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Your Health Care: Choice or Chance? - Patient Safety

Ellen Kagan and Sandy Eaton, RN discuss the Patient Safety Act, to protect you when you are a patient in a Massachusetts hospital. The only state to have a safe staffing law like this is California and it is working wonderfully for the people who live there. It is necessary to your good health! ... Your

Your Health Care: Choice or Chance? - Hospital Transparency

A discussion of the Hospital Profit Transparency & Fairness Act between host Ellen Kagan and Sandy Eaton, RN. Also, Ellen discusses her billing issues at a noted Harvard teaching hospital. ... Your

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 6. June 2014

Community Meeting on Community Health Centers

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 @ 7:00 PM

Jobs with Justice Jamaica Plain Office

3353 Washington Street corner Green

Near Green Street T Station, on Bus Route 42

One Biolab Battle Lost, War Goes On

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 5. May 2014

Community Meeting

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 ~ 6:30 PM
Massachusetts Jobs with Justice Boston Office
3353 Washington Street corner Green, Jamaica Plain
Near the Green Street T Station, on Bus Route 42

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 4. April 2014

Time to Stop the BU Biolab!

On Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 4PM the Boston City Council Committee on Government Operations, chaired by Councilors Michael Flaherty and Tito Jackson, will  hold a public hearing in the Council Chambers, which is located on the 5th floor in Boston City Hall on:


Sponsors: Councilors Charles Yancey, Tito Jackson & Ayanna Pressley

Health Justice for Boston ~ Number 3. March 2014

February Meeting Dynamic

Our standing-room-only meeting February 19th in the Jamaica Plain office of Jobs with Justice brought together an ever-expanding network of activists seeking to forge an effective grassroots movement to win and maintain healthcare justice in Boston.

Justicia de Salud en Boston ~ Número 2. Febrero 2014

Comunidad Reunión

Miércoles, 19 de febrero 2014 ~ 19:00
Massachusetts Trabajos con Justicia Oficina de Boston
3353 Washington Street esquina Verde, Jamaica Plain
Corto a pie de Green Street T Station, Ruta Bus 42

Health Justice for Boston, Number 2. February 2014

Community Meeting Set

Wednesday, February 19, 2014 ~ 7:00 PM
Massachusetts Jobs with Justice Boston Office
3353 Washington Street corner Green, Jamaica Plain
Short walk from Green Street T Station, Bus Route 42

Healthy Boston, Number 1. January 2014

Bring Healthcare Justice to Greater Boston

Nurses File Ballot Initiative for Safe Patient Limits

Nurses File Ballot Initiative for Safe Patient Limits
Sandy Eaton, RN, Labor Notes, September 2013

Up to 98,000 patients die unnecessarily in US hospitals annually, including 2,000 in Massachusetts. Bay State nurses have launched a campaign to end this travesty once and for all through a November 2014 statewide ballot question that would put safe limits on nurses’ patient assignments.

Falls, infections, medical and surgical errors - all result from the transformation of health care into an assembly line. Dozens of scientific studies published in the last decade have shown how many preventable deaths are attributable to one simple fact: patients are forced to share their nurse with too many other patients at one time.

Massachusetts Takes On Health Costs

New York Times Editorial, August 5, 2012 Give Massachusetts credit for setting audacious health care goals. It took the lead in guaranteeing near-universal health insurance coverage for its residents, providing a template for the federal reforms to follow. Now a bill passed last week by the Legislature - and enthusiastically endorsed by Governor Deval Patrick - aims to tackle the much harder problem of controlling health care costs. Massachusetts will be the first state to try to cap overall health care spending, both private and public ... Massachusetts

Legislature’s ambulance bill is too costly

Boston Globe Editorial, August 4, 2012 When the Legislature finally produced a measure to prevent ambulance companies from gouging out-of-network patients and their insurers, it set a limit of 300 percent of the federal Medicare reimbursement rate or the ambulance’s regular fee, whichever is lower. This is a ceiling that might function more like a floor, pushing ambulance firms to raise their rates to 300 percent of Medicare. It’s a bad idea. Price-gouging by ambulance services, including those run by municipalities, was always a disreputable exercise, preying on people who suffer emergency illnesses or injuries. ... Legislature

Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital may switch partners

Alex Bloom, Brockton Enterprise, August 4, 2012 Brockton - Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital could be switching teams for teaching hospitals following a vote of the hospital’s board of trustees. The hospital’s 17-member board of trustees decided to enter into exclusive negotiations for an affiliation with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The 263-bed Brockton Hospital on Centre Street is currently associated with another teaching hospital, Tufts Medical Center. A steering committee of trustees and members of the affiliated network of doctors, Signature Medical Group, has studied changing hospital affiliations for about six months. ... Signature

It’s not perfect, but new health law is a start

Steven Syre, Boston Globe, August 3, 2012 Now what happens? We finally have a new health care cost-control law this week - after 17 numbing months of talking, lobbying, and debating. The fact that the Legislature passed a 350-page compromise bill just 24 hours after it was hatched - a measure that purports to influence one of the most important cylinders in the state’s economic engine for the next 15 years - should make you shudder. But the outcome wasn’t bad, as far as I can tell. How much it will really help control health care costs remains to be seen - forget the $200 billion of savings and other imaginary figures legislators make up. ... It

Signature in talks with Beth Israel

Brockton group would drop Tufts. Robert Weisman, Boston Globe, August 3, 2012 Trustees at Signature Healthcare in Brockton have decided to open exclusive talks with Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center about a clinical affiliation, a move that would result in Signature dropping its two-year-old partnership with Tufts Medical Center. The negotiations, disclosed in a memorandum from Signature president Kim Hollon to its medical staff chiefs, are the latest sign of the bare-knuckled competition raging as the Massachusetts health care industry consolidates. ... Signature

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