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Petaluma Nurses Plan June 13 Walkout

RNs to Picket Eureka, Apple Valley Saint Joseph Hospitals in Support.
California Nurses Association/National Nurses United, June 5, 2012 Registered nurses at Petaluma Valley Hospital in Petaluma will hold a one-day strike Wednesday, June 13 to protest hospital administration demands for economic cuts which will lead to what the nurses say is illegal cuts in professional nursing practice standards and diminished patient care standards the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United announced today.

 CNA represents 140 RNs at Petaluma Valley. The hospital is part of the Orange County-based Saint Joseph Health System. ... Petaluma

Bay Area Sutter RNs Begin One-Day Strike

Hospital Giant Seeks Massive Cuts Despite $4 Billion in Profits. Nurses to Also Protest Sutter Plans to Close Hospitals, Cut Care. California Nurses Association/National Nurses United, May 1, 2012 Registered nurses are on strike today at eight hospitals that are part of the wealthy Sutter corporate chain to protest Wall Street-type demands for more than 100 sweeping reductions in patient care and nurses’ standards and workplace conditions. The nurses, members of the California Nurses Association, National Nurses United, offered to call off the strike if Sutter agreed to withdraw the concession demands. Some 4,500 RNs, as well as respiratory and radiology techs, are affected ... Bay

RNs Offer to Postpone Strike if Sutter Withdraws Demands for Big Cuts in RN, Patient Care Standards

California Nurses Association/National Nurses United, April 30, 2012 Registered nurses who work at Sutter corporation hospitals in Northern California today offered to postpone a planned one-day strike Tuesday against eight Sutter hospitals if the hospital chain withdraws the sweeping concessions it is demanding in RN and patient care standards. 

RNs made the proposal in a letter today to Sutter CEO Pat Fry calling on the hospital chain to end its war on the nurses and “work toward achieving a fair contract settlement” with the RNs.

 Sutter has insisted on the draconian and unwarranted cuts despite racking up over $4 billion in profits since 2007 ... RNs

Northern California Sutter RNs to Strike May 1 To Protest Attack on Patient Care, RN Standards

Where to Join the Picket Line, and at Strike Rallies Tuesday. California Nurses Association/National Nurses United, April 26, 2012 Northern California RNs will strike eight Sutter corporation hospitals Tuesday, May 1 to once again protest the wealthy corporation’s outrageous demands for more than 100 reductions in patient care protections and RN standards. 

The nurses will also protest ongoing cuts in patient services – the latest being the expected announcement by Sutter next week that it intends to close the San Leandro hospital, abandoning the thousands of patients who depend on that hospital every year for acute care. ... Northern

RNs Condemn Sutter Plan to Close San Leandro

Hospital Chain’s Decision to Abandon San Leandro Should Prompt San Francisco Officials to Doubt Sutter Promises on Saint Luke’s. California Nurses Association/National Nurses United, April 26, 2012 The California Nurses Association/National Nurses United today condemned a coming announcement by the Sutter corporation that it plans to close San Leandro Hospital by August 1. The closure violates a pledge Sutter made in 2004 when taking over management of the facility in 2004 that it would maintain hospital care in San Leandro for 20 years.
Sutter’s abandonment of San Leandro “should also be a huge red flag for San Francisco officials” ... RNs

Nurses flex their political muscle in Sacramento and across California

Darrell Smith & Phillip Reese, Sacramento Bee, February 5, 2012 Rose Ann DeMoro is always ready for another fight. And why not? During the past decade, the leader of the California Nurses Association has won so many of her battles. Largely because of CNA efforts, California is poised to become the first state where registered nurses make an average salary above $100,000. The union helped defeat gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman in 2010 and has become a political force, throwing financial support behind candidates for offices ranging from Santa Rosa City Council to state attorney general. And more recently, nurses flexed their muscles with a series of one-day walkouts ... Nurses

Kaiser RNs to Sympathy Strike in Support of Thousands of Northern California Caregivers January 31

Nurses decry excessive CEO salaries as services decline. California Nurses Association/National Nurses United, January 20, 2012 Oakland - Kaiser Permanente registered nurses issued a sympathy strike notice Thursday, for January 31, the California Nurses Association announced today. The sympathy strike is the second walk-out that the 17,000 Northern California Kaiser CNA RNs and nurse practitioners will participate in support of their co-workers and the community. On September 22, thousands of Northern California nurses took to picket lines at more than 30 hospitals to support their colleagues. ... Kaiser

