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Tom Morello Gets Fired Up at Chicago Nurses Rally

'Our victory is that we're standing here today,' says guitarist. Dan Hyman, Rolling Stone, May 18, 2012 "I'd like to make a suggestion to President Obama," Tom Morello bellowed to the capacity crowd gathered for the National Nurses United rally at Chicago's Daley Plaza on Friday afternoon. "If he doesn't have the courage to close Guantanamo Bay, how about he takes some of those Wall Street criminals? Throw them in there, lock the door, throw away the key and blast Rage Against the Machine 24 hours a day!" ... Tom

Nurses Gather to Protest NATO in Chicago - video

Nurses officials say they expect about 2,000 people at the rally but city officials expect more than 5,000. Associated Press, May 18, 2012 Daley Plaza turned into protest central, Friday, with a little bit of a dance party vibe. Thousands of nurses and other protesters  gathered Friday at a downtown Chicago plaza for a noisy but peaceful demonstration demanding a "Robin Hood" tax on banks' financial transactions, the largest protest yet ahead of a two-day NATO summit that is expected to draw even larger protests. Members of National Nurses United, the nation's largest nurses union, were joined by members of the Occupy movement, unions and veterans ... Nurses

Nurses Hold Massive Peaceful Rally In Center Of Chicago - video

Matthew Blake, Progress Illinois, May 18, 2012 Demonstrators at a National Nurses United rally at Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago today said that they were nervous violence might overshadow the nurses’ message of economic equality in what was billed as the second biggest event in a week of NATO summit-related protests. But the two-hour event was without much incident, despite a crowd that likely exceeded the 2,000 people the nurses union said would attend. Nurses – most dressed like Robin Hood to promote a “Robin Hood” or financial transaction tax on Wall Street traders – staged an orderly and often light-hearted event ... Nurses

Nurses (yes, nurses) lead charge for Wall Street 'sin' tax

Miranda Leitsinger,, May 18, 2012 A coalition of nurses’ unions is calling for a “Robin Hood” tax on Wall Street, which they say could generate up to $350 billion a year, in the first major protest ahead of this weekend’s NATO summit in Chicago. Their pitch: impose a tax of 50 cents on every $100 of trades of stocks, bonds, dividends and other financial transactions, which are not currently taxed. The US would join more than a dozen other nations that already have a financial transaction tax, according to National Nurses United (NNU). ... Nurses

Peaceful start to NATO protests

Chicago Tribune, May 18, 2012 Despite much hand-wringing for city officials, the first rally of the NATO weekend - and two impromptu marches it inspired - went off without any major incidents Friday.

 The two groups of protesters that had been marching through the Loop converged at Michigan Avenue shortly before 3 PM, then largely dispersed without much resistance.

 Police, who had allowed the groups to wander through Loop streets largely unrestricted, stopped them halfway across the Michigan Avenue bridge and not did allow them to go further north.

 The marches appeared to have lost momentum by 5 PM ... Peaceful

National Nurses United rally outside Daley Plaza

Shannon Shreibak, The DePaulia, May 18, 2012 The Daley Plaza itself is a grand spectacle - a visually intimidating building hovering high above Chicago, scattering brilliant beams of sunlight into blinding, glistening prisms. But it was a much grander sight today - with hundreds of nurses sporting Kelly green felt Robin Hood hats, forcing red and white picket signs into the clear Chicago sky, and swaying to The Rolling Stones ballad “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” The 3rd National Nurses United (NNU) assembly convened at Daley Plaza today at noon. Nurses and supporters of NNU’S cause demonstrated to promote awareness ... National

Nurses United During NATO Protests - photos

Alex Garcia, Chicago Tribune, May 18, 2012 There was one comfort today amid all the concerns for personal preparedness and safety during the NATO protests - there was no shortage of available nurses on hand. National Nurses United staged a peaceful rally at Daley Center Plaza which featured Occupy activist Tom Morello, better known as the guitarist from Rage Against the Machine. During the rally, the nation's largest nurses union called for a Robin Hood tax, or a small tax on financial transactions on Wall Street to help support the social safety net. The Robin Hood theme explains the sea of green felt hats in the crowd. ... Nurses

Thousands of protesters gather for pre-NATO rally

Associated Press, May 18, 2012 Chicago - Thousands of nurses and other protesters have gathered at a downtown Chicago plaza in the largest protest so far leading up to a two-day NATO summit that is expected to draw even larger demonstrations. The protesters are demanding a "Robin Hood" tax on banks' financial transactions. National Nurses United is calling for the tax to offset cuts in social services, education and health care. The nurses are being joined by members of the Occupy movement, unions and veterans. Many office buildings in the usually bustling Loop business district are closed as workers were warned to stay home because of heightened security, snarled transportation and the possibility of unruly protests.

