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Crozer Chester nurses authorize June 1 strike

Josh Goldstein, Philadelphia Inquirer, May 19, 2005

The registered nurses at Crozer Chester Medical Center in Delaware County last night voted to authorize a strike on June 1, if negotiations between their union and the hospital failed to produce a new contract.

The major issues blocking an agreement are staffing levels, health-care benefits and pensions, according to the nurses union, the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurse and Allied Professionals. About 750 nurses work at Crozer Chester. ... »

Union pushes for ban on forced overtime

Study claims more risk of health care errors with longer workdays.
Steve Esack, The Morning Call, May 11, 2005

Only one speaker showed up Tuesday afternoon at Meuser Park in Wilson. Others couldn't make it.

So Mike Forbes, a union organizer, spoke for nurses when he urged state legislators to ban mandatory overtime in hospitals, nursing homes and prisons in Pennsylvania.

''It's a pretty critical [situation] because I would not want my loved ones to get care there,'' said Forbes, administrative organizer for Pennsylvania's Health Care Union SEIU District 1199P. ''If a nurse was working a mandatory second shift, I don't know if I would want that person caring for my parents. - They've been on their feet all day.''

Health-care union calls for end to mandatory overtime

Anne Danahy, Centre Daily Times, May 11, 2005

College Township - Mandatory overtime might no longer be a problem at Mount Nittany Medical Center, but the practice goes on at other places across the county and state, and health-care workers want to see it end.

That was the message health-care workers delivered Tuesday during a news conference outside the Mount Nittany Medical Center. The event was part of a statewide push to get mandatory overtime for health-care workers banned except in cases of emergency. It was held with Pennsylvania's Health Care Union Service Employees International Union District 1199P.

Nurses push for ban on forced overtime

Tom Barnes, Pittwsburgh Post-Gazette, May 11, 2005

Harrisburg - If you were in the hospital, would you want a nurse who's exhausted after working two straight eight-hour shifts grabbing the wrong medication to inject into your arm?

Patricia Eakin didn't think you would. So Eakin, a nurse at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia, joined with other medical colleagues and some state legislators yesterday in demanding passage of a bill that would ban hospitals and nursing homes from using mandatory or forced overtime for nurses, except in rare emergency situations.

ACMH nurses shed candlelight on lack of contract

Patrick Shuster, Pittsburgh Leader Times, April 27, 2005

East Franklin - More than 50 of the 200 unionized nurses at Armstrong County Memorial Hospital braved the wind and rain last night to hold a candlelight vigil along the road leading to the hospital.

The event, one of several planned in the next few weeks, was held to increase community awareness and support for the nurses who are seeking a contract with the hospital.

Janet Jordan, who spoke on behalf of the Pennsylvania State Education Association-Health Care local, said, "We deserve to have a decent, fair contract and we hope that the hospital will be willing to come back to the table and meet with us." ...

Nurses: ACMH has crossed the line

Mitch Fryer, Pittsburgh Leader Times, March 1, 2005

East Franklin - Nurses at Armstrong County Memorial Hospital plan to file unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board over what they say is the hospital's unilateral decision to impose its latest contract offer on them.

A boycott and a strike could be next, representatives of the Armstrong Nurses Association of the Pennsylvania State Education Association-Health Care union say.

The union represents approximately 200 registered nurses at the hospital.

Nurse strike at Western Psychiatric ends

Associatied Press, September 15, 2004

Pittsburgh - More than 100 nurses at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic in Pittsburgh are back on the job today, but labor negotiations will continue.

The nurses were on a three-day strike that ended yesterday. But contract talks have not ended.

The president of the local nurses union says the nurses are demanding better wages and retention policies.

A spokesman for the hospital says the strike didn't end amicably.

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