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In Basra Thousands of Workers Take to the Street

In a Demonstration against the Government Anti-Worker Policy. Amjad Al-Jawhary, General Federation of Workers Councils & Unions in Iraq, October 27, 2008 In a coordination effort with the Labor Unifying Bureau, thousands of workers from various industrial sectors took to the streets of Basra on October 27, 2008 marching towards the municipal building where the officials offices to denounce the ministry of Finance decrees that resulted in massive cut backs in workers salaries. The workers came from steel, petrochemicals, paper and other plants in Basra who were headed by Hassan Juma, head of Labor Unifying Bureau and Oil workers and Abuwatan, vice president of Labor Unifying Bureau and GFWCUI in Basra. ... In

Industry ministry employees demand their dues

Aswat al-Iraq (Voice of Iraq), October 26, 2008 Basra - Several Ministry of Industry employees on Sunday took to the streets in Basra province demanding better conditions. “Employees from the Iron and Steel Company, the Petrochemical Industries Company, Bin Majed Company, and the Paper Industries Factory staged a demonstration in front of the provincial council’s building in Basra demanding their lost rights,” Ahmed Saad Salman, one of the demonstrators, told Aswat al-Iraq. The demonstrators have called on local authorities to pay them the variance in salaries and to put them on an equal footing with employees of other departments and ministries, the source noted. ... Industry

Thousands of Workers Took To the Street against the Minister of Finance

The US Troops and National Guards Surround the Event While the Labor Leaders Deliver Their Speeches. Amjad Al-Jawhary, Iraq Freedom Congress/General Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq, October 25, 2008 In a series of demonstrations led by workers of the Ministry of Industry against the Minister of Finance and government decisions that intend workers salaries cut back under terms of the International Monetary Fund, a massive demonstration was organized today October 19, 2008 in Firdaus Square in Baghdad, where thousands of workers have participated. ... Thousands

A Week-Long Strike Is Announced In The Industrial Sectors

Amjad Al-Jawhary, Iraq Freedom Congress/General Federation of Workers Councils & Unions in Iraq, October 25, 2008 In a continuation of the campaign announced by the leaders and activists of the labor unions to carry out demonstrations and strikes against the decisions of the Ministry of Industry, which prevented the payment of benefits and salaries of workers, a demonstration involving more than 3,000 workers was organized in the city of Alexandria (65 Km south west of Baghdad) by GFWCUI and IFC. Also thousands of copies of IFC statements pertained to workers struggle were distributed ... A

Workers March on Ministry of Finance to Protest IMF-Inspired Wage Cuts

Daniel W. Smith,, October 19, 2008 On Sunday morning, a protest was organized by employees of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and labor leaders at Firdos Square, in central Baghdad. The site, known to Westerners as the place where the statue of Saddam Hussein was famously pulled down after the invasion of 2003, was packed with demonstrators, banners, and rousing speeches. Similar demonstrations were coordinated at the same time in Najaf, Kut, and Nasaria. The employees of the MIM, which is responsible for planning and development of Iraqi industry, were fighting a 30 percent pay cut, which went into effect on July 1st. ... Workers

Young Iraqi reporter gunned down

Electronic Iraq, October 16, 2008 A young Iraqi reporter was shot dead in Kirkuk, reports the Committee to Protect Journalists. Dyar Abas Ahmed, a correspondent with the independent online news site Eye Iraq, was walking in a street in the center of Kirkuk with a friend on October 10 when he was shot six times in the head and chest by unidentified gunmen, CPJ reports. He was declared dead at the scene. According to CPJ, at least 135 other journalists have been killed in Iraq in relation to their work since the US invasion of March 2003. Four of them were killed in Kirkuk.

Company personnel demand outstanding dues [wages and allowances]

Aswat al-Iraq, October 9, 2008 Wassit - A large number of employees from the State General Company for Textile Industries in Wassit staged a demonstration calling on the government to pay them their outstanding dues. “On Wednesday, the company’s personnel demonstrated in front of the provincial council building, urging the government to pay them the variance in salaries, approved by the cabinet,” a spokesperson for the company’s workers, Ali Ghidan, told Aswat al-Iraq. The company has a total of 5,500 employees, Ghidan explained, adding that most of them live in difficult life circumstances and fear privatization of the state-owned company. ... Company

IFJ Demands Action as Killers Target New Iraqi Union President

GFIW, September 28, 2008 The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today vigorously condemned a targeted bomb attack on the President of the Iraqi Union of Journalists (IUJ) in Baghdad only seven months after his predecessor was shot dead by extremists. The IFJ is demanding increased security for the union and personal protection for its leaders.

