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23,000 Nurses Take Stand for Patient Care

James Parks, AFL-CIO, September 23, 2011 From Santa Rosa to Fresno and from Sacramento to San Jose, 23,000 registered nurses walked picket lines, joined rallies and sent a strong message yesterday to three large employers that they will not accept reductions in patient services or cuts to nurses and other caregivers. The one-day strike by members of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United (CNA/NNU) ended this morning at 7 AM PT. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, who joined nurses on the picket line at Sutter Alta Bates hospital in Berkeley, praised the RNs as “the last line of defense for patients.” ... 23,000

Sutter nurses locked out after strike

Kathy Robertson, Sacramento Business Journal, September 23, 2011

Kaiser Permanente nurses were back at work Friday after a massive, one-day strike, but nurses who walked off the job at Sutter Health are not.

That’s because Sutter hospitals affected by the strike signed contracts for replacement workers - and most last five days. That means Sutter nurses will be locked out until the contract time is up.

“We’re very clear - and our nurses know it’s a minimum number of days,” Sutter spokeswoman Kami Lloyd said. “Nurses who chose to participate in the strike will be welcomed back when the contracts are over.”

Some Bay Area nurses on strike told not to come back until Tuesday

San Francisco Examiner, September 23, 2011 A nursing strike at Bay Area hospitals is over today, but participating nurses at Sutter hospitals and Children’s Hospital in Oakland have been told they cannot report back to work before Tuesday, officials said today.

 The California Nurses Association is calling the action by the hospitals a punitive lockout, but hospital officials denied the charge, saying they had to sign five-day contracts with nursing staffing companies that provided temporary nurses for the strike. ... Some

Some nurses in California strike barred from work

Sudhin Thanawala, Associated Press, September 23, 2011 San Francisco - Some of the nurses who took part in a one-day strike at hospitals in Northern and Central California were not allowed by hospital management to resume work on Friday. The lockout affected at least eight hospitals run by the Sutter Health. It also affected the independent Children's Hospital Oakland. "We think the lockout is punitive, it's unnecessary," said Charles Idelson, a spokesman for the California Nurses Association, the union that organized Thursday's strike. Nurses will not get paid while they don't work, Idelson said. ... Some

Nurses take final day of strike to Kaiser headquarters

Ashley Bailey, KPCC, September 23, 2011 About 200 Southland nurses took their protest to Kaiser’s regional headquarters in Pasadena on Friday. They were part of a 3-day walk-out that union nurses across the state have undertaken to protest cuts to health care and retirement benefits in their new labor contract. Nurses in red shirts lined the street outside Kaiser Permanente’s office chanting and playing drums as passing drivers honked their car horns in support. ... Nurses

Oakland nurses march and strike in protest of benefit cuts

Catherine Traywick, San Francisco Chronicle, September 23, 2011 Thousands of registered nurses, clad in bright red scrubs, marched across Oakland Thursday in what organizers called the largest nursing strike in US history. An estimated 21,000 healthcare workers joined picket lines, attended rallies or simply stayed home from work in protest of proposed employee benefit cuts at 38 hospitals across California. “Nurses and health care providers have to hold the line,” said Liz Jacobs, a registered nurse and spokesperson for the California Nurses Association (CNA), which organized the strike in collaboration with National Union of Health Workers (NUHW). ... Oakland

Hundreds of Sacramento nurses join Northern California one-day strike

Darrell Smith, Sacramento Bee, September 23, 2011 Hundreds of nurses walked off their jobs at Sacramento-area Kaiser Permanente hospitals Thursday in support of fellow union members protesting management-proposed benefit cuts. Union officials estimated that about 23,000 nurses and about 1,500 other workers joined picket lines Thursday at more than 30 hospitals in the Bay Area and Central California. The California Nurses Association said it was the nation's largest-ever strike by nurses. ... Hundreds

Nurses at dozens of California hospitals strike

Sudhin Thanawala, Associated Press, September 23, 2011

San Francisco - Nurses in red union shirts carried signs and chanted slogans outside dozens of Northern and Central California hospitals into the night Thursday as part of a one-day strike over benefit cuts and other concessions sought by hospital management.

