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Election to be Held by Registered Nurses at Cook County

Illinois Nurses Association, PRNewswire, March 30, 2005

Chicago - The State of Illinois Labor Relations Board (ILRB) ruled today that a union election will be scheduled for the registered nurses at Cook County.

"This is a necessary step in the democratic process. INA completely and totally supports free and fair choice of registered nurses to select representation," says Kathryn Martel, INA Director of Labor Relations. "We want to ensure that their rights to a free and fair election are being observed. The ILRB complaint and current ULP charges reflect a continuing concern of the INA that the registered nurses' fair choice is being impeded."

Illinois Labor Board Orders Election For Cook County Bureau of Health Nurses

National Nurses Organizing Committee, November 23, 2004

The Illinois Labor Relations Board today threw out the primary legal challenge by the Illinois Nurses Association and ordered an election for Registered Nurses from the Cook County Bureau of Health Services (CCBHS) who are seeking to replace INA with the National Nurses Organizing Committee (NNOC).

INA may appeal to the ruling, and has additional minor legal challenges remaining, but NNOC leaders said today the day of an election is finally within sight. The order restarts the clock and directs the employer to begin the pre-election process.

Stroger nurses act to cut union tie

Local files petition with labor board to exit state group
H. Gregory Meyer, Chicago Tribune, September 2, 2004

Nurses at Cook County's Stroger Hospital seeking to leave the Illinois Nurses Association for a rival union based in California filed a formal petition Wednesday with the Illinois Labor Relations Board.

The petition follows friction between the Illinois association and leaders of the Stroger Hospital union local whose elected representatives were removed in June.

Nurses from the local filed suit in July. Illinois union officials alleged that litigation was being directed and funded by the rival California Nurses Association.

Nurses association negotiates 13 percent salary increase

Andrew Moesel, Chicago Maroon, May 7, 2004

Using the threat of a strike as leverage, the Illinois Nurses Association (INA) reached a tentative agreement on contract negotiations with the University Hospitals on Monday. While the vote to officially ratify the contract will take place on Wednesday, May 12, officials on both sides believe the nurses will accept the University’s terms.

The agreement on the table would raise salaries 13 percent over the next three years - five percent the first year, and four percent the subsequent two years - as well as pay the nurses retroactively starting from October 1, 2003. Senior staff members will also receive salary incentives during the first year of the contract.

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