a new collective bargaining agreement. ... Nurses

NLRB alleges unfair labor practices against Borgess Medical Center over nurses' contract negotiations

Chris Killian, Kalamazoo Gazette, July 14, 2010 Kalamazoo - During contract negotiations with Borgess Medical Center, nurses were threatened with a possible lockout, interrogated about their union activities and told there would be “economic penalties” if the union representing them did not agree to a hospital-proposed contract, according to a formal complaint filed against the hospital by the National Labor Relations Board. The complaint alleges unfair labor practices by the hospital earlier this year when it was in negotiations with the 700-member Borgess Staff Nurse Council and the Michigan Nurses Association, a statewide nurses union representing the council ... National

NLRB may file complaint against Borgess

Hospital rejects settlement with nurses union. Chris Killian, Kalamazoo Gazette, July 13, 2010 Kalamazoo - Barring a last-minute deal between Borgess Medical Center and its nurses union, the National Labor Relations Board is set to file a formal complaint against the hospital within the next few days for unfair labor practices during its negotiations with the Borgess Staff Nurse Council earlier this year. Borgess announced Monday that it had rejected an NLRB proposal to settle the charge, which was made in March by the Michigan Nurses Association, which is representing the council. ... NLRB

Tensions Rise At Borgess

WKZO, July 13, 2010 Kalamazoo - The labor tension between Borgess and its Nurses Union has just edged up another notch. Borgess officials were threatened with a citation from the National Labor Relations Board if they rejected the NLRB’s proposed settlement. That’s exactly what they plan to do. The nurses union has accused the hospital of using intimidation tactics in their talks with the union. The hospital has denied those claims, saying the union has been “antagonistic” and they plan to pursue the NLRB’s hearing process to refute their charges. ... Tensions

Kalamazoo's Borgess Medical Center nurses want to keep staffing ratios, mandatory overtime (sic)

Lori Roy, RN, Kalamazoo Gazette, April 22, 2010 On April 3, the Kalamazoo Gazette ran an article regarding the contract vote at Borgess Medical Center. The article stated there are 140 nurses who signed a petition for a vote, but it didn’t mention the more than 600 nurses who signed a petition which was presented to Paul Spaude, Borgess CEO, stating nurses wanted to keep staffing ratios, mandatory overtime and the like in the contract. ... Kalamazoo

Still no agreement on nursing contract

WWMT, April 7, 2010 Kalamazoo – Nurses and hospital leaders at Borgess Medical Center have still not reached an agreement on a disputed nursing contract. Nurses at Borgess are currently working without a contract. Borgess Health and the Michigan Nurses Association met for the twelfth time on Tuesday, and even with the help of state and federal mediators, they could not reach an agreement. A big sticking point in the negotiations is nurse to patient ratios. The nurses' union says there should be more nurses per patient at the hospital. The two sides will again try to reach an agreement on April 29th. © Copyright 2010 Freedom Communications. All Rights Reserved.

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