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Long Live International Women’s Day

Let’s Make Every Day a March 8!
Organization for the Liberation of Women in Iraq, March 8, 2010

Six Iraqi Union Leaders to Attend AFL-CIO Convention

Iraqis will also speak at USLAW events in DC, NYC and Philadelphia.
US Labor Against the War, August 11, 2009

Among the international guests invited to attend the AFL-CIO national convention in Pittsburgh, September 13-17, will be leaders of six Iraqi labor federations. In addition to attending the convention, the Iraqi union leaders will appear at events organized by USLAW and its affiliates in Washington, DC, New York City, and Philadelphia.

One of their appearances at 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East in NYC will also be simulcast by closed circuit television to 1199 facilities in Buffalo, Syracruse, Boston, Rochester, Buffalo, Baltimore and possibly elsewhere.

Iraqi Labour Federation Protests Attack from Industry and Government Ministry

International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine & General Workers' Unions, July 27, 2009 The ICEM has received information from the Federation of Workers Councils Unions in Iraq (FWCUI) that one of their leading women activists is under attack. The management of the General Company for Leather Industries (GCLI) has punished Sawsan Mahmoud, by transferring her to another company. The decision follows her leadership and participation in a strike at the beginning of April 2009, after protesting against the company's failure to make all outstanding payments due to workers in April. ... Iraqi

Iraqi Oil Workers Demand Bid Round Cancellation

Hassan Hafidh, Wall Street Journal, June 22, 2009

Amman - The oil workers' union in the oil hub province of Basra in southern Iraq Monday demanded the government cancel the country's upcoming auction of contracts to develop oil fields.

"We are demanding Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki intervene personally to prevent the award of these contracts," said a statement issued by the union, a copy of which was e-mailed to Dow Jones Newswires.

May Day in Iraq

Report from Baghdad & Basra. Iraqi unions celebrate May Day. May 1, 2009 Iraqi trade unions once famously celebrated May Day in 1959, with a million people on the streets of Baghdad to celebrate the fall of the monarchy. This year, 50 years later, the celebrations were smaller, but the trade union movement and the Iraqi Communist Party are rebuilding. Iraqi trade union movement international representative Abdullah Muhsin reports. ... May

Let's Raise the Banners of Freedom, Well-Being & the Formation of a Secular Non-Ethnic Government

Statement of Iraq Freedom Congress on the International Workers Day. Iraq Freedom Congress, End of April 2009 The first of May is a day when the world's workers join in protest to voice their objection to the fact that the great majority of human society that produces all sorts of goods - enjoys little of it. Many workers seek only to survive. The First of May comes this year as the global economic crisis is shaking the pillars of the world. The corporations and their affiliated regimes seek to overcome their deep crisis by making wars or by taking away rights that workers have earned through years of struggle by reducing wages, making massive lay-offs, extending working hours, reducing health benefits ... Let

In resistance we are united

Basra's occupiers depart defeated. Our message to belligerent British leaders? Good riddance. Hassan Juma'a, The Guardian, April 18, 2009 Six years after US and British tanks rolled into Basra, the scene is one of devastation, with the blood of the innocent spread across the city and Iraq's tortured land. Not even schools and hospitals were spared. On a pretext of lies, history's greatest empire launched the 2003 war to occupy Mesopotamia, inflicting untold damage on the cradle of civilisation. It was an aggression instigated by a small minority of warmongers. It is my firm conviction that the chaotic conditions endured today were caused by the occupying powers ... In

Still Under Occupation, Iraqi Unions Find US Allies

Michael Eisenscher, Labor Notes, April 17, 2009 The two young members of Iraq Veterans Against the War were nervous about speaking to a crowd of Iraqis, in the Kurdish city of Erbil. They’d seen and done actions in Iraq they would do anything to undo. How would the crowd receive them? As they finished their presentation to a conference of Iraqi union leaders March 14, an older man rushed the stage. No one knew what to expect - he was an ultra-nationalist who’d lost family members in the six years Iraq has been occupied. The man grabbed the mic and said in Arabic, “I’ve come up here to embrace my comrades from America.” ... Still