Workers in the electricity sector in Nasiriyah call for the expulsion of the minister

Falah Alwan, Federation of Workers Councils and Unions in Iraq, September 27, 2008 The demonstrations of the electricity sector workers have expanded to include other governorates in the Iraq, following the demonstration of 16-9-2008 in the center of Baghdad. On the 25th of September, workers in the energy industry of Nasiriyah held a mass demonstration calling for indictment of the Electricity Minister, abolishing the corruption, improving the living conditions of the workers, and improving the production system. ... The workers succeeded to impose their will. ... Workers

Iraqi workers struggle for their rights and a labour law!

Colin Foster, Solidarity, September 25, 2008 According to US Labor Against the War and the Iraqi Freedom Congress, a flurry of strikes and demonstrations has scored one of the most important victories for Iraqi workers since 2003, and put the question of a proper labour law on the agenda. USLAW reports (14 September): "Following days of demonstrations and strikes by thousands of workers, the Iraqi government reversed its order to cut wages by up to 30% and eliminate many industrial labor benefits". ... Iraqi

Iraqi oil union: US troops shot engineer

Ben Lando, United Press International, September 20, 2008 Washington - Iraq's oil workers in the south are protesting an alleged killing of a field engineer en route to work by US troops, a top union official said. "They treated him as if he was an animal, they shot at him and kept on moving," Faleh Abood Umara, general secretary of the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions, told United Press International. Umara was working at the Rumaila field September 17 when he heard a gunshot. He turned and found his colleague. "I saw the troops passing and a car being shot at." He died two days later from a head wound, Umara said. ... Iraqi

Occupation Forces Attack Iraqi Oil Workers, Kill One

Hassan Juma'a Awad, President of the Iraq Federation of Oil Unions, September 20, 2008 The occupation forces had attacked and shot at a number of workers and employees who went yesterday to work at the pipelines near the Rumailah Oil field, in the south of Iraq. The attack resulted in the killing of the head engineer, Taleb Naji Abboud. The Iraq Federation of Oil Unions and Employees denounces this vicious and cowardly attack on its members, brazenly committed by the occupation forces in the day light against its members. We denounce this attack and this interference in our work, and we demand that the government stand behind the workers of Iraq in the Oil Sector and not to work against them. ... Occupation

Unified Iraq Coalition demands electricity minister to resign

Voices of Iraq, September 19, 2008 Baghdad – The Unified Iraqi Coalition on Thursday demanded Electricity Minister Karim Wahied to resign after his failure in running the ministry, a lawmaker from the UIC said. “The UIC demanded the electricity ministry to resign during a meeting held today to save his face because his inability to provide electricity during his post,” Abd Ali Lafta told Aswat al-Iraq - Voices of Iraq - (VOI). “The minister attributed the deterioration and the failure of his ministry to the lack of fuel and the security condition and he promised us to improve the electricity in Iraq in the coming stage,” he added. ... Unified

Demonstration of workers and employees of oil products distribution in Baghdad

Iraqi Communist Party, September 16, 2008 Hundreds of workers and employees of the Oil Products Distribution Department in Baghdad demonstrated in Furdaus Square in central Baghdad on 10 September 2008. A memorandum addressed to the Ministry of Oil listed their legitimate demands and explained the situation in the distribution stations as a result of unfair decisions to suspend workers and stop their salaries. The following were some of their demands ... Demonstration

Hundreds Repeat the Slogans of Iraq Freedom Congress in Al-Hussein

IFC Leadership Receives a Warm Welcome by the Public Who Chanted Against the Occupation and Sectarian Gangs. Amjad Al-Jawhary, Iraq Freedom Congress, July 15, 2008 In a wedding ceremony held in Al-Hussein neighborhood in Baghdad in Amiriya district, Hassan klildar; IFC Vice President accompanied by a number of IFC members and Sana TV received a warm welcome by the public who chanted "No Sunni ... No Shiite Ours is humane identity." Hassan Klildar spoke to the attendees about IFC views and the necessity of confronting the occupation and sectarian gangs under one slogan "No Shiite ... No Sunni ... Occupation is the enemy of humanity".  ... Hundreds

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