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A&E crisis on-going: INO figures

Ireland Online, September 13, 2005

Hundreds of patients are still being forced to wait on trolleys in Ireland's accident and emergency departments, according to figures published by the Irish Nurses Organisation today.

The INO said 246 people were waiting in A&E units this morning for admittance to a proper hospital bed.

It said the worst of the overcrowding was in Wexford General Hospital, where 35 patients were lying on trolleys.

The INO has been complaining for years about the overcrowding problem. ... A&E crisis

Health service reveals extent of bed blocking problem

Ireland Online, August 23, 2005

Over 400 patients are blocking hospital beds which could be used to treat seriously ill people in the eastern area of the country, it was confirmed today.

The Health Service Executive (HSE) said 420 patients had finished the acute phase of their treatment but were awaiting supports to leave the hospitals.

The latest figures from the HSE said 105 patients would be offered home care packages, nursing home care and other support services to free up space in the hospitals’ services shortly. ... Health

Our regional hospitals are busiest

Rural facilities making most of available resources, survey finds.
Aideen Sheehan, Irish Independent, August 19, 2005

Regional hospitals tend to have a heavier workload than many of their counterparts in Dublin, according to a major new survey.

Only four of the country's 10 busiest hospitals are situated in the capital, with many rural hospitals punching above their weight in terms of the resources available to them, the Irish Farmers Journal found.

The busiest hospital in Ireland is St James's in Dublin, with more than 82,000 admissions last year, and this is also the biggest hospital with 945 beds and more nurses than anywhere else, they revealed.

However, despite this busy workload there are fewer consultants in St James's than either Beaumont or St Vincents and they also employed fewer junior doctors than Beaumont.

Nurses' union calls for whistleblower protection

Ireland Online, May 5, 2005

Nurses need to be protected from victimisation if they expose bad practices or problems in the workplace, their union demanded today.

The Irish Nurses Organisation has published a “whistleblower” position paper at the annual delegates’ conference in Killarney.

The union is also calling for legislation on the matter, without which they say there is no protection to stop people who raise issues being victimised.

The document - Protection of Nurses and Midwives upon Disclosure of Procedures of Concern in the Workplace - sets out a number of provisions the organisation wants adopted. ... Nurses' union

Harney to warn on health sector dissent

Martin Wall, The Irish Times, May 3, 2005

No group will be allowed to stand in the way of change in the health service, Minister for Health Mary Harney will warn in a major policy statement later this week.

Ms Harney is expected to use an address to the annual conference of the Irish Nurses' Organisation (INO) on Friday to claim that resistance to change in the health service has gone on for too long.

The Tánaiste is expected to signal that in future "those groups that were prepared to innovate and change would be rewarded".
... Harney

Nurses may lose pay increases

Catherine Shanahan & Emily Beamont, Irish Examiner, May 2, 2005

Health managers are threatening to withhold pay increases due to nurses next month for failure to co-operate with the introduction of a new tier of health worker.

The Irish Nurses Organisation (INO) general secretary Liam Doran said they were told last week they might not get their next scheduled pay increase if they opposed the introduction of the new healthcare assistants.

“We view it as being a retaliatory strike arising from the A&E protest,” Mr Doran said.

The general secretary warned if the pay increase was withheld, it could lead to industrial action.

The INO believes the assistants, who are trained in areas such as hygiene and infection control, could be a valuable addition to the health service but has concerns over who will take responsibility for the tasks they carry out.

Managers seeking to block 3.5% pay rise for nurses

Martin Wall, The Irish Times, May 2, 2005

Health service managers are seeking to withhold pay increases due to 30,000 nurses from the beginning of June in a move that could trigger industrial action in hospitals.

The managers have cited the Irish Nurses' Organisation (INO) for breaching benchmarking and Sustaining Progress agreements over an alleged refusal to co-operate with plans for the introduction of new healthcare assistant posts in hospitals. ... Managers

Nurses react to HSE withholding pay increases

Irish News, May 2, 2005

A fresh row has broken out between the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Irish Nurses Organisation (INO) over the pay increase due to nurses under Sustaining Progress.

The HSE is withholding the increase because they claim the INO has breached benchmarking agreements by not co-operating with a new health care assistant grade. ... Nurses

WCTU urges support for nurses’ protests

Waterford Today, April 27, 2005

The Waterford Council of Trade Unions has called on the public to support the series of protests being organised by the Irish Nurses Organisation this month.  The demonstrations outside hospitals are to protest at the scandalous level of overcrowding in Accident and Emergency departments.

This crisis is the latest sign of the chaos caused by the failure of the Government to invest in health, says Council President, Tom Creedon. ... WCTU

Nurses lobbying for improvements

Nurses throughout Northern Ireland are stepping up their campaign to lobby on issues close to their hearts in the run up to the general election.
BBC, April 6, 2005

The Royal College of Nursing has said it hopes to raise issues such as a ban on smoking, more school nurses and the recruitment and retention of nurses.

Voters will go to the polls for the general and council elections on 5 May.

RCN Northern Ireland Director Martin Bradley said nurses here fully supported the union's six point plan. ... Nurses

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