Nurses’ protest to draw thousands ahead of NATO summit, scores of Chicago workers staying home

Associated Press, May 18, 2012 Chicago - Thousands of anti-NATO demonstrators are expected to converge at a downtown plaza Friday for a rally that promises to be a prelude to a much larger march Sunday, when world leaders begin two days of talks. Meanwhile, many office buildings will be shuttered after workers were told to stay home amid warnings about heightened security, snarled transportation and the possibility of unruly protests. ... Nurses

Robin Hood, Nurses Set to Rally in Chicago

Mike Hall, AFL-CIO, May 17, 2012 Tomorrow in Chicago, nurses from across this country and global activists will rally and call on world leaders to adopt a Robin Hood tax on financial speculation by banks and financial institutions to create jobs and rebuild the economy that Wall Street broke. The Day of Action, sponsored by National Nurses United (NNU), was planned to coincide with this weekend’s G-8 Summit of the eight top western economic powers, originally set for Chicago, and the NATO summit immediately following. But the G-8 moved to Camp David, Maryland, to avoid the large crowds of protesters expected. ... Robin

Nurses, Global & US Activists Converge on Chicago in Call To G-8 Leaders for Tax on Wall Street to Heal Economy

Big May 18 Rally for Robin Hood Tax, Global Panel on Fight Against Austerity Cuts To Be Shown Via Live Stream. National Nurses United, May 17, 2012 Nurses from across the US, joined by US and global activists will rally in Chicago Friday, May 18. They will call on world leaders to adopt a Robin Hood tax on Wall Street trades, a way to raise hundreds of  billions of dollars every year to help heal the US and world economies. ... Nurses

Nurses Defy Chicago Mayor, Rallying for Robin Hood Tax

Mischa Gaus, Labor Notes, May 16, 2012 When Chicago’s “Mayor 1%” Rahm Emanuel threatened to derail the National Nurses United rally this Friday, NNU didn’t back down. The rally calling for a tax on Wall Street financial transactions is just one of dozens of events sparked by the gathering of the NATO security alliance in Chicago starting May 20, which Occupy is targeting as the “military wing of the 1%.” The meeting was originally called in conjunction with a gathering of the G8, the group of eight wealthy nations that are pushing austerity measures worldwide as the solution to the economic crisis. ... Nurses

SEIU's bogus ratification votes

National Union of Healthcare Workers, May 16, 2012 Tomorrow, Kaiser workers will begin to vote on SEIU’s disastrous deal with its “partner,” Kaiser Permanente. When Kaiser workers cast their ballots to vote no to this sell-out agreement, they should know one thing: SEIU’s contract ratification process is a sham. 

At Daughters of Charity hospitals, we know firsthand about SEIU’s ratification misconduct. Yesterday, along with our co-workers, we filed charges against SEIU President Mary Kay Henry and SEIU-UHW President Dave Regan for violating the SEIU and SEIU-UHW Constitutions in our recent ratification vote. ... SEIU

The takeaways that SEIU didn't want you to see

Ralph Cornejo, National Union of Healthcare Workers, May 15, 2012 When SEIU announced its “great contract” with Kaiser Permanente, one thing was clearly missing: the actual tentative agreements.

Only by reviewing the agreement between SEIU and Kaiser can workers make up our own minds about the takeaways that SEIU have agreed to. 

NUHW has obtained a copy of the tentative agreements and we’re sharing them with Kaiser workers today. We’ve also included comments that help to explain the tentative agreements. ... The

What's SEIU hiding?

National Union of Healthcare Workers, May 15, 2012 SEIU wants us to take their word for it. They say that they’ve bargained a “great contract with no takeaways.” But why should any of us believe what SEIU says? 

Two years ago, SEIU and Kaiser broke the law, violated our rights and lied to us. The federal government overturned our 2010 Kaiser S + T election because of SEIU’s unlawful and dishonest conduct. 

Now, SEIU officials are telling us that Kaiser workers should approve a new contract while refusing to allow even members of SEIU’s own bargaining team to so much as read it. ... What

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