Only a Free Iraq with a Secular Government Can Bring About Security and Stability

On the Sixth Anniversary of the Occupation of Iraq. Iraq Freedom Congress, April 6, 2009 The 9th of April marks the sixth anniversary of the occupation of Iraq. Since this ill-fated day, hundreds of thousands of innocent people have been killed, millions have been displaced inside and outside of Iraq, and the society has been transformed into a jungle where criminal gangs and sectarian militias walk free to impose inhumane laws that are contrary to all norms and values of humanity. Through lack of basic civil services, neighborhoods have been turned into piles of waste which cause disease epidemics that have added another agony for Iraqis. Parallel to that, corruption has spread out to all fields of society ... Only

Iraqi teachers union under attack

Abdullah Muhsin, UnionBook, March 26, 2009 The Iraqi Teachers’ Union is facing extreme attack from the Iraqi Government. The Iraqi government has appointed an official body and granted it the authority to take over the union. This government body demanded that the leadership of the union must hand over the keys to its headquarters along with membership and other records. The government claims it wants the union to hold national election and that the current leadership are not allowed to stand for re-election again. It is worth to note that the ITU has already held two national conferences since 2003 with a third emergency conference in late 2007 ... Iraqi

Iraqi Government tries to seize control of teacher union

TUC, March 4, 2009 The TUC has today (Wednesday) called for protests to be aimed at the Iraqi Embassy in London over attempts by the Iraqi Government to seize control of the Iraqi Teachers' Union (ITU). Urging trade union members to email their protest to the Iraqi Ambassador, the Chair of the TUC Iraq Solidarity Committee and Treasurer of teacher union NASUWT Sue Rogers said: 'The Iraqi Government is acting like Saddam Hussein, treating unions as the property of the state. Iraqi trade unionists and teacher trade unions around the world are outraged at this latest attempt to seize control of our sister union. ... " Iraqi

Iraqi Unions Announce New Confederation at International Labor Conference

US Labor Against the War, March 17, 2009 At the first International Labor Conference ever held in Iraq, three of the country's major labor organizations announced the formation of a new labor confederation. At the close of the two day meeting of Iraqi unions with their international allies, Iraq's powerful Federation of Oil Unions, the nationwide Electricity Association and the General Federation of Workers Councils and Unions signed an agreement to create a new labor confederation, a step toward unifying the Iraqi labor movement as an advocate for the interests of Iraqi workers. ... Iraqi

Iraqi Professors Demand Rights (video)

Alive in Baghdad, November 11, 2008 Baghdad – University professors are considered by many to be the leaders of Iraqi society. The professor was experiencing many dangers, such as death threats, car bombs, and gangs. Despite all these conditions many professors continued going everyday to their universities, transferring education, culture, and inspiration to their students. During the time of the previous regime, they suffered under strict budgets and some stopped teaching and began taking jobs such as taxi drivers, shop keepers, or others. After the invasion the salaries given to university professors were increased, but many felt they were not increased enough to match their efforts. ... Iraqi

Appeal to the Journalist Organisations

Please fulfill your duties towards your Iraqi colleagues. Dirk Adriaensens, BRussells Tribunal, November 7, 2008 The president of the Iraqi Syndicate of Journalists said on Thursday 6 November 2008, that the number of Iraqi journalists who have been killed in Iraq since March 2003 reached 292, including cameramen and technicians. This is more or less in accordance with the tallies the BRussells Tribunal keeps: 298 Iraqi media professionals died in Iraq. If you add to these figures the non-Iraqi media professionals who died in Iraq while fulfilling their duties, the death toll reaches 328 (including 6 journalists who died of non-violent causes). ... Appeal

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