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Kerala male nurses storm female bastion

Asian News International, Kochi (Kerala), August 24, 2005

Kerala has acquired the reputation of being known as the nursery of the country's nursing profession. But the profession undergoing a change of sorts with male nurses storming what has largely been seen as a female bastion till now.

The trickle of male nurses in the last few decades now seems to have become a deluge.

Lucrative nursing options in countries like the United States, Britain and the Gulf have convinced males to take up training in professional nursing colleges in the state.

For instance, in Kochi, which is said to be among the main centers for recruitment and training of nurses, an entry-level doctor-graduate earns less than 9,000 rupees (206 dollars) a month as compared to 6000 rupees (138 dollars) by a qualified nurse. The same nurse earns over 35,000 rupees (804 dollars) in Gulf countries.

Nurses’ stir for regular jobs

Statesman News Service, August 10, 2005

Bhubaneswar - Hundreds of unemployed trained nurses today staged a demonstration in front of the state Assembly, demanding regular appointment instead of ad hoc jobs.

The agitating nurses took out a rally and handed over a memorandum to the chief minister, Mr Naveen Patnaik seeking his immediate intervention.

In the memorandum to the chief minister, president of Orissa Unemployed Trained Nurses’ Association, Ms J Mohapatra said around 2800 trained nurses were waiting for appointment in the vacant regular posts with regular time scale after passing the prescribed courses from three government-run medical colleges of the state and having registered themselves with the Orissa Nursing Board.

Nurses to wear black in protest

Express News Service, July 1, 2005

Lucknow - The nurses of Rajkiya Nursing Sangh Uttar Pradesh working in different hospitals declared that they will wear black ribbons to work to protest against the administration. After that, they will stop work in all emergency and evening services as well.

In their 17 point charter of demand, the nurses’ association has stated that presently around 4,000 nurses are doing the work of 60,000 nurses. ... Nurses to wear

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