Fresno County Nurses to Strike 3 Days Starting Monday 01-23-12

Join 4,000 County Workers to Protest Cuts Affecting Most Vulnerable. Public Employment Relations Board finds County has not acted in good faith; cites numerous “unfair practices” in nurse negotiations.
California Nurses Association/National Nurses United, January 20, 2012 Fresno - The California Nurses Association/National Nurses United announced today its submission of a three-day strike notice to the county. The notice allows for a strike to commence on Monday, January 23, starting at 7 AM. ... Fresno

Nurses to Join Call for Healthcare for the 99% in Monday Rallies

Actions in Sacramento, Los Angeles to Challenge Insurance Giants, Seek Passage of Bill to Extend Guaranteed Care to All Californians. 
California Nurses Association, January 6, 2012 A broad coalition of activists – including registered nurses, medical students, seniors, physicians, members of the Occupy movement, and the recently formed Campaign for a Health California (CHC) – will hold marches and rallies Monday, January 9 in Sacramento and Los Angeles to step up the campaign to extend guaranteed healthcare coverage to all Californians. ... Nurses

California nurses strike against cutbacks and concessions

Rafael Azul & Kim Saito, World Socialist Web Site, December 24, 2011 Some 6,000 nurses in California went on a one-day strike on Thursday December 22. The nurses are demanding decent staffing levels, health benefits, and sick leave. The protest affected eight for-profit San Francisco Hospitals, all owned by Sutter Corporation, and the Long Beach Children’s Hospital complex in Southern California, also privately operated but not by Sutter. At the Long Beach protest, nurses were also demanding lifting teams for heavy patients and regular breaks. ... California

California Nurses Strike Over Benefits, Staffing

Associated Press, December 23, 2011 Nurses in California went on strike Thursday - some for the second time in three months - in the latest dispute between nurses and hospital management over health care costs, staffing levels and sick leave. The California Nurses Association - the union behind the one-day walkout - expected 6,000 nurses at nine hospitals in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas to participate, although a hospital official said a "significant number" of nurses had crossed the picket lines. ... California

Nurses stage 1-day strike at 2 Long Beach hospitals

Hundreds of nurses picket Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Miller Children's Hospital over failed contract talks and staffing issues. Ruben Vives, Los Angeles Times, December 23, 2011 Hundreds of nurses from Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Miller Children's Hospital staged a one-day strike Thursday over failed contract negotiations and staffing issues.

 Equipped with bullhorns and whistles, the nurses stood by the main entrance of the hospitals on Patterson Street and Atlantic Avenue. Many waved picket signs that read: "If nurses are outside, something's wrong inside" and "Safe staffing at all times."

 ... Nurses

California Nurses Say Strike Champions Patients Over Profits

Sarah Frier & Danielle Kucera, Bloomberg, December 22, 2011 Efren Garza and Margie Keenan, two California nurses with 70 years of combined experience, said they’re skipping work today for the sake of their patients. Garza, employed in Berkeley, said if his bosses eliminate sick leave, nurses will come to work ill. Keenan, who has been at the same Long Beach hospital for 38 years, said limiting staff size and time off may cause overworked nurses to make potentially deadly medical mistakes. ... Nurses in New York City are pushing the same message and will walk out at Saint Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center on January 3. ... California

6,000 Bay Area Nurses on One-Day Strike

Tula Connell, AFL-CIO, December 22, 2011 Concerned over the erosion of quality of care and cuts to patient protections, some 6,000 nurses have been on a one-day strike today at California’s second largest private hospital and at one of its most profitable corporate hospital chains. The members of National Nurses United include 2,000 RNs at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Miller Children’s Hospital in Long Beach, and 4,000 RNs who work at nine Bay Area facilities that are part of the Sutter Health corporation. Michele Ross and Elsa Matos-Leal, both RNs, summed up why they took today’s action ... 6,000

6,000 nurses strike in California

Michael Martinez & Sara Weisfeldt, CNN, December 22, 2011 Long Beach - About 6,000 California nurses staged a one-day strike at several hospitals Thursday, protesting what they called an "erosion of quality of care and cuts to patient protections," National Nurses United said. In Long Beach, about 2,000 nurses staged a one-day strike at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Miller Children's Hospital, but nurses were later told that they will be locked out of their jobs for four days because replacements had to be hired in a five-day block, nurses told CNN. The Long Beach registered nurses are in a dispute with management over RN-to-patient staffing levels ... 6,000

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