The California Nurses Association, the union organizing the strike, expected nearly 23,000 nurses to participate although hospital officials reported that many nurses had crossed the picket line.

Union officials could not provide an estimate of how many nurses took part in the strike, but Charles Idelson, a spokesman for the California Nurses Association, described it as "overwhelming participation."

Nurses strike at Sutter

Kevin N. Hume, Lake County Record-Bee, September 22, 2011 Lakeport - Registered nurses (RNs) from Sutter Lakeside Hospital in Lakeport, in conjunction with nurses from 33 other Northern and Central California hospitals, staged a one-day strike at 7 AM Thursday to protest changes to their existing contract. As many as 26 RNs were out before 9 AM holding signs with phrases such as "RNs on strike for patient safety," "no cuts in patient services," and "some cuts don't heal." RNs were striking along Hill Road East directly across from the hospital main entrance. ... Nurses

Health Workers Strike at Area Kaiser Facilities

Andrew Nixon, Capital Public Radio News, September 22, 2011 Sacramento - At a Sacramento Kaiser Facility on Morse Avenue, Salonje McKinley joined some 50 protesters on the picket line. The registered nurse with the California Nurses Association said they were there to support optical and behavioral health workers who are in contract negotiations. "We as nurses advocate for affordable guaranteed health care for everyone and everyone should also have secured retirement, that each and every one of us should have retirement with dignity." ... Health

Nurses at nearly three dozen hospitals in California hospitals strike

Kristin J. Bender, Oakland Tribune, September 22, 2011 More than 20,000 registered nurses began a one-day strike Thursday at 34 Northern and Central California hospitals in what was one of the largest such labor actions in years. Hospitals across the Bay Area brought in replacement workers and remained open, though many elective surgeries were postponed. Nurses could be seen on hospital picket lines across the region, waving signs and urging passing motorists to honk and shout in support of their cause. The president of the largest labor federation in the nation joined striking nurses on a Berkeley picket line. He criticized corporate hospital leaders ... Nurses

California RNs Join Picket Line in "Sympathy Strike"

Margaret Carrero, KMJ, September 22, 2011 Tens of thousands of registered nurses in northern and central California have joined the picket line in support of fellow health care workers who are protesting potential cuts to health care benefits, and lax staffing. Outside the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in north Fresno Thursday morning, dozens of strikers showed up in red union shirts, another symbol of their solidarity. Nurse Amy Arland said she was there to support members of the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW), which are the primary strikers. ... California

Kaiser Nurses and Employees in California Go on Strike

KSEE News, September 22, 2011 On Thursday morning, a total of 21,000 nurses and other hospital workers walked off the job in northern California. Dozens of employees in Fresno are joining the strike. Employees say the Kaiser administration hasn't bargained in good faith towards a fair contract. They also say there are unfair labor practices in place that compromise patient care. Dennis Lewis said, "The negotiation has been going on for approximately seven months for the northern California Kaiser region. In southern California where we also have NUHW chapters, they've been negotiating for a year and a half. And Kaiser is trying to tell the public that this is in good faith." Despite the strike, all locations will remain open.

Southern California Kaiser workers go on strike

Associated Press, September 21, 2011 Los Angeles - Kaiser Permanente employees in Southern California are staging a walkout to protest proposed benefit cuts and a lack of progress on contract talks. Nurses, social workers and therapists walked the picket line Wednesday as part of a larger three-day strike across California. About 2,500 employees were expected to participate. Striking workers say Kaiser is attempting to reduce their retirement benefits and health care coverage. They also claim there is chronic short staffing at some of the health care company's facilities. Kaiser says it continues to bargain in good faith and they are trying to minimize the impact of the strike on patients while hospitals remain open.

23,000 California RNs on One-Day Strike Today

California Nurses Association/National Nurses United, September 22, 2011 From Santa Rosa to Fresno and from Sacramento to San Jose, thousands of registered nurses today walked picket lines, joined rallies and sent a strong message to three large hospital employers that RNs will not accept reductions in patient services or cuts to nurses and other caregivers.

 The one-day strike of 23,000 RNs, members of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United ends Friday morning at 7 AM, though Sutter and Children’s have been threatening a lockout of nurses for additional days. ... 23,000

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